Xenon Lamp Aging Temperature Humidity Test Chamber 800nm 50L

Xenon Lamp Aging Temperature Humidity Test Chamber 800nm 50L

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    50L Temperature Humidity Test Chamber


    800nm Temperature Humidity Test Chamber


    800nm temperature humidity chamber

  • Product Name
    Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber
  • Product Model
  • Manufacturer
  • Energy Control Point
  • Irradiation Intensity
    1200W/m2 Adjustable
  • Air Temperature Range
    35~80℃ (adjustable)
  • Average Humidity
  • Load Directtion
    Left To Right/right To Left
  • Lead Time
  • Rain Cycle
    0~9999H Cycle Setting
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE-Xenon lamp aging test chamber
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    Standard woodenbox
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Xenon Lamp Aging Temperature Humidity Test Chamber 800nm 50L

Xenon Lamp Aging Temperature Humidity Test Chamber 800nm 50L


Xenon lamp aging test chamber,Laboratory Equipment , Temperature Humidity Test Chamber


CNSMT is the manufactuere of the laborary environment temperature humidity chamber machine in China, we can make and produce all the size and models of the chamber as bellow:


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50L Lab Small Environmental Temperature Humidity Test Chamber
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-60℃~150℃ Programmable Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber with Low
-40℃~150℃ Laboratory Environmental Alternative Temperature Humidity Climate
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Specification :
Scope of application
Used for all kinds of automotive interiors, plastics, paints, coatings, electronic meters, textiles, printing and dyeing, dyes, decorative materials, wood floors, safety helmets, leather, petrochemicals, rubber and other materials for artificial aging tests and light resistance , Color fastness to weather, composite color fastness to light and perspiration, etc. By setting the conditions of the xenon lamp irradiation energy, temperature, humidity, spray, and xenon lamp light and dark alternation in the test chamber, the simulated natural environment required by the standard is provided to test the material's performance changes such as fading, aging, softening, hardening, and cracking.
fulfill the standard
GB/T16422.2-2014 "Plastic Laboratory Light Source Exposure"
GB/T2423.24-2013 "Environmental Test Simulating Solar Radiation on the Ground and Test Guidelines"
ISO 4892 "Plastics. Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources. Part 2: Xenon arc lamps"
ISO 11341 "Paints and varnishes. Artificial weathering and artificial radiation. Filtered xenon arc radiation."
GB/T16259-2008 "Test Method for Artificial Weather Accelerated Weathering of Building Materials"
AATCC TM16 "Color fastness to light"
AATCC 169 "Textile Weather Resistance Test 1: Xenon Arc Lamp Exposure Method"
GB/T8427-2008 "Textiles color fastness to artificial light xenon arc lamp"
ASTM "American Material Standard"

Instrument features:
1. Exposure method: flat tray, three-dimensional space can test three-dimensional samples;
2. Light source system: use dedicated long arc xenon lamp, high intensity light, 1.8KW professional AC air-cooled xenon arc lamp;
3. Use special filter components to make the filtered spectrum fully meet the requirements of GB, FZ, AATCC, ISO, JIS and other standards;
4. Irradiance control: digital setting of light intensity, real-time monitoring, automatic adjustment, meeting the stability requirements of different standards for test light sources.
5. Temperature control: Black-Board Thermometer (BPT) or Black Mark Thermometer (BST), air temperature (CHT) and the sample are detected at the same working position, which truly reflects the test condition of the sample. The measured data is processed by the CPU in numbers and graphs. , Curve and other methods are displayed on the color screen, no need to stop the machine for observation.
6. Humidity control: PTC high temperature dual humidification system, the original humidification is SUS316 material and durable, the test humidity is accurate and stable;
7. Sprinkler system: When spraying is required for the test, the high-pressure spray umbrella-shaped rain mist, which simulates the effect of natural rain, the rain volume is 0.2L/min.
8. Data output method: The instrument is equipped with a USB port, and the test data can be directly exported by a U disk according to the EXL form file and read on the computer;
9. Data display mode: 7-inch weinview color touch screen display and control, Chinese and English operation, multiple test monitoring modes (number, curve, table), convenient control, intuitive and clear;
10. Standard setting: self-set fixed value operation or program operation.
11. Monitoring interface: friendly monitoring interface, operating curve (as shown in the figure):




