KLW-M5802-460 SMT Spare Parts YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20 Head Servo Board

KLW-M5802-460 SMT Spare Parts YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20 Head Servo Board

  • High Light

    YAMAHA YSM10 SMT Spare Parts


    YAMAHA YSM20 SMT Spare Parts


    YAMAHA YSM10 Servo Board

  • Product Name
    YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20 Head Servo Board
  • Product Model
  • Supplier
  • SIZE
    L220 × W120mm H8
  • Color
  • MOQ
  • Application
    Yamaha Ysm10 Ysm20r
  • Machine Weight
  • Delivery Term
    In Stock
  • Material
    Metal Plastic
  • Ship From
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20 head servo board
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard woodenbox
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability

KLW-M5802-460 SMT Spare Parts YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20 Head Servo Board

KLW-M5802-460 SMT Spare Parts YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20 Head Servo Board


KLW-M5802-460 YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20 head servo board


Product name YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20 head servo board
PN KLW-M5802-460
Application SMT YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20R  Pick and place machine
Lead time In stock
Ship from Shenzhen


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Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

1. Provide suitable products and corresponding materials according to customer requirements.

2. Truly introduce the product situation.

3. Receive customer consultation for free at any time.

After-Sales Service


1. We will supply with the machine operation manual for installing and operation in English version.

2. We will make training video as reference.

3. After sales service for 24 hours every day



1) One year free warranty(except consumable parts), main parts are free of charge
when problems happened because of quality problem during this period.
2). Life time free maintenance service.
3). Consumable parts alway supply at cost price when needed.
4). A free operation training in our factory, and if don't have enough time, we will send
a detailed training video.
5). 24 hours online service, free technical support with different languages.
6). Door to door technical support when needed.


KLW-M5802-460 SMT Spare Parts YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20 Head Servo Board 1

Who we are:


1. We provide fulL SMT solution for you
2. We provide core technology with our equipments
3. We provide the most professional tech service
4. We have wealthy experience on SMT factory setup
5. We can solve any question about SMT

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CNSMT.Expert in making customized high quality SMT LED Pick and Place Machine, SMT LED Reflow Oven, SMT LED Stencil Printer, SMT Production Line,LED Assembly Line, SMT LED Machines with more than 10 years experience!


Our goal is to provide customers with the best service possible and to produce excellent quality products that will meet or exceed your expectations.

KLW-M5802-460 SMT Spare Parts YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20 Head Servo Board 2

Successful Experience:

CNSMT's customer in 25 countries around the world
1. We have been helping customers to build a lot of new factories around the world.
2. Training more than 300 experts and technician for customers.
3. Became the most reliable Chinese partner for you.



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KLW-M5802-460 SMT Spare Parts YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20 Head Servo Board 3

Our Services

1. Video technical support

2. 24-hour online support

3. Goods tracking support

4. Free broken parts(Within 1 YEAR warranty

KLW-M5802-460 SMT Spare Parts YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20 Head Servo Board 4

1. Payment Term?



2.How about the Training ?

We provide the online remote training service, and we will offer you the operating video and manual for users’ repeatedly learning.


3.What about the Delivery Time?

1~2 days after we received the payment, we will start the delivery. For customized order, it depends on practical situation.


4.How about the After-sale Service?

We provide one year warranty, during the warranty period, if anything wrong, we will send the accessories free of charge.

KLW-M5802-460 SMT Spare Parts YAMAHA YSM10 YSM20 Head Servo Board 5


Q1. What’s your experience?
Our company is specialized in manufacturing and selling smt machines and parts for twenty years .

Q2. Are you manufacturer?
Yes,we are Industry and trade integration, quality and price are guaranteed. It can reduce cost and increase efficiency for your good business.

Q3 : Where will the orders be shipped from?
A: It will ship from the main ports China. And We will find the shipping company which will offer the best and most economical
freight for our customers.

Q4. Can you guarantee your quality?
Of course. We are the manufacture factory. More important, we put a high value on our reputation. Best quality is our principle
all the time.

Q5: How to ensure that I received the machine undamaged?
A: The package is standard for shipping. We send machine and package pictures to you to confirm before delivery. Because we've bought insurance for you, we or shipping company will be responsible!


Q6: Where is your factory? How can I get there?

A: We are located in Shenzhen City GuangDong Province.
About 30 minutes from Shenzhen airport by Air, from HongKong is about 100mins,We can pick up you in the airport.
Q7: Can your machine be customized?
A: Your better improvement suggestions are highly appreciated. Almost all of our products can be customized, including the sizes,
color, logo, package and so on.
Q8 :What's the OLD(order lead time)?
A: For our standard model machines is about 5-7days after receiving your deposit.
Q9: How about your package?
A: Our machines are well wrapped by plastic film to be water proof first, then loading and fixing in a plywood case. If by
FCL(full container loading) we might use the wooden case.