Xenon lamp aging Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber 340nm

Xenon lamp aging Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber 340nm

  • High Light

    340nm Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber


    ODM Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber


    340nm temperature humidity chamber

  • Product Name
    Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Product Model
  • Energy Control Point
  • Irradiation Intensity
    1200W/m2 Adjustable
  • Air Temperature Range
    35~80℃ (adjustable)
  • Average Humidity
  • Load Directtion
    Left To Right/right To Left
  • Lead Time
  • Size
    W 1750×H 1980×D 1300
  • Weight
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE-Xenon lamp aging test chamber
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard woodenbox
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability

Xenon lamp aging Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber 340nm

Xenon Lamp Aging Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber 340nm


Hot and cold shock test chamber,Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber


1. Performance indicators:
1. Product name: thermal shock test box (two boxes of mobile)
Model: XM-TIP150
2. Sample restrictions:
This test equipment prohibits:
Test and storage of samples of flammable, explosive, and volatile substances
Test and storage of corrosive material samples
Testing or storage of biological samples
Test and storage of strong electromagnetic emission source samples
3. Volume and size:
3.1 Nominal internal volume (L): 80
3.2 Working room size (mm): W 400×H 400×500
3.4 Dimensions (mm): W 1750×H 1980×D 1300
4. Performance:
4.1 Test environment conditions:
The equipment is surrounded by smooth air flow, no high-concentration dust, no corrosive or flammable or explosive gas
Environment temperature: 5~30℃
Relative humidity: ≤85%RH
4.2 Test method:
4.2.1 Temperature shock range: -40℃~+150℃
4.2.2 Upper limit of temperature in high temperature zone: 150℃
4.2.3 Lower limit of temperature in low temperature zone: -40℃
4.2.4 Temperature fluctuation in sample area: ±1.0℃ (at constant temperature)
4.2.5 Temperature uniformity: ±2.0℃
4.2.6 Heating time in high temperature zone: 25℃~150℃<35min
4.2.7 Cooling time in low temperature zone: 25℃~-40℃<70min
4.2.8 Temperature recovery time: ≤ 5min
4.2.9 Sample rack conversion time: ≤10s
4.2.10 Impact method: move up and down the basket type
4.2.11 Meet the test standards:
GB/T2423.1-1989 low temperature test method;
GB/T2423.2-1989 high temperature test method;
GB/T2423.22-1989 temperature change test;
GJB150.5-86 temperature shock test;
GJB360.7-87 temperature shock test;
GJB367.2-87 405 temperature shock test.

2. Function introduction:
1. Structural features:
1.1 Insulation enclosure structure:
Composed of three parts: high-temperature greenhouse, low-temperature greenhouse, and laboratory
Outer wall: high-quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray
Inner wall: SUS304 stainless steel plate
Insulation material: polyurethane foam and glass fiber
1.2 Air conditioning channel:
Fan, heater, evaporator, temperature sensor, over-temperature preventer
1.3 Gate:
1.3.1 Single door
1.3.2 The insulating glass observation window for heat distribution and condensation prevention on the door
1.3.3 Condensation prevention electric heating device for door frame
1.3.4 Equipped with 2 indoor lighting 9w/AC220V
1.4 Control panel (on the power distribution control cabinet):
Temperature control display, operation buttons, light switch, etc.
1.5 Sample rack:
1.5.1 The stainless steel sample rack guided by the moving slide rail up and down uses a double-acting cylinder to provide stable and even power. The positioning device of the sample rack adopts an indirect electric sensor produced by Germany FESTO.
1.5.2 Load-bearing capacity of sample rack: ≤20Kg
1.6 Pneumatic cylinder:
1.6.1 For driving each damper when exposed to high temperature, ambient temperature, and low temperature
1.7 Power distribution control cabinet:
Buzzer, distribution board, main power leakage circuit breaker
1.8 Heater:
1.8.1 Heater material: stainless steel electric heating tube
1.8.2 Heater control mode: non-contact period pulse width adjustment, SSR (solid state relay)
1.9 Noise: ≤70db
2. Refrigeration system:
2.1 Working mode: air-cooled mechanical compression cascade refrigeration mode
2.2 Refrigeration compressor: original imported French "Taikang" compressor
2.3 Evaporator dehumidifier: finned heat exchanger
2.4 Throttle device: thermal expansion valve, capillary tube
2.5 Evaporative condenser: brazed plate heat exchanger (for cascade machine)
2.6 Refrigerator control mode:
2.6.1 The PID of the control system automatically adjusts the operating conditions of the refrigerator according to the test conditions
2.6.2 Evaporating pressure regulating valve
2.6.3 Compressor return air cooling circuit
2.6.4 Energy regulation loop
2.7 Refrigerant: R404A/R23 (the ozone depletion index is 0)
2.8 Other:
2.8.1 All major electrical components adopt international high-quality brand products
2.8.2 The compressor cooling fan is the standard configuration of the original French Taikang factory
3. Electrical control system:
3.1 Controller (model)
TATO 5188

3.2 Display: 7"TFT color LCD touch screen
3.3 Operation mode: program mode, fixed value mode
3.4 Setting method: Chinese/English menu, touch screen input
3.5 Program memory capacity: 127 user programs (can be programmed and modified by yourself)
3.6 Setting indication range Time: 1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes, cycle: 1 to 32000 cycles
3.7 Resolution ± 0.1℃
3.8 Input: PT100 platinum resistance
3.9 Control method: PID control
3.10 Auxiliary functions: Timer, over-temperature protection, up and down wind selection of the sensor, power failure protection, alarm record, test curve record, test pause, program running time display
4. Safety protection device
4.1 Refrigeration system:
4.1.1 Compressor overpressure
4.1.2 The compressor motor is overheated
4.1.3 Overcurrent of compressor motor
4.2 Laboratory:
4.2.1 Adjustable over-temperature protection
4.2.2 Limit over temperature of air conditioning channel
4.2.3 The fan motor is overheated
4.3 Other:
4.3.1 Total power phase sequence and phase loss protection
4.3.2 Leakage protection
4.3.3 Load short circuit protection
5. Other configurations:
Power cable: AC380V, three-phase five-wire, the cable specification is 5*10mm2, the cable length is 3 meters.
6. Conditions of use (the following conditions are guaranteed by the user):
6.1 Venue:
6.1.1 The ground is flat, well ventilated, free of flammable, explosive, corrosive gas and dust
6.1.2 There is no strong electromagnetic radiation source nearby
6.1.3 There is a drainage floor drain near the equipment (within 2 meters from the refrigeration unit)
6.1.4 Ground load-bearing capacity of the site: not less than 500kg/m2
6.1.5 Leave proper maintenance space around the equipment
6.2 Environmental conditions:
6.2.1 Temperature: 5℃~30℃
6.2.2 Relative humidity: ≤ 85%RH
6.2.3 Air pressure: 86~106kpa
6.3 Power supply: AC380V three-phase four-wire + protective ground wire
6.3.1 Power capacity: 20.0 Kw
6.4 Requirements for storage environment:
6.4.1 When the equipment is not working, the temperature of the environment should be kept within +0~45℃

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