AC 220V 50HZ PCB Handling Equipment 0.6MPa Pcb Board Stacker

AC 220V 50HZ PCB Handling Equipment 0.6MPa Pcb Board Stacker

  • High Light

    0.6MPa PCB Handling Equipment


    50HZ Pcb Board Stacker


    0.6MPa Pcb Board Stacker

  • Product Name
    PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader
  • Product Model
  • Manufacturer
    L330*W250MM Or Customize
  • PCB Type
    Single Side PCB
  • Power
  • Transport Height
  • Conveyor Directtion
    Left To Right/right To Left
  • Lead Time
  • Air
  • Machine Size
  • Weight
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard woodenbox
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability

AC 220V 50HZ PCB Handling Equipment 0.6MPa Pcb Board Stacker

AC 220V 50HZ PCB Handling Equipment 0.6MPa Pcb Board Stacker


 PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor



CNSMT is trusted and supplier of all SMT equipment and machines in China. We have the best and most complete experience in operating SMT machines including but not limited to the PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor.


What is a PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor?

A PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor is a very useful equipment in an SMT line of production. In fact, it is one of the most important tools you cannot neglect, if you want to have a fast and secure production.


It’s main purpose is to load the PCB bare boards to the SMT line. Normally, factories set it to transport the bare boards to screen printer.


Here at CNSMT, we take pride of the number of PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyors we have in stock. We can deliver not just one machine, but multiple machines to you in one go.


PCB board stacking machine is mainly a device for temporarily storing PCB boards, which can store 30 PCB boards. Fully self-stacking motor characteristics The advantage of the fully automatic stacking machine is that it does not require special equipment foundation.


It can be used with the plate feeder when placed on hardened flat ground, which reduces the labor intensity of the operators, improves work efficiency, saves labor, and reduces Production cost;


the whole machine has no moving cables and electrical components, ensuring the personal safety of the operators; the overall equipment has the characteristics of simple and reasonable structure, flexible operation and use, reliable performance, and wide application range



A PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor comes in different features, as there are different models of it nowadays. But to give you a general overview of its basic features, please see the info below:


  • Comes with a PLC control
  • Easy to operate touch screen panel.
  • Equipped with a By-pass mode
  • Flexible width adjustment
  • SMEMA compliant

AC 220V 50HZ PCB Handling Equipment 0.6MPa Pcb Board Stacker 0

There is a large variety of PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyors that CNSMT can offer, but one of the most in demand in the market is the Drop stack style.


The drop stack style PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor can hold up to 400 pcs of PCB boards with a maximum of .6 mm in thickness. It moves up and down when loading the PCBs on to the assembly line.



SMT stacked plate loading machine
1) Dimensions: L1100*W780*H1200±30mm
2) Special aluminum profile guide rail and special Chidori plastic chain
3) 90W Taiwan-made brake motor is driven by a ball screw to make Magazine step up and down
4) The transmission motor adopts a 15W fixed-speed Taiwan-made motor
5) Pneumatic clamp structure.
6) Magazine specification is L355*W320*565mm
7) The maximum PCB specification is L330*W250
8) Direction: right to left/left to right
9) The pitch of the lifting platform is selected as 10, 20, 30, 40
10) Transmission height H=920±30
11) Mitsubishi PLC programmable controller control
12) With automatic board function
13) Stepper motor is used for falling plate conveying
14) The falling board action parts are made of aluminum alloy
15) The conveyor belt adopts 7mm flat belt
16) Falling plate cylinder + solenoid valve
17) The operation control panel is a display control true color touch screen;
18) Pneumatic components (the position of the push plate cylinder is adjusted with a screw rod)
19) Power supply: 220V 50HZ
20) Air source: 0.4-0.6MPa
21) The number of full-load storage boards: board feeder 50PCS, stacker stacking 100MM high
22) One set of electric control box



Please note: we can customize all kinds of PCB Peripherals machines

AC 220V 50HZ PCB Handling Equipment 0.6MPa Pcb Board Stacker 1

Who we are?


CNSMT is a leading manufacture of SMT machines in China, we have our own factory produce China brand AOI, SPI, SMT conveyors, PCB Loader and unloader,PCB handling machines,PCB Cleaning machines, Stencil Cleaning machine,PCB Stacker/destacker loader and unloaders,pcb storage trolley, SMT feeder trolley, SMT feeder calibration jig,ESD tools...


