YV100 YG12 SMT Spare Parts Yamaha Smt Programming Software With Dongle

YV100 YG12 SMT Spare Parts Yamaha Smt Programming Software With Dongle

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    YV100 SMT Spare Parts


    YG12 Smt Programming Software


    YV100 Smt Programming Software

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    SMT YAMAHA P-TOOL M-TOOL Programming Software
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    L15 × W18mm H2
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    Yamaha Pick And Place Machine
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    In Stock
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    YAMAHA offline program software
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    CE- YAMAHA offline program software
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    Standard woodenbox
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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YV100 YG12 SMT Spare Parts Yamaha Smt Programming Software With Dongle

YV100 YG12 SMT Spare Parts Yamaha Smt Programming Software With Dongle


SMT YAMAHA P-TOOL M-TOOL programming software, YV100, YG12,YS12,YS24 YSM10/20 Offline software with dongle


Product name SMT YAMAHA P-TOOL M-TOOL programming software
Application YV100, YG12,YS12,YS24 YSM10/20 Offline software with dongle
Lead time In stock
Ship from Shenzhen


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YV100 YG12 SMT Spare Parts Yamaha Smt Programming Software With Dongle 0

YV100 YG12 SMT Spare Parts Yamaha Smt Programming Software With Dongle 1


What is SMT offline program software:

SMT offline programming software is an auxiliary tool for offline programming software. Its function is to use ordinary computers and scanners to obtain coordinates from the PCB image, and output the coordinate text file to the programming software of the placement machine, so that the user can complete it in an offline state. Most of the programming work.

It can greatly accelerate the speed of SMT placement program programming, and shorten the stop time of the production line. Such as the coordinate position of the component, the editing of the component database, the distribution of the production line placement materials, the arrangement of the feeder station, the printing of the station table, and the programming of the corresponding operation instructions can be completed offline. After three years, more than a dozen The use of SMT companies has proved that the software is very convenient and effective for small and medium SMT companies.

Three options for obtaining coordinates

1. CAD: can read various CAD coordinates (coordinates provided in POWERPCB, PROTEL, PADS)

2. PCB scanning: Scan the picture directly with the PCB board through the scanner, and get the coordinate data from the picture.

3. GERBER: Read GERBER files in RS-274-D and RS-274-X format, and can automatically extract the center coordinates of the component.

BOM function

Read in BOMs in various formats, and automatically check, compare, and merge the correctness of the BOM files.

Component database settings

The user can customize the SMT machine name, parameters, and component library.

Production line setup and line balance

Multiple production lines can be defined, and each production line is composed of any model and number of machines, suitable for diversified production needs, and the system is automatic

Split the entire board data to each machine on the line and automatically achieve line balance. Especially suitable for manufacturers with a variety of models, so that the efficiency of the machine

To make it better, the system provides a variety of different balancing methods according to the types of machines and production lines. The system is based on the parameters of the equipment.

Automatic calculation of speed parameters of materials and materials to achieve the balance between the machines in the production line.
Program optimization

Provide optimization of turret-type high-speed machines (PANA, FUJI, SANYO, KME, etc.) to greatly improve work efficiency.
Machine program generated output

Output programs that can be used by the machine. No need to consider the coordinate system of the machine, directly output the program.
Program conversion

The system can realize the format conversion between different types of machine programs. The MARK and blocks in the program remain the same as the original data.

Greatly reduce the production line transfer time.

Station table output

Provide station table printing function. The user can directly print the station table in the system (including: station position, feeder model, material number, component specification, dosage, component location and other data. We can customize station table in various formats according to user requirements), also You can export the station table into a text file, edit it in Excel and print it.

