YS12 YS24 YSM10 YSM20 YAMAHA SMT Assembly Line 60HZ 400V CNSMT

YS12 YS24 YSM10 YSM20 YAMAHA SMT Assembly Line 60HZ 400V CNSMT

  • High Light

    YS12 SMT Assembly Line


    YSM20 SMT Assembly Line


    60HZ smt manufacturing line

  • Product Name
    YAMAHA Smt Manufacturing Line
  • Product Model
    YAMAHA YS12 YS24 YSM10 YSM20
  • Supplier
    W250MM-550MM Or Customize
  • Belt Type
    Conveyor Belt
  • Power
    AC110/AC220V/380/400 ,50-60HZ
  • Transport Height
  • Conveyor Directtion
    Left To Right/right To Left
  • Lead Time
  • Air
  • Weight
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE-YAMAHA SMT Assembly line
  • Model Number
    YAMAHA SMT Assembly line
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard woodenbox
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability

YS12 YS24 YSM10 YSM20 YAMAHA SMT Assembly Line 60HZ 400V CNSMT

YS12 YS24 YSM10 YSM20 YAMAHA SMT Assembly Line 60HZ 400V CNSMT


YAMAHA SMT Assembly Line


Have you had the desire to purchase your SMT machines from the YAMAHA brand? Don’t worry anymore.

CNSMT comes to provide this unique product to you. An assembly line typically means a production process where labor gets divided into more uncomplicated steps.

Instead of tiring doing one task at a time, you may perform simultaneous tasks with an assembly line.

The YAMAHA SMT Assembly line performs different pick and place tasks quickly and conveniently.

If you need this machine for your business, feel free to order one with CNSMT today

What Special Features does this device have?


The outcome gets achieved when this machine will help you pick and place the products you assign it.

We developed it with the following features that help in achieving your goals.

It has a multi-feeding nature.


This feature allows this device to yield a lot making it very significant.

The various feeding positions enable this device to deliver more compared to other pick and place machines of the same level.

You will achieve a lot more productivity with such a machine helping you pick and place your products at the required place.

Compatible with different-sized boards


I find this device very flexible. You don't have to struggle with one type or size of the board. This machine will fit with different boards of different sizes to serve you better.

You will be able to pick and place products of varying sizes without struggle. This assembly line will allow you to assemble so many products quickly, making your work super uncomplicated.

Favorable compact design


Most machines will occupy the most significant space on a production site.

Most customers find this a great feature. As the device takes up less of your area, it provides maximum production.

The compactness comes from the strong materials used in manufacturing it. If you feel the need to buy one, be guaranteed excellent space-saving.

Easy navigational features


If you own start-up business, this device will be your best bet.

You will find it easy to use and achieve maximum productivity without complicated procedures.

The process to start it, use it, and shut it down has been made easy by our team of engineers to guarantee you nothing but the best experience.


A Multi-camera option


Machine operation has become easier as technology allows for camera installation.

In the past decades, operating a machine needed more task force to help in proper placement.

Now, with the multi-cameras at the rear and front, you get to pick and place products effectively.

The cameras serve as an extra eye in ensuring you achieve efficiency.

A large PCB size


This device comes with a PCB maximum size of 510 (L) X 460 (W).

The bigger a machine's PCB, the greater the mechanical support and electrical connection base for electrical components.

This feature serves in making this item faster and efficient in the mass production of goods.

Compared to machines with a smaller PCB, this device will ensure tremendous success in all factories or other production companies.


10 NOs or 5 or 8 or 20nos head shafts


This feature contributes to the effectiveness of this machine.

The YAMAHA SMT Assembly line has these shafts rotating and transmitting power to the various machine components.

Did you know this machine allows for great functionality and efficiency, making it the most effective machine for most company productions?

If you invest in this device, you will get a guarantee of high and reliable performance.

A 1200 mm PCB mounting option


This 1200 mm mounting option will provide enough mounting space for various electrical components.

This feature boosts the device's efficiency because you get to mount essential functional electrical components of the device.

You will therefore achieve the maximum production potential with the YAMAHA SMT assembly line.

What specifications does this YAMAHA assembly line bring to your business?


This machine helps achieve uniformity in production sequencing. The device should successfully break down different processes simultaneously.

The YAMAHA SMT Assembly line achieves this by breaking down the picking and placing operations to aid in the faster assembling of final products.

The following specifications used in the manufacturing of this machine help it achieve these duties.

  • This device enjoys an object substrate of L50 X W50 mm to L510 X W460 mm.
  • You will find the appliance precision to be of absolute accuracy. This fact means that the machine may have a minimal error chance. In this case, this device's accuracy gets to be (M+3 Sigma) plus or minus 0.05 mm/CIP.
  • In the company's best conditions, CNSMT will manufacture this item with an appliance efficiency of 20,000 CPH. This figure will be a very high-efficiency rate, and it will guarantee you excellent functioning. Some machines with a lower efficiency number may perform unintended tasks.
  • This machine supplies the components for picking and placing through a tape and tray. The device picks and places pieces on the tray, where then the tape transports them to the desired locations.
  • This machine allows for 15 disk packaging procedures. It is then converted to a JEDEC tray.
  • The object components include:
  • 0402- 45X100 mm
  • Bulb electrode element of 32mm or more
  • The unique suction assembly device
  • The mountable height for the parts should be 15 mm
  • This machine requires a power specification of a 3-phase alternating current 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V + 10%. Since most factories or companies have their voltage set in these standards, using this machine will not be challenging.
  • With a gas supply of above 0.45 MPa, you will manage to keep this machine clean and dry. Ensure you adhere to this specification, especially during the cleaning process. This gas pressure guarantees the safety of the different components of the device. Too much gas supply may cause damage, while too low may not ensure excellent cleaning and drying.
  • Not putting the protrusion in focus, this device measures: L1,254 X W1,755 X H1,475 mm.
  • This device weighs approximately 1,370 kilograms. This weight makes it a heavy machine indeed. Consider placing it as close enough to the ground as possible to avoid extreme damage in case of a fall due to the impact force.

