FUJI CP6 CP7 SMT Feeder Calibration Jig Instrument 106 Kpa 250V 50Hz

FUJI CP6 CP7 SMT Feeder Calibration Jig Instrument 106 Kpa 250V 50Hz

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    CP7 SMT Feeder Calibration


    50Hz SMT Feeder Calibration


    fuji nxt feeder

  • Product Name
    FUJI CP6 Feeder Calibration Jig
  • Product Model
    FUJI CP6 Feeder Calibration Jig
  • Manufacturer
  • Application
    FUJI CP6 Pick And Place Machine
  • Material
    Stee .plastic,metal
  • Voltage
    110v/220v Option
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    CE- FUJI feeder calibration Jig
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    FUJI CP6 feeder calibration jig
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    Standard woodenbox
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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FUJI CP6 CP7 SMT Feeder Calibration Jig Instrument 106 Kpa 250V 50Hz

FUJI CP6 CP7 SMT Feeder Calibration Jig Instrument 106 Kpa 250V 50Hz


FUJI CP6 CP7 feeder calibration jig,SMT FEEDER calibration instrument



Product Description

FUJI CP6 FEEDER Calibrator
1. The structure of the whole machine is simplified, the operation is simple, and the function is optimized. And use high-precision gears to ensure position stability and greatly improve work efficiency.

2. Accuracy testing. Reclaiming position, height, and pressure bar height can all be accurately measured. Can better grasp the quality status.

3. The use of color LED display, LED lighting, 50 times magnification CCD camera, make the structure more compact and beautiful. Effectively reduce eye fatigue and improve the quality of work.

4. It is easy to operate, and can simulate the placement machine, automatically and continuously observe the picking position, can more clearly grasp the continuous running quality of FEEDER, so as to more effectively control the throwing rate.


Functions and features:
1. X-Y-Z axis adjustment;
2. Axis camera that can be adjusted directly;
3. Built-in 220V DC power supply;
4. Cross cursor with scale;
5. Auto and step function;
6. LED display;
7. Feeder control fixture;
8. 8*2mm/12*4mm/16*8mm and 24*8mm feeder control belt.

Purpose: FEEDER calibration instrument is used to calibrate the model FEEDER


FUJI CP6 CP7 SMT Feeder Calibration Jig Instrument 106 Kpa 250V 50Hz 0

2. Product specifications

2-1. Equipment main parameters:

2-1-1. Input power: AC220V (50HZ),

2-1-2. Rated power: 45 W

2-1-3. Supply equipment air pressure: 0.5MPa(=5bar)

2-1-4. Overall dimensions (body size): length×width×height=450mm×300mm×540mm

2-1-5. Equipment weight (excluding monitor): 28Kg

2-1-6. Adjustable stroke of the transmission part:
X direction: 37±0.5mm
Y direction: 37±0.5mm

2-2. Component parameters:
2-2-1. CCD camera:

Parameter index data
CCD size 1/4 inch
Resolution 400TVL
Signal system PAL
Minimum illumination (F1.2) ≤1.5Lux
Lens interface C/CS
Working voltage DC 12V
Working temperature -10℃~+50℃
Working environment Humidity: 40%~95%, atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa~106 Kpa

2-2-2. Magnifying lens:

Telecentric lens, adjustable distance 10MM---800MM

2-2-3. Color liquid crystal display:
Power source: AC: 180~250V 50Hz
Power consumption: 15W
Video input: 0.7~1.4Vpp, 75Ω
Case structure: plastic case, LCD panel
Colour: Black
Horizontal center definition: ≥800TVL
Dimensions: 300 (W) × 300 (H) × 100 (D)
Weight: 38Kg