Support models


YV100 YG12 SMT Spare Parts Yamaha Smt Programming Software With Dongle 2YV100 YG12 SMT Spare Parts Yamaha Smt Programming Software With Dongle 3
Who we are:


1. We provide fulL SMT solution for you
2. We provide core technology with our equipments
3. We provide the most professional tech service
4. We have wealthy experience on SMT factory setup
5. We can solve any question about SMT

YV100 YG12 SMT Spare Parts Yamaha Smt Programming Software With Dongle 4YV100 YG12 SMT Spare Parts Yamaha Smt Programming Software With Dongle 5

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KGB-M71Y9-50X KV6-M7193-00X
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KGK-M9267-01X KV7-M2267-A1X
KGM-M7110-A0X KGM-M7110-B0X KV7-M2267-A1X
KGM-M9129-00 KV7-M2269-00X
KGN-M4230-000 KV7-M226B-00X
KGR-M9933-00 KV7-M2282-00X
KGS-M1348-00 KV7-M2283-00X
KGS-M4880-00X KV7-M2647-00X
KGS-M7171-A0X KV7-M2676-S1
KGS-M7710-A1X KV7-M2676-S2X
KGS-M7720-A1X KV7-M2682-01X
KGS-M7720-A1X KV7-M2683-01X
KGS-M7730-A1X KV7-M26F5-01X
KGS-M7740-A1X KV7-M5127-00X
KGS-M7760-01X KV7-M653E-00
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KGS-M7790-A1X KV7-M7137-00X
KGS-M9129-00X KV7-M7167-00
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KGT-M711S-A0X KV7-M9144-00X
KGT-M7142-00X KV7-M9146-00X
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KGT-M7144-00X KV7-M9148-00X
KGT-M7166-00X KV7-M9161-00X
KGT-M7181-00X KV7-M9162-00X
KGT-M71W7-00X KV7-M9163-00X
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KGT-M8830-00X KV7-M921A-01X
KGT-M8895-00X KV7-M921A-31X
KGT-M910A-00X KV7-M921D-10X
KGT-M910B-00X KV7-M9229-00X
KGT-M913J-00X KV7-M9231-00X KGS-M9231-00X KGA-M9231-00X
KGT-M913J-00X KV7-M9232-00X
KGT-M916T-00X KV7-M9233-00X
KGT-M916T-00X KV7-M9234-00X KG7-M9234-00X
KGT-M916U-00X KV7-M9235-00X
KGT-M916V-00X KV7-M9237-00X
KGT-M917L-01X KV7-M9238-00X
KGT-M917L-01X KV7-M9239-00X
KGT-M9182-00X KV7-M923C-00X 90933-02J683
KGT-M9271-00X/KGT-M920L-01X KV7-M923D-01X 90933-02J084
KGT-M9271-10X/KGT-M920W-01X KV7-M9266-01
KGT-M9281-00 KV7-M9269-02X
KGY-M9140-A0 KV7-M9281-10X
KGY-M9311-00X KV7-M9282-00X
KGY-M9311-21X KV7-M9283-00X
KH2-M9121-00X KV7-M9284-02X
KH4-M668R-00X KV8-M4570-014
KH4-M9166-00X KV8-M4570-021
KH5-M7116-00 KV8-M4570-025
KHJ-MC102-00 KV8-M653F-A0X
KHJ-MC103-02 KHJ-MC10W-00 KV8-M653G-A0X