Xenon Lamp Aging Temperature Humidity Test Chamber 800nm 50L 0


technical parameter
1. Model: LX-XD150
2. Studio size: 500×600×500 (D×W×H)㎜
3. Dimensions: 1030㎜×1090㎜×1750㎜ (D×W×H)
4. Tube power: 2.5KW (air-cooled long arc xenon lamp)
5. Lamp life: 500 hours of lighting
6. Energy control point: @340nm-@800nm
7. Irradiation intensity: 1200W/m2 adjustable
8. Irradiation adjustment: built-in solar eye, closed-loop irradiation monitoring PID automatic adjustment
9. Air temperature range: 35~80℃ (adjustable)
10. Blackboard temperature range: 35~100℃ (adjustable)
11. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃
12. Temperature uniformity: ±3℃
13. Humidity range: 10~95%R.H, during light cycle: 10~75%R.H; during dark cycle: 40~95%R.H%;
14. Average humidity: ±5%R.H
15. Sample tray: flat 725mm×490mm
16. Sample capacity: standard finished parts or three-dimensional space test parts can be measured
17. Dark light cycle cycle: 0~9999H cycle setting
18. Rain cycle: 0~9999H cycle setting
19. Spray method: spray on the surface of the sample
20. Light tube: 1

Structure material
1. Cabinet structure: composed of test cabinet, heating/humidification/lighting/spraying/condensation/air circulation system and electrical control cabinet
2. Shell material: high-grade stainless steel plate or A3 steel plate with color spraying treatment
3. Liner material: SUS04# stainless steel plate, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, beautiful and generous
4. Box door: Open the door to the left. In terms of operation, the side of the door is tightly sealed by imported silicon rubber
5. Sample rack: made of all stainless steel, bent into shape
Control System
1. Display: 7-inch color touch screen man-machine interface;
2. Operating language: Chinese display;
3. Operation mode: program operation (darkness, light cycle mode) or fixed value operation can be used;
4. Test standard: self-set fixed value operation or program operation
5. Operating items: blackboard temperature (BPT) or black mark temperature (BST), test box temperature, relative humidity, irradiance, xenon lamp tube temperature, radiation exposure timer, over-temperature temperature setting, running time setting, Spray time (spray, stop spray cycle) temperature and humidity irradiance operation curve monitoring, operation status monitoring, alarm function monitoring;
6. Alarm protection function: temperature over temperature, fan overload, xenon lamp overheating, water tank shortage, power phase lack, humidifier to prevent dry burning, etc. When each fault occurs, the display screen intuitively indicates the cause of the machine fault and the troubleshooting method and the dynamic protection function is activated;
7. Data storage: large-capacity data storage function, USB port U disk direct export

Security device
 Lamp protection: In order to make the xenon lamp work normally without damage, this equipment uses a fan cooling system to interlock with the lamp. If the fan fails, the xenon lamp will automatically go out and the whole machine will stop working.
Water shortage protection: humidification automatically replenishes water for the outside, such as the long-term water shortage of humidification parts, the controller will automatically alarm
Power phase sequence: phase loss, phase sequence, leakage, protect the machine from damage when the power fails
Motor protection: motor thermal overload protection, to protect the stable operation of the motor
Over-temperature protection: The control system interface has over-temperature temperature set point protection, if the temperature in the box exceeds the set value, the alarm will start
Installation conditions
Installed power supply: AC380V 50HZ
Installed power: 7.5KW
Using water source: the system must use ultra-pure water (users need to bring their own pure water machine)
Water replenishment method: no manual operation is realized, and the whole machine automatically replenishes water
Ambient environment: no strong vibration around
Ambient temperature: 15~25℃, humidity ﹤90%R.H
Drainage system: The sewage is discharged outside the machine during operation, and there must be a drainage pipe system indoors
Acceptance method
1. After the completion of installation and commissioning at the demand-side site, both the supplier and the demander will participate in the acceptance at the demand-side unit
2. The content of the acceptance shall be in accordance with the technical agreement. Other parts not mentioned shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant national standards of the test equipment.
Packing and transportation
Professional packaging; mode of transportation: car transportation


Xenon Lamp Aging Temperature Humidity Test Chamber 800nm 50L 1

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