435L electronic parts storage cabinets Moisture Proof Dehumidifier For Camera Lens

435L electronic parts storage cabinets Moisture Proof Dehumidifier For Camera Lens

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    435L Electronic Parts Storage Cabinets


    435L camera lens dehumidifier cabinet


    435L moisture proof cabinet

  • Product Name
    Moisture-Proof Dry Cabinet Box
  • Product Model
  • Supplier
  • Humidity Range
    20-60% / 10-20% / 1-10%
  • Color
    Black /white Optional
  • Shelves
    Standard 3 Adjustable Shelves, Load-bearing 100kg/layer
  • Lead Time
  • Machine Size
  • Weight
  • Power
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE-Moisture-Proof Dry Cabinet Box
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard woodenbox
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability

435L electronic parts storage cabinets Moisture Proof Dehumidifier For Camera Lens

435L Electronic Parts Storage Cabinets Moisture Proof Dehumidifier For Camera Lens


Electronic Dehumidify Dehumidifier Moisture-Proof Dry Cabinet Box for Dslr Camera Lens ,IC chips storage


Name: Moisture-proof box/drying cabinet
Brand: CNSMT
Model: FCM160(20-60%)/ FCD160(10-20%)/ FCDE160(1-10%)
Volume: 435L
Humidity range: 20-60% / 10-20% / 1-10% digital display
Color: black model/off-white model optional
Shelves: standard 3 adjustable shelves, load-bearing 100kg/layer
Size specification: length * width * height: 900*600*1000mm
Surface treatment: pickling and phosphating-electrostatic spraying-high temperature baking


