Automatic Inline PCB Conformal Coating Machine Servo Motor Screw Module

Automatic Inline PCB Conformal Coating Machine Servo Motor Screw Module

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    Inline PCB Conformal Coating Machine


    Automatic PCB Conformal Coating Machine


    Servo motor PCB Coating Machine

  • Product Name
    Automatic Inline PCB Coating Machine
  • Product Model
    CNSMT -V7
  • Programmatically
  • PCB Spraying Range (including Fixture)
    X=450mm Y=450mm Z=100mm
  • Component Height
    100mm On The Top And Bottom Of The Chain
  • PCB Edge Space
  • X.Y Axis Drive Mode
    Servo Motor + Screw Module
  • Equipment Size
  • Weight
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE- Automatic inline AOI optical inspection machine
  • Model Number
    CNSMT -V7
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard woodenbox
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Automatic Inline PCB Conformal Coating Machine Servo Motor Screw Module

PCB conformal coating machine




PCB spraying range (including fixture) X=450mm
Component height 100mm on the top and bottom of the chain
PCB edge space ≥5mm
X.Y axis drive mode Servo motor + screw module
X.Y axis maximum operating speed 800mm/s
X.Y repeatability ±0.02mm
working direction Standard L→R (R→L)
Conveying height 920±20mm
transfer speed 2-25m/min
Transmission motor Stepping motor
AM mode Intelligent electric amplitude modulation
Valve arrangement Double valve arrangement
Dimensions L1000mm*W1200mm*H1680mm
equipment weight Approx.650Kg
Equipment air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Exhaust volume requirements 900m³/h
Equipment power AC220V 50Hz
Total power consumption of equipment 1.8KW
way to control Industrial computer + motion control card
Coating software ZMKE control software + Windows system control
Programmatically Manually edit parameters
Communication port Standard SMEMA interface


Are you looking for the best conformal coating machine to protect your PCB against the harsh environment? Congrats! Now, you are on the right page. PCB stands for a printed circuit board that is used to connect different electronic components. PCBs are being affected by different physical factors. To protect PCB from harmful factors, we use a conformal coating.


A conformal coating machine protects the PCB from moisture, solvents, dust, and other contaminants that may damage them. CNSMT inline automatic PCB conformal machine can be a great fit for this purpose.


Its exceptional features make it highly reliable and practical for consumers.

In this article, we are going to share some information regarding PCB inline automatic conformal coating machine review. We will report on its benefits, features, and much more. So if you want to know more about this CNSMT product, then scroll down to read this review!


Why use conformal coating for PCB:


The need for conformal coating for PCB electronic components is increasing day by day. Electronics are becoming more complex and expensive, thus raising the need to protect the components. Conformal coating is a protective non-conducting chemical coating that is applied to printed circuit boards.


Its purpose is to protect the electronic components that are attached to PCB from different contaminants that are causing damage to it. Once the conformal coating is applied, it enhances the resistance of the components on PCB and ensures the integrity of your assemblies.


Benefits of conformal coating machine:


Automatic conformal coating machine comes up with multiple benefits that are going to be lucrative for the consumer. In this section, we are going to share some benefits of using an automatic conformal coating machine. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start!

  • Minimal labor is required:

Consistency becomes a problem during the manual dipping process as the coating thickness is difficult to control. Performing the function that includes tapping, masking circuit boards, immersion into a coating tank is time-consuming. But in this case, by using an automatic PCB conformal coating machine, we can simplify the coating process.


The automated conformal coating requires no tapping, masking circuits, and immersion to a coating tank. Automatic conformal coating is accurately dispensed from the nozzle. By using a combination of nozzles, we can produce a better end product.

  • Insulation:

When it comes to affordability and reliability, nothing could be better than an automatic conformal coating machine. They are also useful for insulating electronic components. And protect the PCB from the harsh environment.


  • Highly efficient:

Conformal coatings are highly effective. They improve the performance and prolong the life span of PCB'S. They are capable of preventing the premature breakdown of the components.


  • Great protection against the harsh environment:

Conformal coating provides great protection against extreme temperature. The electronic parts present in PCBs are highly vulnerable due to harsh conditions. If they are left exposed without any protection they can become damaged.


  • Programmability and consistent applicability:

Programmability and consistent applicability are other benefits of the conformal coating machine. It can be controlled by computers as well as the programs are easy to modify. It also increases the capabilities of the system. Application consistency increases product throughput and decreases material waste.


  • Cost-saving and safer for the environment:

The cost of an automatic conformal coating machine is quite expensive as compared to other manual systems. But the gradual increase in product output and decrease in labor cost work to show a quick return on your investment. It ensures safer working environments for factories by using proper exhausts and filter systems.

