Double Track 500mm PCB Coating Machine Dual Conveyor 500mm/s

Double Track 500mm PCB Coating Machine Dual Conveyor 500mm/s

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    500mm PCB Coating Machine


    500mm/S PCB Coating Machine


    PCB Double track coating machine

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    Double Track Coating Machine
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    300mm/400mm/500mm Or Customize
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    CE- Double track coating machine
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Double Track 500mm PCB Coating Machine Dual Conveyor 500mm/s

Double Track 500mm PCB Coating Machine Dual Conveyor 500mm/S​


CNZ-Vision5S-2 Double track coating machine,Inline dual conveyor pcb coating machine


The dual-track selective coating machine is mainly used for special multi-track production lines of SMT dual-track printing presses, placement machines and dual-track reflow soldering.


It can realize the function of one machine with multiple functions, which not only improves production efficiency, but also saves costs. It can carry a variety of different valve body combinations (one point and one spray, two points and two sprays, 4 points) at the same time, which solves the efficiency problem of jigsaw puzzle for customers and improves the utilization rate of equipment.


Frame size L*W*H LI500*1300m*H 1700m
Equipment platform T5 mm stainless steel plate
control method Industrial computer, motion control card
Operation method Computer control
Programmatically Teaching/Mouse and Keyboard
Running program storage number More than 1000
PCB transmission height: Upper track 920 ± 20 Gu. Lower track 600 ± 20 manually adjustable
Transport speed: 0-l3m/min. adjustable
Transmission direction: Upper track l.~R. Lower track R-L. Depending on the actual situation
Track length 1. The upper rail 1500mm, divided into three sections 450mnr600mm^450n), the lower rail 1500mm, one section.
Track adjustment method manual adjustment
Track adjustment width Meet 400mm
Transportation method DC
X.Y axis/drive mode Servo motor, precision electric axis module drive
X.Y axis maximum operating speed 300-500mm/s
X.Y axis positioning accuracy ±0. 02mm
Maximum operating speed of Z axis 300nm/s
Z-axis drive mode Servo motor•Precision screw module drive
Valve type: 2 conical atomization valves for each working group. 2 fan-shaped atomization valves
PCB board size (including fixture) Meet L430MM*390MM, can spray 2 160*320mm PCB boards at the same time
PCB board component height MAX: ±50MM
Atomized spraying width 6-10MM
Tank volume A 10L stainless steel inner barrel with agitating function pressure barrel-a 2L stainless steel pressure barrel for cleaning
Washing function Equipment self-cleaning function
Lighting part Equipment leucorrhea lighting source
Detection part The equipment comes with a fluorescent agent detection light source
Interface between upper and lower layer and front and rear equipment Standard SMEMA communication interface
equipment weight Approx. 6()()Kg
Equipment input power AC220V 50HZ
Equipment input air source 4-6kgf/cm2
Total power of equipment 4. OKW


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On-line spraying PCB Coating machines are also called coating machines and spray dispensers. Coating machines are more often used in automated assembly lines. The main function is to pre-point a special glue on the PCB board where it needs to be patched, and then pass it through the oven after curing.


Coating is carried out automatically according to the program. The coating machine is mainly used for the three anti-paints in the product process, UV glue and other liquids are sprayed, coated, and dripped to each product position, and can be used to draw lines, circles or arcs.


On-line automatic coating machines are also famous for the application of three-proof paint in all industrial applications, and they are constantly evolving and improving with the continuous development of coating machines.


The whole processing process of three anti-paints can realize the whole process from spraying special glue to curing integration. The future of the coating machine will get better and better. After all, the high-speed jet performance is more than just this benefit. There are other reasons why many factories choose it for their assembly lines.


Working principle of online conformal coating machine


1. Adopt industrial computer + board card control, large liquid crystal display, convenient operation and simple programming;


2. When editing the work program, the operator can choose different spray guns according to the width of the components on the PCB, and can rise and fall arbitrarily according to the height of the components on the PCB;


3. The equipment can store all edited programs, and the operator can call the corresponding programs according to different PCB boards;


4. The automatic anti-curing function can effectively prevent the glue gun and hose from being blocked due to the drying of the glue;


5. The equipment comes with a UV detection light source, and the spraying effect can be observed in real time during the spraying process;


6. Use two kinds of glue valve for time-sharing, can carry out selective coating with oblique angle, avoid spraying outside the selected area, so as to avoid the process of filming, removing film and repairing:


7. Automatic coating and assembly line operation greatly increase productivity.


8. The coating amount and thickness of the three-proof paint on each product are consistent, the product consistency is high, and the three-proof quality is stable and reliable.


9. Save labor, save the cost of consumables such as protective tape and save the time for attaching and removing the protective tape, greatly reducing production costs and labor utilization.


10. The machine adopts a fully enclosed structure and has a multi-angle exhaust gas recovery and sewage system to avoid pollution of the air in the workshop, protect the health of employees, and create a working environment.




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