170000 CPH PANASONIC SMT Pick Place Machine 12 nozzles Mounting head type

170000 CPH PANASONIC SMT Pick Place Machine 12 nozzles Mounting head type

  • High Light

    170000 CPH SMT Pick Place Machine


    CE SMT Pick Place Machine


    ODM panasonic pick and place machine

  • Product Name
    Panasonic Npm
  • Product Model
    Panasonic Npm
  • Manufacturer
  • CPH
    170000 CPH
  • Accuracy
  • Machine Size
    1,430(L) X 1,750(D) X 1,485(H)
  • Weight
  • Warranty
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE- pick and place machine
  • Model Number
    panasonic npm
  • Minimum Order Quantity
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    Standard woodenbox
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  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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170000 CPH PANASONIC SMT Pick Place Machine 12 nozzles Mounting head type

170000 CPH PANASONIC SMT Pick Place Machine 12 Nozzles Mounting Head Type


PANASONIC NPM NPM-D2 NPM-D3 NPM-W NPM-TT2 pick and place machine


Panasonic NPM placement machine has a variety of models such as NPM-D3, NPM-W2, NPM-TT2, NPM-VF, NPM X-series, etc.


High function & high reliability

Inherit the DNA of Panasonic's implementation feature: Fully compatible with CM Series hardware

It has the ability to correspond to 0402-100*90mm components, with functions such as component thickness inspection and substrate bending inspection, which can greatly improve the quality of placement and fully meet the needs of customers for difficult processes such as POP and flexible substrates.


Simple operation

The user-friendly interface design and the model switching instructions can greatly shorten the exchange operation time of the rack trolley


Mounting head type

High speed, general purpose


Number of nozzles

12 nozzles, 8 nozzles, 2 nozzles


Mounting speed

0.063 s/chip

0.106 s/chip

0.423 s/QFP


Placement accuracy





Number of racks

Maximum 68 companies (8mm double, small reel)


Corresponding component size





Substrate size Monorail conveyor belt



Double track conveyor belt

Double track type: L50mm*W50mm~L350mm*W216mm

Single track type: L50mm*W50mm~L350mm*W460mm


High productivity—using dual-track printing

Productivity per unit area is 47% UP (compared to the previous model SP18P-L)

Switching function of the next model in operation: Because the printing base is equipped at the front and back, it can be operated completely independently, and the model can be switched on the other side when the production is continued on one side.


The upgraded Panasonic placement machine NPM-D3 can interchange dispensing, placement, and inspection heads, and new enhancements further increase productivity.


The Panasonic placement machine NPM-D3 can handle large 100x90mm components from 03015mm microchips to 28mm, as well as components for packaging applications.


The new base, redesigned placement head and multi-recognition camera can increase placement accuracy by 25%, while increasing IPC-9850 throughput by 30%, reaching the industry-leading 38078 CPH per square meter.


The new multi-recognition camera provides component alignment, defect inspection, chip thickness and 3D coplanar inspection at one time, helping to ensure high productivity and quality control.


Panasonic placement machine NPM-D3 with its advanced board handling design maximizes productivity. In single lane mode, the Panasonic placement machine NPM-D3 handles 750 mm long boards, which is ideal for LED panels.


Through a simple software switch, the Panasonic placement machine NPM-D3 automatically switches to a dual-channel "shared" or "independent" mode. In order to achieve the highest efficiency, the Panasonic placement machine NPM-D3 provides automatic board support, feeder car heat exchange, intelligent feeder, and D-code nozzles, anywhere that does not affect production.


Panasonic placement machine NPM-D3 improves product quality through thermal compensation, board surveying and mapping, 20-pallet direct pallet truck, complete component monitoring, material verification and control.


Panasonic placement machine NPM-W2


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The new Panasonic placement machine NPM-W2 magnifies the functions of the original NPM-W, throughput has increased by 10%, accuracy has increased by 25%, and new innovations such as multi-recognition cameras.


The combination of these functions can expand the component range to 03015mm microchips while retaining components up to 120x90mm, up to 40mm high and nearly 6-inch long (150mm) connectors.


The Panasonic placement machine NPM-W2 provides single-channel or dual-channel, which can handle PCBs up to 1,490 x 550mm (58.7 x 21.6"), and is ideal for long LED panels or large industrial boards.


Quick change of feeder carts, automatic board support Set-up and expanded nozzle capacity, as well as 120 feeder inputs and our Intelligent Feeder Anywhere positioning NPM-W2 as the ideal solution for “Any Mix Any Volume.” In addition, numerous placement and process head options and a variety of components The supply method makes the Panasonic placement machine NPMP-W2 a universal accessory for any SMT production line.


The NPM-W2 multi-recognition camera of Panasonic placement machine uniquely combines three independent imaging functions into one system, 2D alignment, component thickness detection and 3D coplanar measurement.


The field-upgradable system eliminates any configuration challenges associated with competing vision systems in the past, which often leads to over-investment, incorrect configuration, insufficient capabilities, and even reduced quality. Multi Recognition Camera is suitable for today's technology and has powerful functions for future inspection challenges, which can help SMT chip processors to produce higher quality products


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170000 CPH PANASONIC SMT Pick Place Machine 12 nozzles Mounting head type 0

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170000 CPH PANASONIC SMT Pick Place Machine 12 nozzles Mounting head type 1170000 CPH PANASONIC SMT Pick Place Machine 12 nozzles Mounting head type 2

170000 CPH PANASONIC SMT Pick Place Machine 12 nozzles Mounting head type 3170000 CPH PANASONIC SMT Pick Place Machine 12 nozzles Mounting head type 4170000 CPH PANASONIC SMT Pick Place Machine 12 nozzles Mounting head type 5170000 CPH PANASONIC SMT Pick Place Machine 12 nozzles Mounting head type 6


170000 CPH PANASONIC SMT Pick Place Machine 12 nozzles Mounting head type 7

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CNSMT is the leading manufacturer and supplieir for SMT machines and Solution with over 10 years' experience in China. And we can also do OEM&ODM for SMT traders, we have vast of sources in SMT field,even you need used or new SMT equipments or other parts, we can help you get the best quality and competitive cost machines.

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