And bellow products avaible:


Dual magazine line loader
Triple magazine line loader
Edge belt conveyor.
Inline workstation
Reject conveyor
LIFO buffer
FIFO/LIFO slot style
FIFO/LIFO belt style
Single magazine combo buffer pass-through
Multi-magazine combo buffer pass-through
Lift gate conveyor
Shuttle gate
Telescopic shuttle gate
Side shuttle
Turn unit
Single magazine line unloader
Multi-magazine line unloader.
Dual magazine line unloader.
Triple magazine line unloader.
Chain conveyors.
Flat belt conveyor.
Laser marker...
Laser marker inverter.
Laser marker dual head.
Brush cleaner.


AC 220V 50HZ PCB Handling Equipment 0.6MPa Pcb Board Stacker 2AC 220V 50HZ PCB Handling Equipment 0.6MPa Pcb Board Stacker 3AC 220V 50HZ PCB Handling Equipment 0.6MPa Pcb Board Stacker 4AC 220V 50HZ PCB Handling Equipment 0.6MPa Pcb Board Stacker 5AC 220V 50HZ PCB Handling Equipment 0.6MPa Pcb Board Stacker 6AC 220V 50HZ PCB Handling Equipment 0.6MPa Pcb Board Stacker 7


If you are looking for a good quality PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor, you are just in the right place! We offer both new and used PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyors, to give more options to our customers.


With a good PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor, you can be sure of improving your PCB assembly, due to its automated functionality. Having an automated PCB assembly is important if you want to achieve the following:


  • Lower the cost – having an automated machine like the pcb Destacker, will lower down the risk of errors and damages. Eliminating errors and damages will definitely lower down the cost that can be computed when you have to redo your production.
  • Less human error – since the pcb Destacker is computerized, there is less human handling. Less human handling, less errors in the long run.
  • Fast production – since this machine will work non-stop, you can expect faster production rate.
  • Consistent in quality – machines like the pcb Destacker works evenly and consistently. This means you can expect the same outcome in every cycle of work.
  • Great for mass production – since PCBs are normally massed produced nowadays to supply the needed demand of it for the electronic industry, SMT factories that are equipped with automated SMT machines will be able to comply with the demand.


One PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor can accommodate 400 PCBs at a time, which makes it very suitable for mass production.



So if you are looking to add a great machine to improve your automated SMT production line, you can never go wrong if you invest in an SMT Destacker machine for your SMT company.



Why Choose CNSMT For your SMT Needs?

  • Quality is always our top priority – we make proper inspection prior to shipping.
  • Quality of service – all of our machines and equipment comes with an English user manual. If needed, we also provide video tutorials to ensure the best user experience for all of our customers. Furthermore, our customers can also visit our showroom to see an actual demo of the machine or equipment, facilitated by our professional engineers.
  • Excellent Aftersales Service – We always take good care of our customers even after sales. We provide a 24-hour technical support to our clients, where they can reach us through email, video chat or phone.
  • Good Warranty – we provide good coverage for warranty to all of our products and equipment. This is to give our customers the peace of mind with every purchase that they make from us.
  • Excellent Customer Service – when needed, we have a team of professional engineers ready to go to your factory. This means, you can request our engineers to go to your factory, even overseas, to help you with your technical needs.


These are the reasons why many SMT factories around the world trusts CNSMT. We are not just after sales; we are after a long-term business relationship.


To know more about the PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor and how to place an order with us, please see the info below:


Frequently Asked Questions:


Question: Do you have a minimum order quantity for the PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor?


Answer: We do not have a minimum order quantity requirement for all of our machines. However, please do take note that our shipping partners have a flat rate when it comes to their shipping fees. You might want to consider checking out our other products that you might also need, to maximize the space in your cargo.


Question: So, can I have a mixed item in my order?


Answer: Yes, you may! We are a one stop shop for all of your SMT equipment and machine needs. If you want to know what equipment / machine is commonly ordered together with the PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor, message us directly.


Question: Do you deliver overseas?