KHJ-MC104-00 KV8-M665J-00X
KHJ-MC10C-00 KV8-M665L-00X
KHJ-MC10E-00 KV8-M7103-00X
KHJ-MC10F-00 KV8-M7103-10X
KHJ-MC134-00 KV8-M7103-10X
KHJ-MC141-02 KV8-M7103-50X
KHJ-MC144-00 KV8-M7104-00X
KHJ-MC145-00 KV8-M7104-00X
KHJ-MC146-02 KV8-M7104-A0X
KHJ-MC147-02 KV8-M7111-00X
KHJ-MC149-00 KV8-M7125-00X
KHJ-MC151-00 KV8-M7129-00X
KHJ-MC152-00 KV8-M712S-A0X
KHJ-MC153-00 KV8-M712S-A0X KV8-M713S-A0X
KHJ-MC154-00 KV8-M7130-00X
KHJ-MC155-00 KV8-M7131-01X
KHJ-MC156-00 KV8-M7133-00X
KHJ-MC15A-00 KV8-M7135-00X
KHJ-MC161-00 KV8-M7136-00X
KHJ-MC162-01 KV8-M7154-00X
KHJ-MC166-00 KV8-M7162-00
KHJ-MC16E-00 KV8-M7162-10X
KHJ-MC16F-00 KV8-M7162-10X
KHJ-MC16J-00 KV8-M7162-20X
KHJ-MC16U-00 KV8-M7162-20X
KHJ-MC16V-00 KV8-M7166-00X
KHJ-MC16V-00 KV8-M71N1-A0X
KHJ-MC16V-02 KV8-M71N2-A0X
KHJ-MC16Y-00 KHJ-MC161-00 KV8-M71N3-A0X
KHJ-MC181-00 KV8-M71R7-50X KV8-M71RJ-00X
KHJ-MC182-00 KV8-M71VB-00X
KHJ-MC183-00 KV8-M71W1-00X
KHJ-MC184-00 KV8-M71W2-01X
KHJ-MC185-00 KV8-M71W5-00X
KHJ-MC186-00 KV8-M71W8-00X
KHJ-MC18B-00 KV8-M71W9-00X
KHJ-MC18C-00 KV8-M71WA-00X
KHJ-MC18C-00 KV8-M71WC-00X 90990-05J012
KHJ-MC1A1-00 KV8-M71WF-00X
KHJ-MC1A2-00 KV8-M71WG-00X 90990-05J014
KHJ-MC1A9-00 KV8-M71WJ-00X
KHJ-MC1AA-00 KV8-M71WK-00X
KHJ-MC239-00 KV8-M71Y5-00X 90990-22J015
KHJ-MC241-00 KV8-M71Y9-00X/KV8-M71Y9-50X
KHJ-MC241-00 KHJ-MC24J-00 KV8-M71Y9-50X
KHJ-MC244-00 KV8-M71YC-01X
KHJ-MC245-00 KV8-M7710-A1X
KHJ-MC247-00 KV8-M7710-A1X A0X
KHJ-MC24D-00 KV8-M7720-A1X
KHJ-MC253-00 KV8-M7720-A1X
KHJ-MC254-00 KV8-M7720-A1X
KHJ-MC262-00 KV8-M7730-A0X
KHJ-MC26E-00 KV8-M7730-A1X
KHJ-MC26U-00 KV8-M7740-A0X
KHJ-MC26V-00 KV8-M7740-A0X
KHJ-MC281-00 KV8-M7740-A0X
KHJ-MC286-00 KV8-M7750-A0X
KHJ-MC28B-00 KV8-M7760-A0X
KHJ-MC441-00 KV8-M7790-A0X
KHJ-MC445-00 KV8-M7790-A0X
KHJ-MC46U-00 KV8-M7VS0-00X
KHJ-MC541-00 KV8-M8810-00X
KHJ-MC545-00 KV8-M8830-00X
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KHJ-MD111-01 KW1-M111S-00X
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KHL-M4592-002 KW1-M112A-00X
KHM-M654C-01 KW1-M113A-000
KHM-M913J-00X KW1-M1140-00X KW1-M1740-00X
KHM-M916T-00X KW1-M1144-010
KHN-M221A-A0 KW1-M114A-00X
KHN-M7210-01 KHN-M7600-00 KW1-M114N-00
KHN-M7710-A1X KW1-M115L-00
KHN-M7710-A1X KW1-M116D-000
KHN-M7710-A2 KW1-M116F-00X
KHN-M7720-A1 KW1-M116K-00
KHN-M7720-A1X KW1-M1177-00X
KHN-M7720-A1X KW1-M1185-00X
KHN-M7750-A1X KW1-M1191-00X