2-2-4. Work lights:
Working voltage: DC 12V
Rated power consumption: 10W
2-3. Working environment conditions:
Temperature: +10℃~+35℃
Humidity: below 50% (35℃) below 90% (20℃)
Surrounding environment: There should be no corrosive gas.
FUJI CP6 CP7 SMT Feeder Calibration Jig Instrument 106 Kpa 250V 50Hz 1
3. How to use the product
3-1. Preparation before inspection
* Please install the monitor and connect it to a 220v power supply. Use a video signal cable to connect the CCD output terminal to the video signal input interface of the monitor.
* Connect the DC plug cable to the power input jack of the CCD camera.
* Connect the power supply of the electrical control box to the 220v power supply.
* First turn on the switch on the back of the electrical control box and the power switch of the display. At this time, there will be a cross scale cursor displayed on the display; if it is not displayed, please check whether the power supply and signal wires are correct. Adjust the brightness and contrast of the display until the display is clear.
* Install the calibration ruler on a FEEDER with the best placement rate in production, install the FEEDER on the placement platform, and fix it.
* Cycle/Stop button: Press the Cycle/Stop button once, and the motor will drive the feeder one step forward. Keep pressing the Cycle/Stop button, and the machine will automatically drive the motor to drive the feeder forward until the button is released.
* Auto/Manual key: Press the Auto/Manual key once, the display light is on, press the Cycle/Stop key once to drive the motor to continuously drive the feeder forward. Press the Cycle/Stop key again, and the drive motor will pause.
* Speed ​​control key: Adjust the Speed ​​control switch, and the speed of driving the motor will change accordingly.
3-2. Measurement method
Rotate the adjustment knobs in the X, Y, and Z directions to move the cross cursor in the display to the center of the suction position of the standard feeder, and make it consistent with the center of the cross scale cursor. Use the cross scale cursor as a reference to determine the to-be-calibrated Feeder feed interval position.
3-3. Adjustment of feeder
If necessary, make the following adjustments.
(1) Adjustment of interval position in X direction

(2) Confirm

① Confirm the interval position

② Confirmation of the position of the shutter

3-3-1. Adjustment of interval position in X direction

(1) First use the standard feeder to determine the correct feeding interval position,
(2) Install the calibration ruler on the feeder to be adjusted.
Note: The calibration ruler should be measured from a position about 30mm away from the front hole.
(3) Please remove the end cover of the feeder that needs to be adjusted (as shown in Figure 1), and then install it on the base of the feeder.
(4) Slightly loosen the fixing screw of the worm gear.
(5) Rotate the motor shaft, clamp the anti-rotation device on the shaft to the body card position, and press it with your fingers. At this time, the motor shaft does not move.
Rotate and adjust the worm gear rod, the worm gear drives the big gear to adjust the feeding position to the correct position, so that the interval position of the correction ruler is adjusted
Align the hole with the center of the cross cursor in the display, and then tighten the worm gear fixing screw.
(6) Load and unload the feeder twice, confirm that the interval position has not changed,
(7) Press the forward button on the feeder several times to confirm whether the feeding position is correct.

3-3-2. Confirm
(1) Confirm the interval position
After adjustment, confirm the interval position on the fixture body, if the position is skewed, please re-adjust it.
Note: When confirming the interval position, please press the "inching" key while selecting the position to confirm. In addition, load and unload the tape feeder 3 times,
Confirm the location repeatedly.
(2) Confirm the position of the shutter
On the feeder base, confirm the center of the shutter in the X direction
Whether the heart is in the center of the cross cursor in the microscope.
If the position is too skewed, replace the upper guard.

4. Maintenance
4-1. Daily inspection

(1) Please check the contact surface of the feeder and the feeder base for bumps and foreign objects (dirt, etc.) caused by the collision.

(2) Please use your eyes to check whether the correction ruler is bent, and check whether the sprocket bite hole is worn or not.

(3) The feeder calibration instrument needs to be kept clean. Do not bump the feeder against the body of the machine during debugging. The surface should be wiped after each use. The feeder base should be added with a proper amount of lubricating oil. After the calibration ruler is used up, its integrity should be ensured to avoid deformation and affect accuracy.

(4) After using the calibrator, if you do not use it for a long time, please cover the magnifying lens cover to prevent the lens from getting dirty and damaged.



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FUJI CP6 CP7 SMT Feeder Calibration Jig Instrument 106 Kpa 250V 50Hz 3


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