Samsung HANWHA SMD Assembly Line 0.65MPa Conveyor Belt For Home Appliance

Samsung HANWHA SMD Assembly Line 0.65MPa Conveyor Belt For Home Appliance

  • High Light

    HANWHA SMD Assembly Line


    0.65MPa SMD Assembly Line


    0.65MPa smd production line

  • Product Name
    Samsung /HANWHA SMT Assembly Line
  • Product Model
    SAMSUNG SM481 SM482 SM471 PLUS
  • Supplier
    460(L) X 400(W) 510(L) X 460(W) Pcb Width Or Customize
  • Belt Type
    Conveyor Belt
  • Power
  • Transport Height
  • Conveyor Directtion
    Left To Right/right To Left
  • Diamension
    1,650(L) X 1,680(D) X 1,530(H)
  • Air
  • Weight
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
    Samsung /HANWHA
  • Certification
    CE-Samsung /HANWHA SMT Assembly line
  • Model Number
    Samsung /HANWHA SMT Assembly line
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard woodenbox
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability

Samsung HANWHA SMD Assembly Line 0.65MPa Conveyor Belt For Home Appliance

Samsung HANWHA SMD Assembly Line 0.65MPa Conveyor Belt For Home Appliance​


Samsung /HANWHA SMT Assembly line



Samsung /HANWHA SMT Assembly line is one of the most popular smt machines, CPH from 40000 to 200000 depends on your request, and your budget.


CNSMT provide you all the levels of the Samsung /HANWHA smt assembly line machines in China, with competitive price and good service for you.



Samsung /HANWHA PICK pick and place machine specifications:

HANWHA placement machine Hanwha placement machine SM471plus/SM481plus/SM482plus/DECAN placement machine is suitable for:

1. Home appliance industry: air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, induction cookers, etc.;

2. Automobile industry: automobile instrument, automobile power supply, automobile audio, automobile light source, etc.;

3. LED industry: LED lamps, indoor lighting appliances, outdoor lighting appliances, industrial lighting, etc.;

4. Consumer electronics: mobile phones, notebooks, PCs, mobile power supplies, battery protection boards, smart wearable devices, smart homes, etc.;

5. All other electronic categories;

HANWHA Mounter Hanwha Mounter SM481plus

Positioning: flying camera + fixed camera (optional)

Mounting axis number: 10 axis x1 cantilever

Mounting speed: 40,000 CPH (best condition)

Corresponding components:

01005 ~ 42mm(H 15mm)

PCB size (mm):

460(L) x 400(W) 510(L) x 460(W) (option)

610(L) x 510(W) (option) 740(L) x 460(W) (option)

PCB thickness: 0.38-4.2mm

Number of feeders (8mm standard): 120ea/112ea

Energy consumption:

Power supply AC200/208/220/240/380/415V (50/60HZ, 3Phase)


Air consumption 0.5-0.7MPa (5-7kgf/cm2) 160N/min

Dimensions: 1,650(L) x 1,680(D) x 1,530(H)

Weight: about 1655kg

High speed SMT Stencil Printers:




Automatic solder paste printer Machine specifications:

Model Ase

Screen Frames Min Size 370X370mm

Max Size 737X737mm

Thickness 25~40mm

PCB Min Size 50X50mm

PCB Max Size 400X340mm

PCB Thickness 0.4~6mm

PCB Warpage warpage <1%

Transport Height 900±40mm

Transport Direction Left-Right; Right-Left; Left-Left; Right-Right

Left-right; right-left; left-left; right-right

Transport Speed ​​Max 1500mm/S Programmable

Board Location

PCB positioning Support System Support method Magnetic Pin/Up-down table adjusted/supportblock

by hand Magnetic *Needle/Adjustable *Lift platform/Contour block

Clamping System side clamping, vacuum nozzle, side clamping, vacuum nozzle

Print head Two independent motorised printheads

Two independent direct-coupled motors to drive the print head

Squeegee Speed ​​6~200mm/sec

Squeegee Pressure 0~15Kg motor control

Squeegee Angle 60°/55°/45°

Squeegee Type Squeegee Type Stainless steel(Standard), Plastic Squeegee

Stencil Separation Speed ​​0.1~20mm/sec Programmable

Cleaning System Dry, Wet, Vacuum (Programmable) Dry, Wet, Vacuum

Table Adjustment ranges X: ±10mm; Y: ±10mm; θ: ±2°

Table Adjustment control

Table adjustment control of linear motor

Machine parameters Machine

Repeat Position Accuracy ±0.01mm

Printing Accuracy ±0.025mm

Cycle Time <7s (Exclude Printing & Cleaning)

Product Changeover time <5Min

Air Required 4.5~6Kg/cm2

Power Input AC: 220±10%, 50/60HZ 1Φ 3KW

Control Method PC Control

Machine Dimensions 1220(L)X1355(W)X1500(H)mm

Machine Weight Approx:1000Kg


High Quality China Brand CNSMT Reflow oven- TSM800

Samsung HANWHA SMD Assembly Line 0.65MPa Conveyor Belt For Home Appliance 0

Product Features:
1. Windows10 operating system, can realize the free switching of Chinese and English operation interface;
2. Siemens PLC+PID closed loop control, stable and reliable performance, high temperature control and furnace temperature curve repeat accuracy;
3. Adopt modular design, convenient and quick maintenance, which can reduce maintenance time and cost;
4. The guide rail adopts special hardening treatment, which is strong and durable;
5. Sound and light alarm and information prompting functions for various failures, including ultra-low temperature, speed deviation, card board drop, wind failure and incorrect operation, etc.;
6. The use of a new gas management system can make the hot gas exchange efficiency in the furnace higher to obtain better thermal compensation and thermal efficiency, and fully meet the requirements of various lead-free soldering processes;
7. The use of extended heating temperature zone can meet the production needs of large capacity.
Product optional function items:
1. Central support system;
2. Real-time monitoring system for furnace temperature;
3. Concise control panel, centralized power switch, large cover opening and closing, guide rail adjustment in one place, simple and convenient operation, automatic refueling time and frequency are controlled by computer;
4. The guide rail adopts an integral two-stage multi-point suspension structure, and the guide rail adjustment is light and flexible.
5. Using Siemens PLC control, stable and reliable performance, high repeat accuracy, other key control components are imported brands, stable performance, durable.
6. The upper and lower heating zones are equipped with independent detectors, which is convenient for customers to realize different production processes.
Samsung HANWHA SMD Assembly Line 0.65MPa Conveyor Belt For Home Appliance 1