Answer: Yes, we do! We have been processing deliveries and shipments outside China every single day for more than 10 years already. Every shipment made is always a success.


Question: How do I place an order?


Answer: We have a very easy process for ordering. Please see the guide below:

  • Email us to check the availability of the product you wish to order.
  • Once you are okay with the product, we will send you a document containing the terms of your order, shipping cost, price of the equipment, payment options, and other details about your order.
  • If you are okay with the terms, we will wait for your payment.
  • Once payment is confirmed, we will process the quality check on your order.
  • Once done with the quality check, we will arrange shipping.

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Question: How long should I wait for my orders to reach me?


Answer: Normally, all of our shipments reach our customers within 10 working days, from the time their orders leave our factory. But just to be sure, kindly send us a message regarding your exact shipping address, so that we can give you an estimate for the number of days.



Question: Is it easy to use the PCB Destacker?


Answer: In general, our PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyors are very easy to use. All of our customers who have purchased this machine did not have a hard time to operate the machine, even if it is their first time to use it.

Nonetheless, please take note that all of our machines come with an English manual for your reference. We can also provide video tutorials or give you an actual demo of the machine if you have the time to visit our factory / showroom.


Question: I am a bit concerned with the quality. How can you assure me that I will receive the best quality for my order?


Answer: We have been in the business for more than 10 years already. And we have been maintaining a high satisfaction rate from our customers for that long as well. We assure you that we make the proper quality check with all of our machines prior to shipping, to ensure the best quality that we have promised to our customers.


Please also note that we give good coverage for the warranty, to give our customers the peace of mind with their orders.


Question: What if we experience some technical difficulties or malfunctions within the warranty period? Is it easy to communicate this issue with your company?


Answer: Yes, of course! Our customer service line is open for 24 hours through email, video call, or through phone. You can be assured that someone is ready to assist you with your concerns.


Also, if your machine malfunctions after a period of use, if the order is still within the warranty’s coverage, we will be more than glad to assist you on that.

Please contact us directly, so that you can check the actual coverage of your warranty for a PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor.


Question: I want my order to be shipped in a different shipping address.


Answer: We can do that! If your order is to be shipped in a different factory owned by you, we can ship it directly together with the documents that comes with it.


If this is for drop shipping, wherein you intend to ship the PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor directly to your customers, we can also do that too, but we will hide all of CNSMT’s information for your company’s protection.


Question: Do you give the best discount for minimum orders?


Answer: Yes, we do! We always give a custom quote to all of our customers and we make sure to give the best quote in every order. We can also do price matching. This means, if you find the same machine from another vendor with a lesser price, we will price match it for you.


Question: How do you ship big machines like the PCB Destacker?


Answer: We can ship a PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor via land, sea, or air. The actual type of shipment will depend on your preference and budget. For the packaging, we can use a standard hard box or wood.


Contact us directly if you have your own preference when it comes to your shipment and packaging.


Question: Do you have a used PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor available for shipping?


Answer: Yes, we do! We have a lot in stock in our factory right now. Kindly send us a message regarding the exact features that you are looking for when it comes to a PCB Destacker, so that we can find the right one for you.


Question: Is there are warranty for used PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyors?


Answer: Yes, we also offer warranty for our used machines. If you want to know the exact details and coverage of the warranty for our used machines, kindly get it touch with us directly.


Question: What are the payment options available for overseas orders?


Answer: For overseas orders, you can pay us via the following:

  • PayPal
  • Major credit cards
  • Bank transfer


If you have clarifications when it comes to the available payment options, kindly contact us directly, so that we can assist you.


Question: Are you a supplier or a manufacturer?


Answer: We are both a supplier and a manufacturer of the most in demand SMT machines, equipment and more. We are a trusted one stop shop for all your SMT needs here in China. If you are looking for a specific machine for your SMT company, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a team of professional engineers who can assist you with all of your concerns.


These are the most commonly asked questions by our customers regarding the PCB Stacker/Destacker Loader/Conveyor. We have compiled it for you, in order for you to be able to make the best buying decision. If you cannot find he exact information that you are looking for, we suggest that you contact us directly so that we can assist you further.


Here at CNSMT, we promise you that you are in good hands when it comes to your SMT equipment needs.


Contact us now!