YAMAHA YG12 KJV-000 SMT Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly

YAMAHA YG12 KJV-000 SMT Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly

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    YAMAHA YG12 SMT Pick Place Machine


    KJV-000 SMT Pick Place Machine


    YAMAHA YG12 pick place machine

  • Product Name
  • Product Model
    YG12 KJV-000
  • CPH
  • Component
    0201--32X32mm Height 6.5mm
  • Power
    AC200/208/220/240/380/400/416V +/-10% 50/60HZ
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  • Machine Size
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
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    Standard woodenbox
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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YAMAHA YG12 KJV-000 SMT Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly

240v 50hz SMT Yg12 Yamaha Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly​




A lot of SMT factories around the world prefers the YAMAHA YG12 PICK AND PLACE MACHINE because of these 3 reasons:

  • It has a superb mounting speed that makes it the top of its class.
  • It comes with a 1 head solution that provides flexibility of use, so you do not have to replace it.
  • If you like the YS12 series, you’ll love the YG12 better, because all of the key features of the YS12 is all integrated into one model – the YG12.

Not to mention, the YAMAHA YG12 PICK AND PLACE MACHINE has a compact design compared with the previous series, making it look more modern and easier to place inside your factory.
To know more about the YAMAHA YG12 PICK AND PLACE MACHINE, below are the exact features of it.



  • Entry level machine with superb speed. 36000CPH
  • Fast mounting capability that can reach more than 25%
  • Equipped with a scan camera for a broader range of scalability and compatibility.
  • Improved functions to promote better table production.

YAMAHA YG12 specification:


PCB size: L510×W460 to L50×W50mm
Mounting speed: 36,000CPH (0.1sec/CHIP)
Mounting accuracy: +/-0.05mm/CHIP
Component size range: 0402 (Metric base) to □32*mm components
Number of feeders: 60 (Max, 8mm tape reel conversion) Single side, Dual side 120 option
Multi Camera option
Power supply: 3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V
Demand pressure: 0.55MPa or more, in clean, dry states
Machine weight: 1250kg


YAMAHA YG12 KJV-000 SMT Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly 0


YAMAHA YG12 advantage feathers:



1. High rigidity integrated casting frame:

(1) Integrated frame with high durability and high precision
(2) Thorough analysis of the structure, developed and manufactured based on a variety of experimental tests
(3) Adapt to high acceleration drive to ensure high precision


2. PCB side clamp positioning device: the side of the PCB is fixed as a rail clamp fixing method:

(1) It can better correct the warpage of the PCB.
(2) There is no need to open positioning holes on the PCB
(3) The components can be mounted to the edge of the PCB (the position of the stopper that fixes the edge of the PCB is adjustable)


3. PCB support positioning device:

After the width of the PCB conveyor belt is automatically adjusted, the rail edge clamps automatically fix the two ends of the PCB, and then the servo motor controls the bottom support device of the PCB board. In this way, you only need to set the width and thickness of the PCB in the software program. Support and fix, eliminate PCB displacement changes during the mounting process

YAMAHA YG12 KJV-000 SMT Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly 1

4. Four-point reference calibration PCB:

YG12 can use up to 4 reference points on the PCB for correction. For thin boards and flexible boards, the 4 reference points can completely correct the warpage error of the entire PCB to ensure accurate placement.


5. Linear placement head:

The placement head is a group of 5 online placement heads, and the movement of each placement head is independently controlled by a set of linear motors (Liner Motor) and gratings, which better guarantees high-precision placement.


6. Linear motor control system:

YAMAHA's self-developed high-precision linear motor (Liner Motor) control system improves placement accuracy and stability


7. Component recognition lens:

The latest third-generation high-precision composite digital hexagonal lens, after all the suction nozzles suck the components, pass through the lens at high speed, so as to realize the non-stop recognition of all the suction components. The digital lens has a high resolution of 4 million pixels (2048x2048) , It can fully guarantee the high definition of the image, and can realize the high-precision recognition of a single lens to a wide range of precision components (0402mm (01005inch) ~ □L100xW45mm).


8. Non-stop high-speed recognition:

Composite digital lens scanning recognition, high-precision recognition of the center position and angular deviation of all components without stopping the machine through the top of the composite digital lens at high speed for all components on the nozzle.


9. BGA/CSP image display interface:

The high-definition composite digital camera can clearly identify the state of the BGA and CSP solder balls to avoid the occurrence of poor placement.


10. Automatic calibration of mounting and picking positions:

After the placement head picks up the component, the scanning lens will recognize it. If the center position of the picked component is shifted, the placement machine can automatically correct the displacement parameters to ensure the accuracy of this placement and the next picking of the components.


11. MACS compound precision compensation system:

It can eliminate the X and Y axis placement deviation caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the equipment
Correct the displacement caused by the head angle, pressure and head weight of the nozzle


12. Suspension detection device of feeder:

Application of raster detection technology:

(1), to ensure that the feeder is accurately installed in place
(2) It can prevent the feeder from tilting and damaging the placement head

YAMAHA YG12 KJV-000 SMT Pick And Place Machine For Pcb Assembly 2


13. New-style PCB sensor:

Using a new type of through-beam PCB sensor, the transmitting source and receiving device are hidden in the upper and lower inner sides of the two transmission tracks, passing through the PCB board obliquely. The PCB is completely avoided due to the incorrect PCB outline and the induction error of the PCB via hole. The situation of collision damage.


14. ANC automatic mouth changing station:

Spare nozzles and customized nozzles can be automatically replaced according to the software program settings


15. Unique nozzle design:

(1) With a miniature spring buffer, the device prevents the sucked components from being hard impacted;
(2) It can be decomposed for easy maintenance and maintenance;
(3) After the tip is worn out, only the damaged part can be replaced to reduce production costs.


Here at CNSMT, we offer both new and used YAMAHA YG12 PICK AND PLACE MACHINE. We made this available, in order to give better options and solutions to SMT factories around the world.
We have been a partner of the Yamaha brand for SMT machines for more than 10 years already. We have specifically chosen the brand to be our partner here in China, because we understand that Yamaha speaks of quality, and quality is always the most important aspect of every machine that we should be able to provide to our customers.
Why Choose CNSMT?

  • We are a 10-year strong SMT supply company that have been servicing hundreds of companies not just in China but in the whole world with all of their needs when it comes to their SMT companies.
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  • We can help you solve issues and find the best solutions to any SMT problem.

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For more information about the YAMAHA YG12 PICK AND PLACE MACHINE, below are the most commonly asked questions that we’ve compiled from the inquiries that we got.
Question: Is there a minimum order quantity when I place an order for the YG12?
Answer: There is no minimum order quantity here at CNSMT. If you need just one machine, we will gladly process the order for you.
Question: How soon can you ship my order?
Answer: Once we have all of the details of your orders including the shipping address, we will process your order at once by checking it first, before packing. You may choose standard packaging (box) or wood. We will then arrange your shipment after properly packaging your machine.
The number of shipping days will depend on your actual location. Normally, this process will take 2-3 working days from the time we have confirmed your payment. You may receive your machine with 10 working days from the time we have shipped it.
To know the exact number of days you need to wait for your order to reach you, kindly contact us directly.
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