HELLER 1809MKIII SMT Reflow Oven Machine 3 phase 480V 2662mm

HELLER 1809MKIII SMT Reflow Oven Machine 3 phase 480V 2662mm

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    HELLER SMT Reflow Oven Machine


    480V SMT Reflow Oven Machine


    480V smt oven reflow

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    HELLER 1809MKIII Reflow Oven
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    50-508 MM
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    HELLER 1809mkiii
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HELLER 1809MKIII SMT Reflow Oven Machine 3 phase 480V 2662mm

HELLER 1809MKIII SMT Reflow Oven Machine 3 Phase 480V 2662mm​


HELLER 1809MKIII SMT Reflow oven-Used smt reflow oven


HELLER1809MKIII reflow soldering specifications:
Power input (3-phase) standard: 480 volts
Circuit breaker size: 100amps @ 480v
Kilowatt: 8.5-10.5 continuous
Typical operating current: 20-25amps@480v
Optional power input available: 208/240/380/400/440/415 VAC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Continuous area open: standard
Single phase operation: not available
Equipment size: L4650×W1370×H1600 (mm)
Net weight: 1588kg
AMD or Intel computer: standard
Recipe storage:> 500
Flat screen display: standard
Windows operating system: Windows XP®
Large PCB width: 20 cm (50.8 cm)
Space required between PCBs: 0.0 cm
Conveyor length loading: 18 cm (46 cm)
Conveyor length unloading: 18 cm (46 cm)
Heating tunnel length: 105 cm (254 cm)
Process gap above the mesh belt: 2.3 cm (5.8 cm)
Mesh belt spacing: 0.5 cm (1.27 cm)
Maximum conveying speed: 74cm/ Min (188 cm/min.)
Conveyor direction from left to right: standard
Conveyor direction from right to left: optional
Conveyor speed control type: closed loop
Height from the floor-standard: 37.0 cm ± 2.0 cm (94 cm ± 5 cm)
Floor height-optional: 32.6 cm + 3.9 cm / -.4 cm (83 cm + 10 cm / -1 cm)
The gap above the conveyor belt: 1.15 cm (2.9 cm)
The gap under the conveyor belt: 1.15 cm (2.9 cm)
The length of the PCB support leg: .187 cm (4.75 mm)
3 mm long support pin: optional
Small/large board width: 2.0 cm-18 cm (5-45.7 cm)
Edge keeping track heater: not required
Power width adjustment: standard
Computer-controlled width adjustment: optional
Automatic lubrication system: standard
Heater type: immediate response to open coil
Heater material: nickel-chromium alloy
Infrared panel heater (for curing): optional
Temperature controller accuracy: ± .1°C
Cross zone temperature tolerance: ± 3.0°C
Heater power per zone: 6000 watts
Temperature range standard: 25-350°C
High temperature up to 400°C: optional
High temperature up to 450°C: optional
Insulation type: calcium silicate calcium silicate
UV curing: optional
Quantity standard of cooling zone: 2-(3 optional)
Additional cooling zone (external): optional



Product features of HELLER1809MKIII reflow oven:


In the case of limited plant space, the 1800 model can meet the requirements of multiple varieties and high production capacity, and the chain speed can reach 32 inches (80 cm) per minute, regardless of the air or nitrogen environment, regardless of the distribution density of the components and whether it is empty or full , Fast response time and precise temperature control ensure process consistency and consistent temperature profile.


Output capacity and strict process control


Effective heat conduction comes from the heating module with high capacity and high wind speed. Its response speed of less than 1 second and temperature control accuracy of less than 0.1 degrees Celsius produce effective heat conduction, so the integrity of the temperature curve under heavy load is ensured


The wide process window adapts to a variety of curve requirements-a variety of different products can use the same temperature setting

Advanced 5-channel thermocouple temperature curve production and process parameter recording capabilities, storing more than 500 programs and 500 temperature curves.


Equipped with a high-capacity 26-inch wide heater module, the 1809MarkIII system reflow oven has good flexibility for different products. The size of the board can be up to 20 inches, and it is equipped with EHC and mesh belt at the same time.


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