Online Automated Optical Inspection Machine Digital Constant Current SMT AOI Machine

Online Automated Optical Inspection Machine Digital Constant Current SMT AOI Machine

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    AOI automated optical inspection machine


    SMT automated optical inspection machine


    Constant Current SMT AOI Machine

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    Automatic Inline AOI Optical Inspection Machine
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    Regional For The Whole Detection,foreign Body Detection Of PCB
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    Digital Constant Current Controller
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    CE- Automatic inline AOI optical inspection machine
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    Standard woodenbox
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Online Automated Optical Inspection Machine Digital Constant Current SMT AOI Machine


SMT Automatic inline AOI optical inspection machine

Online Automated Optical Inspection Machine Digital Constant Current SMT AOI Machine 0


An automatic optical inspection machine is also abbreviated as (AOI) machine. CNSMT has always been working to produce more effective products for its consumers. So that they can perform their tasks easily in less time. An automatic inline s810 optical inspection machine is a new production of CNSMT. It helps consumers to automatically inspect the errors in their PCBs.


This machine can detect two types of failures, the first is catastrophic failures like missing components. It detects the quality failures, such as skewed components. Besides this quality, it comes up with several different features that make this machine highly reliable for consumers. In this article,

we are going to share true information about the automatic inline optical inspection machine of CNSMT that is going to be beneficial for you. So if you want to know more about this product, then scroll down to read further this article!


Why do we need to use an automatic optical inspection machine?


Why do we need to use this machine for inspection even if the manual method is also required? Before jumping into depth into these machine features let’s discuss why the AOI machine is important to use. Despite the improvements that had been made, the circuit boards are getting more complex as compared to the past few years than we think. Due to this complexity in the board’s manual method is no more a viable option for the circuits. We need an advanced method for this purpose.


To deal with the complexity of the board we use an AOI machine that ensures that the costs are kept as low as possible by detecting faults early in the production line. It detects the problems and faults in the solder and assembly area very quickly. This ensures that the faults are being recognized and rectified before too many boards are built with the same problem.


Features of CNSMTs s810 automatic optical inspection machine:



  分辨率 Image resolution


标配15微米/点 (对应FOV:36毫米*30毫米) 15 microns/points (corresponding to the FOV: 36 mm * 30 mm)


  光学镜头 Optical lens 5.0M像素级远心镜头,景深:8毫米-10毫米 Telecentric lens at pixel level of 5.0 M, depth of field: 8 mm - 10 mm

光源系统 light source system



RGB ring multi-angle LED light source structure

  光源控制系统 Light control system 数字式恒流控制器 Digital constant current controller
软件识别系统 Software recognition system 检测算法 Detection algorithm 模版匹配 Template matching 搜索窗口内,自动搜索与预先采样的彩色模版最为相似的图像,并计算出相似度的百分比 Within the search Windows, automatic search and sampling of the color template is the most similar images in advance, and calculate the percentage of similarity
    智能侦测 Intelligent detection 软件智能学习模版并输出数值,无需人工干预Software intelligent learning template and output value, without human intervention
    圆侦测 Circle detection 自动搜索圆,定位,并计算出圆的半径 Automatic search circle, positioning, and calculate the radius of the circle
    极性检测 Polarity detection 根据定位的元件图像,检测元件是否极性反According to the positioning of the component images,Detecting element is reverse polarity
    桥连检测 Bridge detection 通过亮度是否贯穿窗口来判断元件不良 Through the brightness is judged through the window element
    亮度平均值 Average brightness 计算窗口内平均亮度 Window average brightness
    亮度最大值 maximum brightness 搜索窗口内的亮度平均值最大的设定区域,并输出平均值 Biggest set the brightness of the average area within the search Windows,And the output mean value
    亮度最小值 Brightness of the minimum 搜索窗口内的亮度平均值最小的设定区域,并输出平均值 Set the brightness of the average minimum area within the search Windows, and the output mean value
    亮度抽取 Luminance sampling 抽取窗口内的亮度,并设定百分比 Extract the brightness of the window, and set a percentage
    亮度范围 Brightness range 搜索窗口内的亮度范围值的设定区域,并输出值 Range of brightness values within the search Windows setup area, and the output value
    相对偏移 Relative offset 输出元件偏移的X/Y的数值 Output components, the value of X/Y offset
    字符识别 Character recognition 自动识别元件本身上的字母及数字 Automatic identification Letters and Numbers on the element itself
    两端角度侦测 Two end point detection 智能追踪元件两端电极并且计算出角度 Intelligent tracking components on both ends of the electrodes and calculate the Angle
    整版侦测 Whole detection 区域性的进行整版侦测,检测PCB的异物 Regional for the whole detection,foreign body detection of PCB
    条形码识别 Bar code identification 智能识别一维,二维条形码 Intelligent identification one-dimensional, two-dimensional bar code