KHN-M7790-A1X KW1-M119K-00X
KHN-M8860-000 KW1-M119L-00X
KHT-M9127-01 KW1-M119P-00X
KHT-M9314-01 KW1-M11A1-00X
KHU-M9123-00X KW1-M11A3-000
KHW-M7140-B0X KW1-M11B6-000
KHW-M9129-00 KW1-M125L-100
KHW-M9129-00 KW1-M1300-00X
KHW-M9146-00 KW1-M1340-00X
KHW-M9166-A0X KW1-M1340-00X
KHW-M9166-A0X KW1-M134T-00X
KHW-M9167-00 KW1-M1540-00X
KHW-M9261-00X KW1-M155L-00
KHW-M9264-A0 KW1-M175L-00
KHW-M9264-B0 KW1-M221E-00X
KHW-M9265-00 KW1-M222A-00X
KHW-M9269-00 KW1-M2240-010 KW1-M2240-01X
KHW-M926A-00 KW1-M2244-010
KHW-M926B-00 KW1-M224A-00
KHW-M926E-00 KW1-M224D-00X
KHW-M926F-00 KW1-M225L-00
KHY-M2267-00 KW1-M226F-00X
KHY-M2267-A1X KW1-M226H-00X
KHY-M371R-00 KW1-M2277-000
KHY-M372P-00 KW1-M2284-00X
KHY-M372R-00 KW1-M2285-00X
KHY-M372S-01 KW1-M2291-000
KHY-M3T0C-00 KW1-M229K-000
KHY-M3T22-00 KW1-M229L-000
KHY-M4592-010 KW1-M22B6-00
KHY-M4592-010 KW1-M236V-00X
KHY-M652A-00/KHY-M652F-00 KW1-M3240-010 KW1-M3240-00X
KHY-M652H-01 KW1-M324A-000
KHY-M652J-00 KKE-M652P-00 KW1-M324D-00X
KHY-M652K-00 KW1-M325L-20X
KHY-M652L-00 KW1-M325M-00X
KHY-M66TE-00 KW1-M326H-00X
KHY-M7106-00 KW1-M3277-00X
KHY-M7116-00 KW1-M3291-000
KHY-M711S-A02 KHY-M712S-A02 KW1-M329F-00X
KHY-M711S-A02 KHY-M712S-A02 KW1-M329L-000
KHY-M7131-00 KW1-M451A-001
KHY-M7132-00 KW1-M4540-001
KHY-M7153-00 KW1-M4592-000
KHY-M7153-00 KW1-M459M-000/K87-M539M-00X
KHY-M7153-00 KW1-M459N-000
KHY-M7153-00 KW1-M459U-000
KHY-M7153-00 KW1-M5540-00X
KHY-M7153-00 KW1-M559N-000
KHY-M7154-00 KW1-M559U-000
KHY-M7154-C0X KW1-M6540-001 AS -A44-1119-C
KHY-M7155-00 KW1-M659N-001
KHY-M7156-00 KW3-M5150-000
KHY-M71CA-00 KW3-M653A-00X/KGB-M654F-00X
KHY-M71G5-A0 KW7-M5126-00X/KW7-M5127-00X
KHY-M71G5-A5 KYH-M0204-039
KHY-M71G5-A5 L-shaped support 70MM
KHY-M71G5-A5 MASC square sticker
KHY-M7710-A0X MF300-03
KHY-M7710-A0X NSL domestic
KHY-M7710-A0X NSL original
KHY-M7720-A0X P50B02002DXS28
KHY-M7720-A1 SL6-M5 connector
KHY-M7730-A0 SP25-F
KHY-M7740-A0 SP25-M
KHY-M7740-A0X SP35105-R100
KHY-M7750-A0 SS feeder tail cover blade
KHY-M7750-A0X SS feeder tail cover small iron piece
KHY-M7760-A0x SS electric feeder lock press cover screw
KHY-M7770-A0 STSR8-01
KHY-M7A13-01 TR50TV
KHY-M7A57-00 01 YAMAHA machine maintenance cotton swab
KHY-M7A66-00/01 YG100R waste bin
KHY-M7A94-00 YG12 YS12 Clamping screw
KHY-M7A96-01 YG12 YS12 oil-water filter element
KHY-M7A97-00 YG12 triangle