The above specifications ensure that you keep your YAMAHA SMT Assembly line secure.

Not adhering to the given specifications puts the device at risk of electrical or gas or physical damage.

These specifications act as the manual to our customers, giving you essential information about the functioning of your machine.

What benefits does this YAMAHA SMT Assembly line bring to you?


  • You will enjoy high productivity in your company or business.


This item will help you in picking and placing as many products as possible. The accuracy and efficiency save time that would have gone wasted if you performed these tasks manually.


You will then enjoy great benefits since your production rate gets high. The capability of this machine will not be matched by any other, and it will serve you for many years.


  • The quick operation will guarantee you great benefits too. Since this machine has multiple feeder positions, you get to perform a lot of tasks.


Unlike other devices with a single feeding position, this gets to handle more work. This trend will ultimately reduce your workforce and ultimately lower production costs.


  • You will enjoy using different-sized boards. Most of these assembling machines have specific board sizes.


This way, you don’t get to load many components. This rate reduces the production rate of your business.

The YAMAHA SMT Assembly line makes this easier for you. With the ability to fit in different board sizes, you get to work on various sizes for your product.


It will not be necessary to purchase another machine for every varying size of products you pick and place.


Every size will get its own desired board, and you save your company or business enormous production costs.

  • You will save space in your warehouse or production side.


CNSMT has produced this machine with a compact design to occupy the least amount of space in your production site.


We made this product uniquely compact after realizing that what was in the market was considered voluminous.


If you need to enjoy efficiency in a small space, consider purchasing your YAMAHA Assembling machine today.


  • This item will help you enjoy cost-effective business.


The features installed don't waste energy. You also get to have a little workforce operating the device.


These numbers effectively reduce your production cost significantly, allowing your business to flourish and make more profits.

  • You stand a chance to get an efficient device at a lower market price.


You will cut down on production costs and enjoy great features in an affordable SMT machine.


Prices out there for most assembling lines especially pick and place devices, have become over-rated.


When you buy with us, you stand a chance of getting the best offer from our company.

Why should you choose to buy your YAMAHA SMT Assembly line from CNSMT?


Apart from the benefits you enjoy from buying a YAMAHA ASMT Assembly line; you also want great CNSMT privileges.

Do you wish to learn of these fantastic privileges? Keep reading this article.

  • You may purchase both new and refurbished YAMAHA products with us.


As much as we manufacture new YAMAHA brand SMT equipment and electronics, we also supply refurbished ones.


Sometimes, you may not have enough finances to afford a new machine, but after looking at our refurbished items, you may find something in your financial range.


So if you need used and refurbished products, consider buying from us too.


  • CNSMT allows you to conduct repairs for your other SMT equipment and electronics.


Even if your YAMAHA SMT machine breaks down, you will get repair services done within two days.


It would help if you did not worry about any repairs because CNSMT has you covered.


  • We provide an effective customer support system.


We understand the need to make you feel recognized in our company. In this regard, we have invested in a good customer service team.


If you get any questions about the YAMAHA brand products, this team will be ready to assist.


We ensure that you get the best and prompt customer service that keeps you satisfied as we transact together.


  • Our sales team will guarantee you excellent service as you order and purchase with us.


We understand the need to get your purchase processed as quickly as possible upon payment.


Since most of our clients need our machines and products for business purposes, we deliver on time.


The selling team on standby processes and clears your product on time to allow for shipment.

  • You will benefit from our reputable relationship with other SMT equipment manufacturers and suppliers across china and beyond.

Have you ever needed something but your supplier or manufacture didn't have it at the time?


If you need the product urgently, it might be the most significant setback if you don't find it. Because these times come, we have a great reputation and excellent relations with other SMT suppliers.


If you don't get what you need from us, we quickly find you an affordable supplier to receive excellent service.


  • Our experience in SMT equipment production over the years has equipped us with the perfect knowledge to produce the best machines.


CNSMT has existed for over a decade now, and we pride ourselves on providing quality and durable machines.


  • If you decide to buy used equipment from us, we conduct a refurbishing exercise before delivering them to you. Refurbishing helps make the appearance as new.


This way, you will not experience any difficulties with the customs department upon shipment.


On another point, refurbished goods sell at a lower price than brand new designs. You will therefore get to afford a machine with us if you find the brand new more expensive.

Frequently asked questions about YAMAHA SMT Assembly line


Are YAMAHA products legit?

YAMAHA brand has a great customer base. CNSMT manufactures most of the brand's machines and electrical, and all their products get a legit production.

Can I get a YAMAHA SMT Assembly line machine?

Yes, you will get this machine from any YAMAHA shop or from CNSMT Company itself.

Does CNSMT ship to Africa?

CNSMT will ship any product you buy with them anywhere in the world. CNSMT has partnered with various shipment companies, and they may educate you on which one to use depending on your location.




If you need a machine that simplifies your work, the YAMAHA SMT Assembly line will do that job for you.

Feel free to order any YAMAHA assembly machine from CNSMT today and make a difference in your production process.


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