Automatic SPI 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine Online PSLM 10um Accuracy

Automatic SPI 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine Online PSLM 10um Accuracy

  • High Light

    Online 3D Solder paste inspection machine


    PSLM 3D Solder paste inspection machine


    10um Accuracy solder paste inspection equipment

  • Product Name
    Online 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine
  • PCB Size
    450x500mm(B) 470x500mm(C) 630x686mm( 630x550mm Big Size)
  • Adaptive Minimum Component
    0201 01005
  • Measurement Principle
  • Camera Pixel
  • Lens Resolution
  • Accuracy
    XY(Resolution) :10um
  • Repeat Abi Ity
    Height:≤1um(4 Sigma) ; Volume/acreage:<1%(4 Sigma) ;
  • Mark-point Detection Time
  • PCB Transfer Direction
    (Left To Right Or Right To Left)
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE-Inline 3D SPI
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard woodenbox
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability

Automatic SPI 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine Online PSLM 10um Accuracy

Inline 3D SPI, Standard Automatic solder paste inspection system


As one of the strongest SMT 3D SPI Manufacuturer in China, we provide you all the different models of online solder paste inspection machine,we have variety of size and models of the 3D SPI, we can also customize according to your requirement.


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技术平台/Technology Platform Standard Type-B/C
适用系列/Series S serials
型号Model SH8080
测量原理/Measurement Principle 3DwhitelightPSLMPMP(Programmable Spatial Light Modulation, Phase Measurement Pro fl ometry)
Detection of Non-Performing Types
(volume, acreage, height, XY offset, shape,missing prin, insufficient tin, excessive tin, bridging, offset, mal-shapes, surface contamination)
镜头解析度/Lens Resolution 4.5um/5um/6um/8um/l0um/12um/15um/16um/18um/20um(OPTION)
精度/Accuracy XY(Resolution) :10um
重复精度Repeat abi ity height:≤1um(4 Sigma) ; volume/acreage:<1%(4 Sigma) ;
检测重复性/GageR&R <<10%
检测速度/Inspection Speed 0.35sec/FOV-0.5sec/FOV(option)
检测头数量/Quan lity of Inspection Head Standard 1 ,option2,3
基准点检测时间/Mark-point Detection Time 0.3sec/piece
最大检测高度/Maximun Me au ring Head
±550um(±1200umas option)
Maximun Measuring Height of PCB Warp ±5mm
最小焊盘间距/Minimun Pad Spacing 100um(The pad height is 150um pad as the benchmark)80um/100um/150um/200um(option)
最小元件/Minimum element 01005/03015/008004(OPTION)
Maxim unLoading PCB Size(X*Y) 450x500mm(B) 470x500mm(C)
  630x686mm( 630x550mm big size)
定动轨设置/Conveyor Setup front orbit(back orbit as option)
PCB传送方向/PCB Transfer Direction (Left to right or Right to left)
轨道宽度调整/Conveyor Width Adjustment (manual&automatic)
工程统计数据SPC/Engineering Statistics Histogram; X bar-R Chart; X bar-S Chart; CP&CPK; %Gage Re part ability Data; SPI Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports
Gerber和CAD导入Gerber&CAD Data lm port support Gerber format(274x, 274d) , manual Teach model) ; CAD X/Y, Part No., Package Type imput)
操作系统技持/OperatingSystem Support Windows 7 Professional(64bit)
设备规格/Equipment Die mension and Weight W1000xD1150xH1530(B),965KgW1000xD1174xH1550(C),985Kg
选配件/Optional One person controls more machines,NetworkS PC(Software only) ,1D/2D Barcode scanner,out-line programming software, UPS continuous powersupply


  • The original PSLM technology emulates the cycle of the optical grating by using software. This greatly improves
    the accuracy and scope of application by abolishing the mechanical drive and transmission parts. (The
    detection height can reach to ± 1200um) and avoids mechanical wear and maintenance costs.
  • Through the phase modulation of full light spectrum, provide a height resolution down to (0.37um), the
    number of 4-8 times sampling ensure high repeatability. Use high-precision ball screw and linear guide rail to
    realize perfect detection result.
  • Megapixel industrial CCD camera of ultra-high frame rate ensure a steady and rapid detection of very small
    components and high-density mounting(008004).It provides a variety of detection accuracy of
    5um,7um,8um,10um,12um,15um,18um,20um etc. It meets the customer’s requirements for product diversity
    and detection speed.
  • solves the problem of ordinary lens, squint and deformation by using high-cost telecentric lens and
    special software test algorithm, which greatly enhances the inspection accuracy and inspection ability.
    Achieves the industry's leading static compensation for FPC warping.
  • 2D lamp panel avoids problems caused by the angle of the red RGB color distortion effect in solder; RGB tuning
    in Different PCB colors is more versatile ; Fulfill a variety of dispensing process testing ; greatly improve the
    equipment ( height ,volume , area ) repeatability accuracy.

Automatic SPI 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine Online PSLM 10um Accuracy 0

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