KHY-M7AC0-00 YG300 R belt
KHY-M8801-00 KHY-M8810-00 YG camera glass
KHY-M8801-00 KHY-M8810-00 YS100 original used motor
KHY-M880A-10 KW8-M880A-10 YS12 YG12 Y-axis original
KHY-M9104-00 YS12 YS24 YSM20 waste bin
KHY-M9105-00 YS12 safety door switch
KHY-M9113-00 YS12 Scan Camera Plastic Cover
KHY-M9117-00 YS24 Y axis tank chain original
KHY-M9119-00 YS24 rail clamp side iron frame
KHY-M9120-00 YSM nozzle station cylinder MBAS10*10
KHY-M9121-10 YSM set of filter cotton
KHY-M9123-00 YSM10 YSM20 around MASC
KHY-M9124-10 YSM10 waste bin
KHY-M9125-00 YSM40 nozzle rod
KHY-M9126-00 YS large camera base
KHY-M9129-00 YS Feida car buckle
KHY-M9129-00 YS fixed camera bottom plate
KHY-M9129-10 YS single track
KHY-M9129-10 YS series vibration feeder 3 tubes
KHY-M9135-00 YV100 Y-axis tank chain original
KHY-M9135-00/KKE-M9135-00 YV100X YV100XG oil-water filter element
KHY-M9140-A0X YV100X Z axis tank chain
KHY-M920D-00 YV100XG screw
KHY-M921D-00 YV100XTG conveyor belt 1310*7*1.1
KHY-M921E-00 YV100XTG changed to YV100XG flight gasket
KHY-M9238-A0 YV180XG top plate cylinder
KHY-M9262-00 YV waste bin
KHY-M9263-00 YV series vibration feeder 3 tubes
KHY-M926C-00 YV series vibration feeder 5 tube
KHY-M926F-00 YV vacuum plate
KHY-M926G-00 Used BIT
KHY-M926H-00 Second-hand motor
KHY-M926H-00 Used head iron block
KHY-M926M-00 Flying nozzle rod accessories
KHY-M9281-00 Waste bin
KHY-M9281-10 Waste bin
KHY-M99D0-00 Domestic electric feeder wireless conductive slot 20 stations
KJ2-M7137-00X Domestic brand new 8MM single card electric feeder
KJJ-M2267-A0 Domestic three-piece solenoid valve
KJJ-M717B-00 Extended track belt
KJJ-M717B-00 Extended track belt
KJK-M111H-000 Keyboard big adapter
KJK-M1156-00 1165 1155 Furnace temperature test line
KJK-M1170-00X Brand new motor
KJK-M117A-01 mouse
KJK-M1185-01 Tank chain button
KJK-M1191-00 KJW-M1191-00 Head IO nut
KJK-M119K-00X Nameless rubber ring
KJK-M119L-00 Nozzle shrapnel
KJK-M119L-000 Nozzle sucker
KJK-M1270-000 Correction glass IC
KJK-M1285-01 Solenoid valve for printing machine
KJK-M194N-00 KJK-M1947-00 KHJ-MC1C5-00 Oil gun
KJV-M3407-A0X Oil and water filter
KJW-M112A-00 Right MASC
Left MASC Right MASC cover
Left MASC cover Support rod


YV100 YG12 SMT Spare Parts Yamaha Smt Programming Software With Dongle 6



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