YAMAHA YS12 Pick and Place machine

YAMAHA YS12 Pick and Place machine

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    YAMAHA YS12 Pick and Place machine
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    1 set machine or mixed order is also acceptable.
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    Negotiable (Please contact us for the price)
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    Standard export boxes and sturdy hardwood packages are both options.
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YAMAHA YS12 Pick and Place machine

YAMAHA YS12 Pick and Place machine




Many people nowadays desire SMT equipment that is quick and incredibly simple to use. They desire rapid results and less time spent working. Do you belong among them? If so, you are in a good spot and can meet all of your demands.


We offer you the space-saving, flexible YAMAHA YS12 Pick and Place Machine, which can handle a variety of product complexity levels.

Are you worried about the condition of our equipment? Don't worry, though; we have more sophisticated high-speed chip shooters and robust devices overall.

We can ensure you that our equipment is in excellent shape and is sturdy, dependable, and simple to operate. Your search time will be reduced by using ours, and your manufacturing process will be improved and enhanced.


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Product Description:


The YAMAHA YS12 machine is equipped with features that will be found in future models, guaranteeing that your production capabilities will keep up with the quick development of electronic components and packaging solutions. This device and all its parts are available.


The YS12 can accommodate up to 120 feeding places thanks to a newly built ultra-thin feeder platform and an electrical intelligent feeder, providing maximum versatility for various mixtures. Additionally, the majority of minor environmental changes have a high rate of acquisition reliability. It is capable of handling a wide range of goods with a vast diversity of components and varying levels of product complexity.





  • The YAMAHA YS12 is capable of 36000 up. You can rely on this product, we promise. A sophisticated optic scanning camera and an integrated side-view camera ensure its performance.
  • High Speed
  • Cost effective
  • 90% new
  • Budget-friendly




Model: YS12





Applicable PCB:
L510x~W460mm to L50x~W50mm
Through-put (Optimum): 36,000CPH(1sec/CHIP Equivalent)
Mounting accuracy (Yamaha’s standard components:

Absolute accuracy (μ+3σ) : +/-0.05mm/CHIP


Absolute accuracy:


+/- 0.05mm/CHIP
Repeatability(3σ): +/-0.03mm/CHIP
Applicable components: 0402(Metric base) to 32*mm components*1 *Correspondence since January 2010
Number of component types: 120 types (Max, 8mm tape reel conversion)
Power supply:

3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V +/-10% 50/60Hz


Air supply source: 45MPa or more, in clean, dry states
External dimension:

L1,254~W1,440~H1,455mm(cover top) L1,464(End of extension conveyor)xW2,018(End of guide for feeder carriage)xH1,455mm(cover top)


Weight Approx.:






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Why trust us?



Because we offer a comprehensive SMT solution, the best technical support, and a wealth of expertise in setting up SMT factories.

Services for OEMs and ODMs are offered. China's top SMT supplier; Trade guarantees up to USD 560,000+; Expert after-sale support team. It is the most productive chip shooter on the market, producing 20000 components per hour (mph) per square meter. Its connection with the new recognition system is a blessing.


We want to improve people's lives all around the world by providing them with better tools and working circumstances.

One of the reasons you should select us is that we make sure to be there to help you when you enquire about or purchase one of our items. This makes us conveniently accessible to our esteemed consumers. Yes, also! Customers can count on genuine, well-maintained equipment from us.

It pays off that we continue to offer all of the perks and services if we are the only supplier you work with since it is better to just work with one.




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