ysm20r yamaha sMT pick and place machine pcb 0.45MPa 400v 3 Phase

ysm20r yamaha sMT pick and place machine pcb 0.45MPa 400v 3 Phase

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    Ysm20r SMT Pick And Place Machine


    0.45MPa SMT Pick And Place Machine


    Ysm20r pick & place machine

  • Product Name
    YAMAHA YSM20R Pick And Place Machine
  • Product Model
    L810 × W490 ~ L50 × W50
  • CPH
  • Absolute Accuracy
  • Repeatability
    +/-0.01mm/CHIP ,+/-0.02mm/QFP
  • Head QTY
  • Power
    AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V ±10% 50/60Hz
  • Machine Size
    L 1,374 × W 1,857 × H 1,445mm
  • Delivery Term
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard woodenbox
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability

ysm20r yamaha sMT pick and place machine pcb 0.45MPa 400v 3 Phase

Ysm20r Yamaha Smt Pick And Place Machine Pcb 0.45MPa 400v 3 Phase​


YAMAHA YSM20R Pick And Place Machine-CNSMT


CNSMT is a reliable, dependable, and most trusted SMT supplier in Shenzhen China. We have a 10-year strong experience in the said industry, which gives us the edge over the other SMT suppliers around.

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  • We can customize orders and we are open to negotiations.

ysm20r yamaha sMT pick and place machine pcb 0.45MPa 400v 3 Phase 0

YAMAHA YSM20R specification:

Target board size
Monorail model: L810 × W490 ~ L50 × W50
Double conveyor model: ※**X-axis is the model with double beam specification
When sending one board: L810 × W490 ~ L50 × W50
When two boards are sent: L380 × W490 ~ L50 × W50
Placement head/mountable components
High-speed universal (HM) placement head※:
0201 ~ W55 × L100mm, height less than 15mm
※For placement of 0201 components, please contact us separately.
Special-shaped (FM) placement head:
03015~W55 × L100mm, height less than 28mm
High-speed universal (HM) placement head:
03015 ~ W55 × L100mm, height less than 15mm
Special-shaped (FM) placement head:
03015 ~ W55 × L100mm, height 28mm or less
Mounting ability
(The company's better conditions)
X-axis double beam: High-speed universal (HM) placement head × 2
X-axis double beam: High-speed universal (HM) placement head × 2
Placement accuracy
±0.035mm (±0.025mm) Cpk≧1.0 (3σ) When our company's best conditions (using standard components for evaluation)
Number of feeders that can be installed
Fixed feeder rack: 140 more (converted by 8mm tape)
One-time refueling carts: 128 more (converted by 8mm tape)
Automatic tray feeder: 30 layers (fixed type: when equipped with sATS30, more), 10 layers (carriage type: when equipped with cATS10, more)
Power Specifications
Three-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V ±10% 50/60Hz
Supply air source
Above 0.45MPa, clean and dry
Dimensions (except protrusions)
L 1,374 × W 1,857 × H 1,445mm (** main body)
Body weight
About 2,050kg (** main body)
YSM20R-1 and YSM20R(SV)-1 indicate that the device has 1 set of placement arms; YSM20R-2 and YSM20R(SV)-2 indicate that the device has 2 sets of placement arms.



Applicable PCB (Single Lane)

PCB (Dual Lane)

810 x 490 to 50 x 50 (LW)

For the 2 beam X axis only

1 PCB: 810 x 490 to 50 x 50 (LW)

2 PCB: 380 x 490 to 50 x 50 (LW)


Head with applicable components

High-Speed Head:

0201 mm to 55 x 100mm | Height 15mm max


Flexible Head:

03015 mm to 55 x 100mm | Height 28mm max


Mounting under optimum conditions as per YAMAHA Motor X axis 2-beam: High-speed multi-purpose High Speed Head x 2 = 95,000 CPH
Mount accuracy

±0.035mm (±0.025mm) Cpk≧1.0 (3σ)

Note: under optimum conditions as defined by Yamaha Motor

No. of component types

Fixed plate: Maximum of 140 types (conversion for 8mm tape feeder)

Feeder carriage exchange: Maximum of 128 types (conversion for 8mm tape feeder)

Trays for 30 types (Fixed type: Maximum for sATS30) and 10 types (Carriage type: Maximum with cATS10)

Power supply 3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V +/-10% 50/60Hz
Air supply 0.45MPa or more, in clean, dry state
Dimensions 1,374 x 1,857 x 1,445 mm (LWH)
Weight Est. 2,050 kg

ysm20r yamaha sMT pick and place machine pcb 0.45MPa 400v 3 Phase 1


One Head Solution – the one head solution of the YAMAHA YSM20R allows you to work on a wider range of chips from the ultra-small ones (0201 mm) to the bigger ones like the (55 x 100 mm). And since it comes with a flexible head as well, the YAMAHA YSM20R can work with odd, shaped components.

