Hot Air SMT Vertical Curing Oven 380V Labor Saving 400MM Pcb

Hot Air SMT Vertical Curing Oven 380V Labor Saving 400MM Pcb

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    380V Vertical Curing Oven


    380V SMT Vertical Curing Oven


    380V hot air curing oven

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    SMT Vertical Hot Air Curing Oven
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    CE-SMT Vertical hot air curing oven
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    SMT Vertical hot air curing oven
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    Standard woodenbox
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Hot Air SMT Vertical Curing Oven 380V Labor Saving 400MM Pcb

Hot Air SMT Vertical Curing Oven 380V Labor Saving 400MM Pcb


SMT Vertical hot air curing oven-High quality


1. Significant labor saving——Compared with offline curing furnace, this machine is equipped with automatic loading and unloading, completely eliminating the labor of taking and placing products in offline curing furnace;
2. Improve curing quality-Compared with offline curing furnace, there is no manual opening and closing of the furnace body when picking and placing the product, the temperature in the furnace is more stable, and the product quality is better;
3. Significantly reduce the floor space-compared to the tunnel furnace or conventional SMT reflow oven in the horizontal transportation mode, the vertical furnace area with the same capacity is reduced by several times or even ten times;
4. Improve energy utilization. The horizontal transportation mode of ^p or conventional SMT reflow oven makes full use of the basic principle of the upward movement of hot air, which makes the utilization of heat energy more fully;
Model Scv300 Note
Applicable production range PCBA Curing production after product coating weight of the machine bed will increase according to the requirements of the custom layer
Dimensions(LxWxH) mm 2500*1740*2240 / 2500*1550*2450  
Weight(kg) Approx. 1800/ 1650  
Heating time Approx.30minute  
Temperature setting range Room Temp.180°C  
Temperature control accuracy ±2.0°C  
Control method PID closed-loop control+ SSR drive+ touch screen  
PCB board temperature distribution deviation ±2.0°C  
Furnace time According to product demand parameter setting  
PCB maximum size(LxW) mm 400x400/300x250 Small plates can be used by curing trays, non standard size can be Customized
Rail width adjustment range 100~400mm  
Board space 25.4mm plate thickness - under the component height Can be customized with an integral multiple of 25.4 pallet spacing or other specifications of the chain, depending on the size of the chain, the board space will be different
Transmission height(mm) 900±20mm Reference customer dispensing equipment

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Why Choose CNSMT For your SMT Needs?

  • Quality is always our top priority – we make proper inspection prior to shipping.
  • Quality of service – all of our machines and equipment comes with an English user manual. If needed, we also provide video tutorials to ensure the best user experience for all of our customers. Furthermore, our customers can also visit our showroom to see an actual demo of the machine or equipment, facilitated by our professional engineers.
  • Excellent Aftersales Service – We always take good care of our customers even after sales. We provide a 24-hour technical support to our clients, where they can reach us through email, video chat or phone.
  • Good Warranty – we provide good coverage for warranty to all of our products and equipment. This is to give our customers the peace of mind with every purchase that they make from us.
  • Excellent Customer Service – when needed, we have a team of professional engineers ready to go to your factory. This means, you can request our engineers to go to your factory, even overseas, to help you with your technical needs.


These are the reasons why many SMT factories around the world trusts CNSMT. We are not just after sales; we are after a long-term business relationship.





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Company Information

CNSMT is the leading manufacturer and supplieir for SMT machines and Solution with over 10 years' experience in China. And we can also do OEM&ODM for SMT traders, we have vast of sources in SMT field,even you need used or new SMT equipments or other parts, we can help you get the best quality and competitive cost machines.

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