Sm481plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine 40000 CPH OEM ODM

Sm481plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine 40000 CPH OEM ODM

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    Sm481plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine


    ODM Samsung Pick And Place Machine


    ODM smt pick and place machine

  • Product Name
    Samsung Sm481plus Pick And Place Machine
  • Product Model
    Samsung Sm481plus
  • Supplier
    L460xW400(Standard) L1,500xW460(Option)
  • CPH
  • Absolute Accuracy
  • Repeatability
    +/-0.01mm/CHIP ,
  • Head QTY
  • Power
    AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V ±10% 50/60Hz
  • Machine Size
    L1,650 × W1,680 × H1,645mm
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE- sm481plus
  • Model Number
    Samsung sm481plus Pick and Place Machine
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard woodenbox
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability

Sm481plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine 40000 CPH OEM ODM

Sm481plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine 40000 CPH OEM ODM​


Samsung sm481plus Pick and Place Machine 



What is the Samsung sm481 plus pick and place machine, and how does it operate?


We at CNSMT manufacture the Samsung sm481 as a high-speed pick and place machine.

This machine was formerly a Samsung, a medium placement machine that has improved to provide high-speed placement services.

This machine operates by the use of 2 component identification areas.

You will have the head flight camera, which recognizes a high precision camera and also fixes it.

Do you know that the second recognition will be the front and rear feeder compartments?

These features will complete placing all products independently.

You will not regret purchasing this product in your business.

Its efficiency and perfect functioning will leave you amazed and satisfied.

What are the specifications for this Samsung sm481 plus pick and place machine?

Sm481plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine 40000 CPH OEM ODM 0

If you intend on buying this machine, the following specifications will help you in understanding this product.

  • The positioning works at one flight camera and one fixed camera.

The flight camera has mandatory functioning, while the fixed camera operates on an optional basis.

  • The machine has ten mounting shafts and one cantilever

  • This machine operates at a placement speed of 40,000 CPH.

This speed keeps the device in excellent condition, and you will not worry about a breakdown.

  • The PCB has the following measurements

  • 460 (L) by 400 (W) by 510 (L) by 460 (W)

  • 610 (L) by 510 (W) by 740 (L) by 460 (W)

  • A PCB thickness of 0.38-4.2 mm

  • The feeders have an 8 mm benchmark with 120 ea/ 112ea

  • This product consumes energy, averaging AC200/208/ 220/240/ 380/ 415V (50/ 60 HZ, 3 Phase). Ensure that your power supply meets these requirements with a maximum of 4.7kva.

  • You will get this placement machine in the following dimensions.

1,650 (L) by 1,680 (D), by 1,530 (H)

  • This machine has an air consumption of: 0.5-0.7 MPa ( 5-7 kgf of square cm) 160N/min.

  • This machine weighs approximately 1655 kilograms.

The above specifications, which get relayed in the manual, will help you understand important information about this product.

For instance, exceeding the power specification for this device may cause short-circuiting hence the need to follow some knowledge in the specifications.

The size and weight will help you allocate sufficient space for this machine in your area of use too.

These specifications will help you decide and purchase the product that will bring you efficiency in your operations.

Sm481plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine 40000 CPH OEM ODM 1

What special features does the Samsung sm481 plus pick and place machine has?

  • A Chip theoretical speed. The speed of 39,000 CPH allows the machine to operate faster and efficiently during the picking and placement procedures.


The other available placement machines in the market may work slower. Purchasing this machine will be a fantastic decision for your business since it will be highly reliable.

  • The mounting range of 0402 Chip-42 mmLC will allow the items being placed to achieve a uniform placement.


You will not spend time rearranging to make them evenly placed. This feature will make your work easier and effective.

  • High placement accuracy. There exists no more tremendous disappointment than having an inaccurate placement machine.


When placement machines were being developed, the accuracy differed in most devices.


This new device operates at an accuracy of plus or minus 0.03mm, making it the most accurate.


You will not worry about anything concerning accuracy while working with our Samsung sm481 pick and place machine.

  • This machine possesses a unique PCB measuring 460 (L) by 400 (W).


This unique feature allows this machine to work optimally and effectively.


As much as this feature offers mechanical support, it also connects the electronic pathways in the device.


The interconnection brings about excellent functioning and operating system.

  • The voluminous equipment size allows for excellent functioning.


Due to the voluminous amount of work that this machine provides, its volume will be significant.


This feature allows for the maximum strength needed to perform the provided workload.


  • The complete automation in this product makes it unstoppable.


We realized that most manual or semi-automated machines cause a lot of inconveniences. So we made this machine work automatically.


You will only need to turn it on, and the work begins.


This machine reduces your production cost since you will not need to hire people to help in the machine operation.


The device only needs the commands fed once or twice, making the work supper easy.


  • Easy movement alignment. We manufactured this machine to allow for the left to right or right to left transportation of products.


This movement will make it easy to work from any side, enhancing efficiency.


You won't mind about the location of your machine since you will pick and place it from left or right.


Sm481plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine 40000 CPH OEM ODM 2

Why should you buy your Samsung sm481 plus pick and place machine from CNSMT?

  • CNSMT manufactures repairs and deals with the Samsung sm481 plus pick and place machines.


You will be able to get your device at the best rate upon conducting our sales team.


We provide the best selling services to ensure your utmost satisfaction.


  • With over ten years in service, CNSMT has built an excellent manufacturing reputation.


If you purchase your pick and place machine with us, you will be guaranteed a fantastic machine.


The experience we have built over the years will allow us to provide you with the best machine.