It reduces labor costs, material waste, and the risk of product error. An automatic conformal coating machine increases the ability of the manufacturers to produce more reliable products. It keeps coating where it is desired and keeps out the coating where it is undesired. Indeed, all these features make this product one of the best PCB conformal coating machines.


  • Viscosity:

Viscosity plays a major role in CNSMT automatic PCB conformal coating machines. It has a definite viscosity working range. It affects the coating machine in two different ways. If the viscosity of the coating is high, it’s most likely that the thickness of the application will be high as well.

If the viscosity is too low the coating can flow to the areas where we don't want it. In this way, we get low thickness, increasing the risk of insufficient protection.


  • Accuracy:

Accuracy plays an important role in every machine to produce an accurate result. CNSMT PCB conformal coating machine has an accuracy of about + 0.01mm. This accuracy is enough to produce high-quality results.

  • Three axes movement:

CNSMT PCB automatic conformal coating machine has three axes movement that is X, Y, Z. it enables accurate spraying of various PCB boards. This exceptional feature of this best PCB conformal coating machine provides the best results.



  • Handling multi-track spraying:

One of the best features of an automatic PCB conformal coating machine is that it can handle multiple track spraying such as spot coating, line spraying, and curve spraying. And can complete the spraying of high-density and complex boards in less time.


  • Eliminating shadowing effect:

It can eliminate the shadowing effect of spraying by effectively coating the edge of the device. It has high speed, high reliability, and high stability of the controlling system.


  • Automatic adjustment of the width of the input board:

A giant feature of the CNSMT PCB automatic conformal machine is that the device is equipped with automatic widening and narrowing functions. So the user can adjust it how he wants.

  • Nozzles:

There are three types of precision nozzles available for the consumer to choose from. The standard equipment also carries two nozzles. By the use of nozzles, this PCB conformal coating machine can achieve high density dispensing process.


Inspection of conformal coating machine:


Conformal coating machines are being used for the protection of electronic components that are being connected to the PCBs. When PCBs are being protected by conformal coating machines, then why need to inspect conformal coating machines? The reason is very straightforward.


As PCBs are being infected by the harsh environment and other physical factors, in the same manner, we need to take care of coating machines.

It does not require a high maintenance requirement. Even you don’t need to inspect it every month or every week.


Well, its inspection method is quite difficult, but you have to do it only once a year to ensure the smooth working of the machine. Many companies are using conformal coating machines of different types for their product and inspecting coating machines every year manually.


Method of inspecting conformal coating machine:


Inspection of the coating machine is quite critical. Inspection of conformal coating machine can be carried out in two different methods that are as follows:

  • Manual inspection
  • Automatic inspection


Manual inspection:


An operator normally completes the manual inspection process after the application and drying process. Manual inspection is being widely used by the electronic manufacturing world for the inspection of coating machines. While doing manual inspection of conformal coating machine, we have to keep two points in mind. These two points are related to creating an optimum environment for inspection.


Optimum visibility:


When perfect conditions are not required for inspection it can cause fatigue to the eyes and body. So the first point that you have to keep in mind while doing the manual inspection is to provide perfect conditions. So, the operator can inspect without any harm. This will provide high-quality results for the conformal coating process.

The inspector works in a suitable space such as an inspection booth. The area where the inspector is being worked has a suitable UV light source in place. This creates the right lighting environment where the inspection of the board is made as simple as possible.

Operator safety:


The second critical factor that must be taken into consideration after visibility is the safety of the operator that will protect it from harmful environment and harsh conditions.

Keeping these two points in consideration, an operator can do manual inspection easily.

Automatic inspection:


The second method that can be used for the inspection of conformal coating machines is automatic inspection. It is designed to replace manual inspection where an operator has to sit and do the inspection itself. Therefore automatic conformal coating machine inspection can be a difficult task because many factors are influencing its performance.

These include:

  • UV fluorescence strength can be critical for the conformal coating process.
  • The conformal coating can appear to be transparent. This transparency allows the colors of the circuit board to interfere with the coating process.
  • The components on the circuit can affect the ability of the system to see the coating.
  • Parallax issues can occur during this process affecting the camera and scanners.


However, with the recent developments, it is easy to operate automated inspection of the conformal coating machine.



How can we choose the best conformal coating machine?


Which one is the best conformal coating machine for your PCB? Since there are so many options to choose from when it comes to the selection of the right coating machine for your PCB, it might become confusing for you. PCBs are used for almost every electronic component including smartphones, cars, planes, and so on.


PCBs are being protected by conformal coating machines of different types.

In this section, we are going to share a complete guide that how you can choose the best conformal coating machine for your PCB. Moreover, we will also let you know the considerations for purchasing this product.