Fast Mounting Operation – this mounting machine is super fast at a speed of 95,000 chips per second. This speed is 5% faster compared to other models in the same level.


Wide Scan Camera – the improved wide scan camera helps in promoting faster mounting because of the faster detection ability. There are side lights installed as well to increase productivity.

Beam Variations – There are 2 types of beams available for the X axis that you can choose from to improve your production and mounting ability.

Conveyor – can support dual or multiple conveyors.


Yamaha Mounter YSM10 is a multi-functional general-purpose machine, which can mount small components 03015mm components W55*L100mm, and the number of components can be mounted per hour is 46000.


The size of PCB that can be mounted is 510*460mm. There are 10 nozzle heads that can be installed. 10 nozzles.


Yamaha placement machine YSM20R is a high-speed placement machine that can mount small components 03015mm components W55*L100mm, and the number of components that can be mounted per hour is 90000.


The size of the PCB that can be mounted is 810*490mm. There are 20 nozzle heads can hold 20 nozzles, SS8mm feeder 140


These are just some of the reasons why CNSMT have maintained a high satisfaction rate and excellent reputation when it comes to supplying all SMT machines and equipment.


What product can YAMAHA YSM20R make?

Yamaha YSM20 regular mount products

1. LED lights: LED bulb lights, LED spotlights, LED car lights, LED ceiling lights, etc.


2. Lighting category: LED wall washer light bar, digital tube, barrier tube, LED rainbow light, etc.


3. Screens: LED surface mount displays, LED modules, etc.


4. High-power LED lights: LED tunnels, street lights, spotlights, car lights, LED desk lamps, 1W~3W planes, spherical surfaces, bimodal LEDs, etc.


5. Electronic products: computer motherboards, MP3 motherboards, power supply motherboards, LED light power supply boards, LED power supplies, LED drivers, LED modules, LED displays, etc.


6. Suitable for LED products within the size of 810X490MM, drones and other high-end technology products


7, Mobile phones, lenses, cameras, solar energy, aerospace,




YAMAHA energy consumption characteristics

The YSM series placement machine uses the latest technology, and the power supply of the whole machine is 1.1 kilowatts.

For example, the industrial electricity consumption is 1 yuan/kWh, and it is calculated by working 24 hours a day, and 5 years is the unit of calculation.

The power supply of the placement machine is 1.1 kilowatts 1.1×24×365×5 years×1=48180 yuan/RMB


What Do We Offer?

We have a list of machines that are readily available for shipment, like the YAMAHA YSM20R. We have both used and brand-new YAMAHA YSM20R in our store, and if you need further assistance about this mounting machine, please let us know.




The YAMAHA YSM20R is the world’s fastest mounting machine for its class and makes the one head solution to a whole new level. It is definitely faster than the YSM20 (more than 5%) and can work continuously without the need to stop the machine. It is a sought after modular high speed mounting machine that is preferred by many SMT factories around the world.



Other reasons why you should get the YAMAHA YSM20R

  • It works continuously with no downtime because of the side view function.
  • It is equipped with a blow station to keep the nozzles clean all the time even after long use.
  • It has a high speed recognition mechanism for faster production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I place an order for the YSM20R?


Answer: If you are ready to place an order for the Yamaha YSM20R, please send us an email so that we can send you an order confirmation together with the other details that you need to know like the following:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Shipping rate
  • Total cost
  • Warranty
  • How to pay

Once we have received your reply and payment, we will do the final inspection of the machine and ship it to you.


Question: What if the machine is not working properly once it reaches me. What will you do?


Answer: We assure you that the machine will work once it reaches you. If you will have any concern such as this, we will be more than glad to help you out by working with you via video call, sending replacement parts if needed, or even go to your location for inspection.


Question: Is it easy to use it?


Answer: Yes, it is very easy to use. We will provide an English manual for this together with a video tutorial. If you need further assistance, you may contact us so that we can assist you online.


Question: what product can YAMAHA YSM20R used for?


Answer:YAMAHA YSM20R can used for all the SMT proucts, cause this is a multi-function pick and place machine, it can mount from 01005 to 100mm components , so whether you mount LED or high precision products, YAMAHA YSM20R will be your best choice.



If you cannot find the information that you are looking for, contact us so we can help you out.


With CNSMT, you are definitely in good hands when it comes to your SMT needs.


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