Economy Semi Auto SMT Line Equipment PCB Production Line 18000 - 30000 CPH

Economy Semi Auto SMT Line Equipment PCB Production Line 18000 - 30000 CPH

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    Semi Auto SMT Line Equipment


    QFP SMT Line Equipment


    30000 CPH PCB production line

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    +/-0.01mm/CHIP ,+/-0.02mm/QFP
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    CE-SM481 PLUS
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    Standard woodenbox
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Economy Semi Auto SMT Line Equipment PCB Production Line 18000 - 30000 CPH



We provide you both semi auto and full automatic smd assembly machines in China

This semi auto matic line including bellow machines(also can change depends on your requirements)


1,Solder paste mixer

Economy Semi Auto SMT Line Equipment PCB Production Line 18000 - 30000 CPH 0

The semi auto matic smt production line solder paste mixer specification:


Solder paste mixer operating voltage PowerSupply:AC220V/110V OPTION
Solder paste mixer running speed Arm RotationSpeed1400RPM revolution: 400RPM speed ratio: 4:1 1400RPM rotation: 350PRM
Solder paste mixer working capacity  
Container 500 g / 1000 g (fixture must be replaced)
Stir two cans of solder paste at the same time 500G1000g One/Two container operation.
Solder paste mixer mixing time Workingtimer1—99 minutes digitally adjustable
Solder paste mixer operation Operational light touch button, easy to operate
Solder paste mixer fixture function Holding universal fixture, suitable for all kinds of brand solder paste cans
Solder paste mixer running noise Noise low running noise <35dB


2,Standard semi auto stencil printer for SMD assembly line

Economy Semi Auto SMT Line Equipment PCB Production Line 18000 - 30000 CPH 1

Printing area 300×400mm/500/600/800 OPTION
Substrate size 300×500mm
The thickness of the substrate 0.2-2.2mm
Fixed printing position PCB Outer Or Pin Positioning
Bedplate fine-tuning Front/Back±10mm R/L±10mm
Printing precision ±0.05mm
Machine repeatability ±0.02mm
The minimum distance between 0.35mm
The use of air compressor 4-6Kgf/Cm2
Use the power supply 220V 50/60Hz 100W
Machine size L * W * H 800×1000×1650mm/
Machine weight 300Kg
interface English/chinese


3,SM481 PLUS Hanwha pick and place machine

Economy Semi Auto SMT Line Equipment PCB Production Line 18000 - 30000 CPH 2



1, 10 mouth single arm design, the maximum speed can reach 40000CPH.


2, the use of flying camera + fixed camera identification, greatly improve the ability of large components mount.

In addition to the ordinary materials within 0402 mount, it has excellent stability in mount BGA, IC, CSP and other large and medium-sized materials. 


3, monorail design, optional maximum PCB input size 1500x460 configuration.

Economy Semi Auto SMT Line Equipment PCB Production Line 18000 - 30000 CPH 3


Economy Semi Auto SMT Line Equipment PCB Production Line 18000 - 30000 CPH 4

Model 500MM 600MM 800MM 1000MM 1200MM 1500MM
Outline size 500*670*880 mm 600*670*880 mm 800*670*880mm 1000*670*880mm 1200*670*880mm 1500*670*880mm
PCB width 500*50~350 mm/460MM 600*50~350 mm/460MM 800*50~350 mm/460MM 1000*50~350 mm/460MM 1200*50~350 mm/460MM 1500*50~350 mm/460MM
Transfer speed 0-12m/Min
Power supply AC220V/110V 50/60HZ
Main motor Power 15W
Track Fiexed Edge front fixed(back fixed)
Transport Height 900±20mm
Net weight 41kg 48.7kg 48.9kg 55KG