Before buying a PCB conformal coating machine is the intention. That is why you want to buy the machine for your product. For this purpose, you have to see what problems your product is facing.


By knowing which factors are harming the product you can choose the best conformal machine for your product. The factors can be moisture, dust, and other contaminants.


Temperature range:


Temperature ranges are extremely important factors to take into consideration while buying a conformal coating machine. If this factor is not taken into consideration, it can cause damage to PCBs.


After determining the type of coating machine for your product, you should have an understanding of the maximum and minimum temperature that it will be exposed to.


Environmental factors:


Numerous environmental factors must be taken into consideration before buying the best conformal coating machine. These factors include extreme humidity, salt-spray environment, corrosive gases, and immersion environments.


For example, a PCB is going to be placed in a sealed environment. In this case, the only environmental factors that are needed to be taken into consideration are condensation and humidity. In this way, after knowing the environmental factors that are affecting your product, you can choose the best conformal coating machine on that basis.

Maintenance period

The machine maintenance cycle is shown in Sheet 4-1 below: The technicians and operators must read and follow the contents in this sheet carefully.



No. Items Period
1 Clean the transmission chain Every time before off duty
2 Observe whether the conveyor chain is abnormal and vibrant; Check the tension of the chain, apply a
layer of lubricant.
3 Clean the debris on the ball screws and lead rods, apply a layer of lubricant. Clean every day Apply lubricant weekly
4 Check the running status of the conveyor motor and the tension of the chain, apply a layer of lubricant. Weekly
5 Check whether the pressure of the pressure cylinder is normal and whether the safety valve can
work normally
Every time before off duty
6 Check if the servo driver is abnormal and if there is alarm Every time before off duty
7 Check whether the valve is blocked, clean the residue, and check whether the PE pipe joint leaks. Every time before off duty
8 Check if the screws in transmission parts are loose regularly Weekly
9 Check the running status of the bearing and add lubricant to the bearing seat Weekly
10 If do not use for a long time (more than 2 days), the liquid in the tubes and valves should be cleaned; Weekly
11 Keep X, Y, Z axes clean, lubricate weekly Weekly
Abnormal failure and problem analysis
The following is an analysis of common abnormal faults and their problems. Technicians and operators can have a simple maintain refer to the following sheet 5-1. If you still can not solve the problem, please contact the company's related after-sales engineers.
No. Items Analysis  
1 Turn on the power switch, no
1. No single-phase 220V voltage input;
2. Is the main power switch turned on?
2 Press the button, the power
indicator light does not bright and the equipment do not start.
1. Blown fuse;
2. The relay is damaged;
3. AC contactor burned out.
3 X, Y, Z axes can’t move 1. Check whether the servo motor driver has a power input;
2. Whether the servo driver alarms;
3. Whether the emergency stop switch is pressed and the pressure is normal.
4 Transmission motor cannot start 1. Burnout and no signal output;
2. Whether the electrical appliance is damaged;
3. Is the chain stuck?
4. Is the chain too loose?
5 Illumination (UV) light is off 1. Whether the switch is damaged;
2. Whether the light burns out.
6 After starting, the program did not respond 1. Check the electric eye for entering PCB;
2. Check whether the computer's IO point has a signal.
7 Valves do not spray liquid 1. Whether the locking knob is locked;
2. Whether the liquid tube is stuck;
3. Whether the pressure bucket has air pressure;
4. Whether the valve is open;
5. Whether the electromagnetic valve is damaged;
6. Whether the valve is blocked.



CNSMT is one of the best machine manufacturing companies. An automatic inline PCB conformal coating machine is one of its products that comes up with tremendous features and benefits. It is used to protect the electronic components that are being connected to PCB. It comes up with multiple benefits like its time saving, providing insulation for electronic components, being highly efficient, providing protection against harsh environment, and so on.


Besides benefits, it also has amazing features that make the CNSMT PCB automatic inline conformal coating machine highly practical and reliable for the consumer. While selecting the best conformal coating machine, keep some considerations in mind that include product used, environmental factors is affecting your product, etc.


A conformal coating machine must be inspected every year. The proper inspection will keep your product evergreen and error-free.





How can we know which conformal coating machine is best for our product?


It depends on your product that is going to undercoating process. For example, if your product is facing moisture and humidity problems, then in this case the best option would be a parylene conformal coating machine. Similarly, by knowing the reason why you want to use the machine for your product, you can buy the best option.


Is the manual inspection method is better than the automatic method?

We cannot say which method is better or which is not because both of these methods have their pros and cons. As in the manual method, you have to sit and work in a safe area and you have to work on each part. But in automatic inspection, you don’t have to do the same process, but it is being affected by other harmful factors. These factors can influence its functioning. So, it's your choice which method is suitable for you.



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