  • Our after-sale team will always amaze you. Once you purchase your machine with us, our after-sale team keeps your records in our database.


This documentation will enable them to get to you and get feedback on how the device serves you.

  • You will not wait for long before your product gets delivered.


I remember some time back when I had to order my product overseas. The company and the shipping company delayed my item, providing it months later.


With CNSMT, such occurrences don't happen.


We produce many of them for this pick and place machine, making our store equipped with different devices.


Upon ordering and completing your purchase, you will receive your product within one to two days.


Our fast delivery will save on your business time because time matters in all businesses.

  • You will receive your product safe and in perfect working condition.


To minimize breakage instances, we package our products in special packages to keep them secure during the delivery service.


This way, you get your product ready to start work and concerning its purchase value.

  • You will get all time online customer support.


Since we have stayed in business for many years, our database system allows us to connect with all our clients.


You will never go unanswered whenever you need an issue addressed.


Our online support system functions on a 24/7 basis guaranteeing you help whenever you need it.


  • Our renowned reputation will guarantee you safety in a purchase.


Over the years, we have served thousands of customers.


We built our trust all over the years of good work.


Who never wants to purchase from a company with a poor reputation?

Certainly no one. With CNSMT, you will be sure to work with the best company with a fantastic reputation.


Sm481plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine 40000 CPH OEM ODM 3

What benefits do I receive from purchasing a Samsung sm481 plus pick and place machine?

Every customer weighs the benefits of purchasing a specific product from a particular manufacturer.

At CNSMT, we have made our Samsung sm481 plus pick and place machine to bring you the following benefits.

  • You will get the best machine. We have made our products of the best quality.


If you didn't know, our materials have guaranteed to produce unique and exclusive products for your good.


If you buy products with CNSMT, you get the chance to get durability and uniqueness in every purchase.

  • You will get a chance to get your repairs done at CNSMT. CNSMT has a repair section where we repair all the SMT equipment.


You will get an opportunity to improve your electronics and other SMT equipment with our specialized team.


The years of experience at this company puts our team at the forefront of managing your repair needs.


We also sell spare parts, putting us at the forefront for providing you with the best services.

  • You will enjoy trustworthy service. Currently, you face a very high rate of risky transactions as online fraudsters have increased.


While you transact with CNSMT, you meet professional and legit customer care agents set to handle customer needs at our company.


The methods of payment have all security measures put in place to guarantee you safe online financial transactions.


Our system has all security measures in place to prevent hacking and fraud on our esteemed customers.

  • You will stand a chance to enjoy variety in product purchasing. We don't specialize in making pick and place machines alone.


CNSMT manufactures a variety of SMT equipment that suit our customer needs.


Alongside the pick and place machine, we also manufacture:


  • SMT Stencil printer

  • SMT Reflow oven

  • PCB inspection machine

  • SMT conveyor

  • PCB magazine loader

  • PCB cutting machine

  • PCB coating machine

  • SMT periphery equipment

  • SMT spare parts

  • Selective soldering machine

If you need any of the above equipment in your business, feel free to contact us, and we will surely provide it.

  • You will be able to order and purchase from our 24/7 functional website.


A successful business will always have an active website.


If you visit the CNMST website at, you get timely help from any of our website features.


You will be able to contact and communicate with our customer support team and place orders and complete your purchase.


We provide all these services to ensure you get a smooth interaction with our staff and get a chance to purchase any of our SMT equipment and electronics.


  • CNSMT will warm up and test your Samsung sm481 plus pick and place machine before shipping it to you.


This company operates very professionally. Before you get your shipment, our engineers plan to warm up and test the device for you.


This way, any problem or malfunction may be determined by engineers in time to prevent wasting our client's time.

  • Since we also offer used machines, we ensure that our products get cleaned both inside and outside.


We may also refurbish your pick and place machine to appear new.


After our refurbishing procedure, you will not get any problems with the customs department.

What does CNSMT use to pack my Samsung sm481 plus pick and place machine?

We understand that you care about the packaging of your product.

Research has revealed that poorly done packaging for most overseas products contributes to great flight or sea damages.

If you don't pack a heavy machine properly, the device may damage in case of a fall.

When expensive machines get destroyed during transport, it may create a lengthy replacement procedure.

These scenarios destroy good working relationships between the manufacture, the shipping company and the buyer.

For shipment machines, we provide vacuum packaging. This packaging design keeps the device moisture-proof.

Then, you will receive a rust-free product. It will be as new as it let the manufacturer.

For our air delivered packaging, we don’t provide vacuumed packaging.

We safely protect the machine in a wooden box and have it safe and sound.

Sm481plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine 40000 CPH OEM ODM 4

Sm481plus Samsung Pick And Place Machine 40000 CPH OEM ODM 5

Which brand is the Samsung plus pick and place machine?


CNSMT produces this machine under the Samsung brand.

This company manufactures for other brands to get your Samsung sm481 plus pick and place machine as a Samsung branded device.

If you enjoy Samsung products, you get a chance to add one more with this machine.


Is CNSMT a certified company?

Yes, CNSMT has gotten various awards while operating as an SMT equipment and electronics supplier from China.

Due to professional and ethical conduct within China and abroad; CNSMT prides itself in several world-recognized certifications.


This FAQ guide provides you with important user information when purchasing your Samsung sm481 plus pick and place machine.

As a new customer, you will get your answers on the key features and specifications of the product in the article.

CNSMT works to ensure that your needs as a customer receive the attention they need.

For all CNSMT continuing customers, this article serves to assure you of our dedicated commitment to producing the best products for you consistently.

If you have any more questions, remember to leave them in the comment section below.


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