Economy Semi Auto SMT Line Equipment PCB Production Line 18000 - 30000 CPH 5

Machine data
Model size: L3800×W1000×H1450mm
Power supply: 3¢ 380V 100A 50/60HZ
Starting power: 0KW normal working power 6.0KW
Weight: 700KG
Transmission part
Stainless steel B-shaped mesh belt + blackened and hardened guide rail
Mesh belt width 400MM, guide rail width adjustment range: 50MM—350MM
Transmission direction: from left-right or from right-left optional
Transmission speed: 0—5M/min frequency conversion speed regulation
The height of the mesh belt from the ground: 900MM±0MM
Heating characteristics
The whole machine is designed for lead-free process
Heating zone: up 6 down 6
Cooling area: double-layer constant-flow fan cooling
Length of heating zone: 300MM
Heating time: normal temperature to set temperature time ≤ 0min
Heating sequence: heating from the middle to both sides one by one, saving 1/3 of electricity
Temperature control accuracy: ±°C (depending on the height of the furnace)
Insulation performance: the temperature of the upper cover does not exceed 45 degrees at a high temperature of 50 degrees
Temperature control method: balance chain + analog voltage adjustment
The upper and lower temperature zones can be independently operated and controlled
heating parts
Imported high temperature resistant motor, variable frequency to adjust the wind wheel to transport the wind.
Stainless steel nickel heat pipe, with heat sink for even heating
The temperature detection time is increased from the original three seconds to 0.1 seconds
Efficiently accelerate the air duct to provide sufficient circulating air volume
Forced ventilation device to ensure that the flux vapor does not leak
Transmission part
Digital governor, Taiwan STK motor 1:150 gear box ratio
The mesh belt can be adjusted freely
Double gear synchronous transmission, stable operation
Grease roller filling system,
body structure
Overall frame welded structure, sturdy and durable
Computer spray paint, the surface is smooth and textured
The preheating and drying zone is extended in structure, so that the pad oxidation cleaning ability of the equipment and the rosin recovery ability are strengthened.
Electric cylinder open/close cover system.
Double cover opening control system (gas spring cover opening + cylinder cover opening)
There are detachable interfaces between all circuits controlled by the electric box below and the inner tank, which is convenient for separation during maintenance and replacement of parts. Realize fool-like maintenance
The rear cover is provided with a repairable window. It is convenient for maintenance
The heating tube/solid state/temperature control instrument adopts modular design, which is convenient for maintenance
Double cooling on the upper and lower sides of the outlet, the speed is adjustable
The upper and lower liner is filled with high-efficiency thermal insulation material under high pressure
Electrical and control performance
Advanced PLC+ industrial computer control, Taiwan Xinjie furnace temperature test software, the computer can run normally when it crashes
The constant low current protects the heating tube/solid state/temperature control circuit from the impact of strong current and prolongs the service life.
Set leakage protector
The temperature is too high or too low alarm function
Self-set ultra-high temperature, automatically cut off the heating power
Santak UPS uninterruptible power supply, automatic operation after power failure
Powerful temperature curve test and analysis function, which can meet the parameter analysis of various processes, has the function of intelligent fault diagnosis, and can automatically display various faults in the alarm list
The file can be named and saved according to the user's different products. When the user changes the product, he only needs to select the corresponding file to adjust the parameters of the equipment.
The system has automatic fault diagnosis, ultra-low temperature alarm, and can automatically set the cooling time after shutdown.
Control the speed of the fan motor in stages (heating balance area + independent control of the main welding area), stepless speed regulation mode
The system will automatically stop heating and enter cooling according to the over-temperature condition
Unique balance chain control mode, the temperature auto-adjustment scanning period is 0.1 seconds, reducing the solid-state output and achieving the effect of power saving. Stable temperature control and reduced curve noise
With shutdown delay protection function, after shutdown, it will be cooled by air according to the preset time.
Cooling System
Cooling method: upper and lower double cooling system, the cooling speed is controlled by adjusting the cooling angle.
Cooling quantity: two-stage cooling, (wind wheel porous cooling + constant current fan forced cooling)
Rosin/exhaust gas recovery system


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