Walk In Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber AC220V explosion proof

Walk In Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber AC220V explosion proof

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    AC220V Temperature Humidity Chamber


    ODM Temperature Humidity Chamber


    AC220V temp humidity chamber

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    Walk-in Constant Temperature Aging Room
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  • Accuracy Temperature ±0.1 Humidity
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    CE-Walk-in constant temperature aging room
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    Standard woodenbox
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Walk In Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber AC220V explosion proof

Walk In Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber AC220V Explosion Proof


Walk-in constant temperature aging room,Constant Temperature Humidity test chamber

Main Specifications
1. Working size: 7000MM(W)×2200MM(H)×8000MM(D) (size can be customized according to customer requirements)
2. Outer box size (reference value): MM7200(W)×2700MM(H)×9000MM(D) (including power distribution cabinet and air duct system);
3. Temperature requirement: +60℃
4. Temperature resolution accuracy: ±0.01℃
5. Temperature fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃
6. Temperature deviation: ≤±5.0℃

※The temperature change rate is the average change rate of the air temperature, not the product temperature change rate.
7. This equipment cannot be tested or stored with items that contain flammable, explosive or volatile or corrosive gases.
Note: The above indicators are all values ​​measured at room temperature of +25°C and no sample. The calculation method refers to the determination of GB5170.2 and GB5170.5.

3. Box structure and materials:


1. Housing material: color steel plate, thickness 1.0mm
2. Inner box material: SUS#304 heat-resistant and cold-resistant stainless steel plate.; plate thickness 1.0mm, bottom plate reinforced type
3. Thermal insulation material: rigid polyurethane foam + glass fiber; (about 100MM thick)
4. Laboratory product test rack, (made as required)
5. Double-opening hinged door, door 180cm(H), 600cm(D) equipped with safety door locking mechanism (the door can be opened in the test room). The door has a heat distribution and condensation prevention hollow glass observation window, and the door frame is equipped with an anti-condensation electric heating device. Equipped with 1 active slope.
6.Test holes: ∮50mm round test holes 2
7. Illumination lamp: wide-angle projection lighting equipment uses 1 explosion-proof lamp

4. Freezing system:


1. Freezing method Mechanical freezing method
2. Compressor Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor

3. Refrigerant R23 R404A environmentally friendly refrigerant (U.S. DuPont)
4. Condenser Air-cooled condenser
5. Evaporator slope type FIN-TUBE evaporator
6. Solenoid valve DANFOSS solenoid valve
7. Copper tube inner spiral K-TYPE cold coal copper tube
8. Electric heater High-efficiency heating electric heater
9. Operation: Each temperature zone adopts different refrigerators to operate, which can save electricity consumption and increase lifespan

5. Heating system:
1. Heater: finned nickel-chromium alloy electric heating tube
2. Heater control method: non-contact and other periodic pulse width adjustment, SSR (solid state relay)

6. Air circulation system:
1.Using multi-wing centrifugal circulating fan, reinforced shaft + high and low temperature resistant rotating blade aluminum alloy to achieve forced convection.
2.FLOW THROW air supply method; horizontal diffusion and vertical heat exchange arc circulation

8. Controller:


Color LCD touch controller, Chinese and English conversion;