Important Notice
When first using, please carefully read the instruction. If you do not operate
according to the instruction and cause problems, the factory will not bear any
Please do not put the cabinet nearby air outlet (such as beside the air-conditioning
and extractor fan, under the fan, at the door,etc. ) and in the place of heavy smog
and high moisture, which will affect the effect of humidity control.
Please put the cabinet in the room with no direct sunlight.
To keep good effect of humidity control, there should be about 20cm between
cabinet and wall.
When electrifying at first time or using again after leaving unused for a long time,
please run more than 12 hours with empty container, and affirm that humidity has
moved down to lower level.
Notice of placing things:
When putting items in the cabinet, please pay attetion: not close to the
dehumidification unit and the exhaust vent should not be jammed by tiny things, to
leave certain dehumidification space for the unit and avoid affecting the
dehumidifying effect.
When first putting items in the cabinet, due to the large quantity of items or high
moisture in them, the cabinet needs longer time to reach the humidity you have set.
In addition, when taking or putting items, please minimize the time of opening the
door, to prevent the inner humidity from rising too high.
When placing the foods and chemicals, please pack them closely, to avoid taint
of odour and to affect the effect of moisture absorption.
In the digital cabinet, red means temperature, green means humidity .
Functions and Features
The dehumidification unit is durable and silent because of advanced technology
of dehumidification.
Capable of low humidity adjustment using the humidity control.
Super low power consumption.
Maintains low humidity and normal temperature. No harm to the quantity of the
items instored.
The height of the shelf is adjustable for the convenient of storage , and prevent
the items from falling.
Special drying agent, no need for replacement.
No vibration .No dust.
♠ 放置(Set-up Location)
Place the dry-cabinet on a level and strong surface .Turn the adjuster to be
Leave a space of at least 5cm behind the unit for ventilation.
Attach the signal cable in series, then offer AC supply (220V50Hz).
When electrifying at first time or using again after leaving unused for a long time,
please run 12 hours more with empty container , and affirm that humidity has
moved down to lower level.
For LED cabinet, if the red and green indicator lights are flash, it is a normal
phenomenon, which means the working condition of dehumidification unit.
There are two sets of LED display after power on. The left green display is the
current temperature, which cannot be adjusted.The red on the right shows the
current humidity, which can be adjusted.If you need to adjust the humidity,
press the [HUM] button to enter the state (HS humidity setting). In the state of
HS, press the UP or DOWN button, and a set of Numbers will appear in the red
LED. This is the current humidity setting.The LED displays the current
humidity value of the box after opening the fixed button.
Do not place the dry-cabinet in the any of following locations:
Areas where there is the direct of air flow, such as in front of a conditioner.
♥ 高温地方. Hot areas.
♥ 阳光直射的地方. Areas where have in direct sunlight.
♥ 烟雾,水汽的地方. Areas where have smokes or stream.
★ 备注:(Note)
♥ 存放物品时,让防潮箱空箱运转 8 小时,检查确认湿度降低到较低水平.
Let the dry-cabinet run empty for 8 hours before putting any items in it, and make
sure whether the humidity has lowered.
电子防潮箱使用说明书♥ 每次开门时间尽可能短,推荐控制在 1 分钟之内.
Of opening the door every time should be as short as possible, you’d better control
it in one minute.
♥ 请尽量不要断电,以免影响使用.
Please try not to let the power off, so as to avoid impairing its use.
♥ 除湿期间,外部叶片门打开,除湿机芯表面温度略高,这是正常的,请不
During dehumidification, the outer shutter of the storage units opens, and the
surface of dehumidification unit, and the area around it will get warm, however this
is normal and there is nothing wrong with the storage unit.
♥ 不要遮盖背部除湿机芯散热孔.
Do not cover the electronic unit’s exhaust vent located on the back of storage units.
♥ 湿度设定后,本产品对设定值有记忆功能,即使断电也无须再设定.
After setting the humidity, the product has the function of memory which is setted,
even if cut off the power, we do not set it again.
♥ 当环境湿度低于设定的湿度时候,箱内湿度与环境湿度接近相同,这个属
When the environment humidity is lower than the design values, and the
environment humidity is same as the inside box, this is normally condition
♥ 如果停电 12 小时以上,箱内存放物品建议转移.
If the power cut off more than 12 hours, we suggest move the goods in the cabinet
to safe places.
★ 适用范围及贮物参考(applications and reference humidity of storing items)
Suitable storage of items
Tape, magnetic disc, VCD, camera, lens, slide projector, VCR,
telescope, photo, musical instrument, microscope, film, slide, digital
camera, audio tape, antique painting, watercolor painting, oil
painting, stamp, coin, antique, CD, LD, photo album, mechanical
drawing, advertisement design, fur and industrial design drawing,
Precision instruments, electronic appliances, measuring tools,
precision molds, semiconductor products, capacitors, tungsten
filament, batteries, optical film and instruments, printed circuit
boards, sensors, chargers, optical lenses, etc.
25RH 以下
Experimental medicinal materials, chemical powder, samples,
filters, models, seeds, pollen, dried flowers, tea, coffee, seaweed
products, spices, dried food, etc.
15RH 以下
特殊化学药品,精密电子元器件,芯片,BGA,IC,等 Special
chemicals, precision electronic components, chips, BGA, IC, etc.
★ 友情提醒 (Put in mind of good- fellowship ):
♠ 在维修服务之前请确认(Before requesting servicing):
♥ 插头是否正确?电源切断了吗?保险丝是否完好?
Is the plug in properly? Has the power supply been cut off? Has the fuse
更换保险丝(change the fuse)
♥ 第一次使用或长时间没使用再次使用时,是否打开电源关上门空运转 8 小
When operating cabinet for the first time or having a long time not use for a long
time, did you switch on and let it works for at least 8 hours with the door shut?
♥ 依如上条款检查后,便可确认为除湿机芯故障,请解除机芯 4 个固定螺
If after checking the above items the electronic dry unit fails to operate ,Please
remove the 6 screws in the outside of the unit and send us the unit only.

Please Attention,all of our products can be customized
any sizes ,designs ,colour ,logos, meet your requirement.And we offer you:

  • Factory Directly Price
  • Nice Quality
  • Quick Shipping
  • Small Order Welcome
  • Good After Service

If you need advice on choosing the right Moisture Proof Dry Cabinet, please contact us,We'll help you find the ideal model for your business.

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1. Are you factory?

Yes, we are factory supplier focus on SMT and humidity control for 10 years.


2. Can you email the catalog?

Yes, we can send you by email with whole catalog.


3. How to order online?

Confirm product (quantity, price, payment, shipping etc)---waiting for email---make initial payment---production finish---make balance payment---shipping
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4. What about the payment way?
30% deposit, balance paid before delivery -- amount
< USD5,000
100% deposit

5. What's the shipping way and timing?
We suggest to ship by sea to get cheapest rate, voyage date to America around 30~40 days, to Europe 25~30 days, to Asia and Austrilia 7~15 days.


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6. What's the warranty item?
Warranty time normally is 12 months, if you want to extend the warranty time to 24 months, the value will be 10% more of your order.

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Yes sure, welcome to visit our factory to get more profit.

8. How to contact with your factory?
Send inquiry in the form or send mail or whatsapp or skype .


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CNSMT is the leading manufacturer and supplieir for SMT machines and Solution with over 10 years' experience in China. And we can also do OEM&ODM for SMT traders, we have vast of sources in SMT field,even you need used or new SMT equipments or other parts, we can help you get the best quality and competitive cost machines.

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