1 Controller specifications:
Accuracy: temperature ±0.1 humidity ±1%R.H.;
Resolution: temperature 0.1℃ or humidity 0.1%R.H.
Temperature slope: 0.1~9.9℃ can be set
Has upper and lower limit standby and alarm functions
Temperature and humidity conversion output: 10mv/1℃, 10mv/1%RH
 9 groups of P.I.D control parameter settings, P.I.D automatic calculation
Dry and wet ball automatic correction
2 screen display function:
Adopt screen dialogue mode, no key input is required, the screen directly touches the option
The temperature setting (SV) and actual (PV) value are directly displayed
It can display the current execution program number, segment number, remaining time and cycle number
 Running cumulative time function
The temperature program setting value is displayed in a graphic curve, with real-time display program curve execution function
With a separate program editing screen, each page can enter 5 segments of temperature, humidity, and time
 Fixed-point or program action status display
Chinese display, the screen can be adjusted for backlight
The screen display protection function can be set for timing, TIMER or manual shutdown
The screen can display the temperature at multiple points.
3 Program capacity and control functions:
Amount of programs that can be used: 120 groups at most
Available memory capacity: 1200 SEGMENTS
 Commands can be executed repeatedly: each command can be up to 999 times
The production of the program adopts dialogue style, with editing, clearing, inserting and other functions
With 2 sets of time signal output control (can control the ON/OFF action of the test object)
It has the function of skipping files and keeping files during program execution
SEGMENT time setting 0~99Hr59min
With power-off program memory, it will automatically start and continue to execute the program after power is restored
With RS-232C communication interface or U disk interface
The graph curve can be displayed in real time when the program is executed
Has scheduled start-up and shutdown functions
With date and time adjustment function
Key and screen lock (LOCK) function

9. Security protection system:
1. Refrigeration system: compressor overpressure/compressor motor overcurrent
2. Test room: adjustable over-temperature protection / test space temperature fuse / air conditioning channel limit over-temperature /
3.Others: power phase sequence/leakage protection/load short-circuit protection.
5. Circulating fan overcurrent protection.
10. Equipment use conditions:
1. Power supply voltage: 380V AC (±10%), three-phase five-wire + ground wire protection, daily frequency: 50±0.5Hz
2. Power switch: leakage switch (100A prohibits the use of knife switches or power sockets);
3. Power: 55KW;
4. Ambient air quality requirements; it does not contain high-concentration dust and flammable, explosive gas or dust, and there is no strong electromagnetic radiation source nearby.
11. Meet the standards:
1. This equipment meets the test standard requirements of GB/T2423.1-2001 GB/T2423.2-2001 GB/T2423.3-1993 GB/T2423.4-1993 and the acceptance of GJB150.3-1986 GJB150.4-1986 standard.
This equipment is tested by the company's quality inspection center before leaving the factory, and an inspection report with a validity period of one year is issued

refrigerating system: Material name quantity Remark
compressor Semi-hermetic compressor 2 sets Bitzer
Condenser Finned cooling fan 8HP 1 set Taiwan Zhongli
Evaporator custom made 1 set Shuangling
Expansion valve Danfoss TS2-2 1 set Denmark (danfoss)
The electromagnetic valve NEV-202DXF 3 pcs Denmark (danfoss)
pressure controller DNS-D606XMM 1 Denmark (danfoss)
Oil separator WINO-5201 1 United States (aico)
filter Danfoss DCL-053S 1 Denmark (danfoss)
Refrigerant: R404 Honeywell Right amount America
Miscellaneous pieces such as copper pipes   1 item Qingdao
control system: Material name quantity  
Temperature and humidity control instrument: Color temperature and humidity controller 1  
Over-temperature protection dashboard; ACCU 0-320 degrees 2 pcs Korean rainbow
Electronic over-temperature protection Digital display 1 Omron
Temperature and humidity sensor; Pt100 7 Taiwan Instrument
Contactor Schneider 5  
Overcurrent protector Schneider 1 Italy
solid state relay Yang Ming 4 Taiwan
Time delay relay Jiayang 2 pcs Taiwan
Intermediate relay   Several  
Heating rod, humidifying tube 2.5 Kw 4 bars Weide
Switching power supply   1 set Zhengtai
Terminal block   1 item Domestic premium
transformer 500W 1 Zhengtai
R232 communication interface and software (optional) Equipped with monitoring and data logging 1 set without
Control switch panel custom made 1 item Genyong
High temperature wire AWG-3320 1 item Jin Mingtai
Wire and Cable RVV 1 item Jin Mingtai
Heater protection ACCU 50-320 degrees C 1 set Taiwan
Plate heat exchanger     Taiwan (Goli)
Electric control box Galvanized paint    
Cabinet result PU foam    
Circulating fan     yizheng

Walk In Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber AC220V explosion proof 0

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