图像处理速度 image processing speed


FOV处理速度 FOV processing speed




    运动速度 Movement speed



    检测速度 Detection speed






The characteristics

IPE 是 Image Processing Expression 的缩写,允许用户使用简单的表达式自定义图像源,配合不同的算法可以组合出不同的效果,可以极大的提高检出率和减低误报率.Qubit AOI 系统中图像源可以理解像素的点阵集合,每个像素由 1 到4个通道的数据表示,IPE 表达式可以对图像源中的每个像素做独立计算,生成新的图像.可检测板上任意位置多件 The abbreviation of IPE is Image Processing Expression, allow the user to use simple Expression custom Image source, with different algorithms can be combined from different effects, can greatly increase the detection rate and reduce the rate of false positives. Qubit AOI system in the image source can understand pixels of lattice, each pixel data from 1 to 4 channel, said IPE expressions can do independent calculation of each pixel in the image source, generate a new image. More than any place on the plate can be detected

操作 Operation


图形式离线编程及调试,精确自动定位微米,制程快捷,支持远程式离线调试,不影响设备正常测试 Figure forms offline programming and debugging, precise automatic positioning microns, quick process, support offline debugging remote type, does not affect the normal test equipment


  Mark 点数 Points count 可选择2个常用的Mark点或多个Mark点 The choice of two commonly used Mark points or more of the Mark

检测内容 Test content


锡膏印刷 Solder paste printing


偏斜,无锡,少锡,多锡,断路,污染,桥接 Deflection, wuxi, little tin, More tin, break, contamination, bridge


    贴片 Paster

缺件,偏移,歪斜,立碑,侧立,翻件,极性反,错件,破损,污染,桥接,IC弯脚 任一位置多件Missing parts, offset, skew, erection, side stand, turn, reverse polarity, fault, damage, contamination, bridge, IC clubfoot More than at any place


    回流焊后 After reflow soldering

缺件,偏移,歪斜,立碑,侧立,翻件,极性反,错件,破损,污染,桥接,无锡,少锡,多锡,假焊,锡球,IC弯脚,任一位置多件 Missing parts, offset, skew, erection, side stand, turning parts, reverse polarity, fault, damage, contamination, bridge, wuxi, little tin, tin, false welding, solder balls, IC bent feet, more than at any place


    波峰焊后 After wave soldering 插入针,无锡,少锡,多锡,假焊,锡珠,锡洞,短路,任一位置多件 Insert the needle, wuxi, little tin, tin, false welding, solder ball, solder hole, short circuit, more than at any place
    红胶板 Red rubber sheet 缺件,偏移,歪斜,立碑,侧立,翻件,极性反,错件,破损,益胶,任一位置多件 Missing parts, offset, skew, erection, side stand, turn, reverse polarity, wrong, damaged, good adhesive, more than at any place
机械系统Mechanical systems


Anti-static measures


Antistatic socket, anti-static ring

  PCB尺寸 PCB size


50 * 50 mm ~ 500 * 325 mm,(according to customer request custom bigger size)



PCB thickness of the


0.3 mm to 6 mm



PCB warp degrees

≤6毫米(有夹具辅助矫正变形)可消除PCB变形影响(特殊要求可定制) ≤6 mm or less (a fixture auxiliary rectify deformation) can eliminate PCB deformation effects (special requirements can be customized)




Component height

上净高≤30mm 下净高≤20mm (特殊要求可订制)

Top Side≤30mm Bottom Side≤20mm

  最小零件 Smallest parts


0201 component,chip 0.3 mm spacing And above



X, Y platform


Drive equipment

交流伺服电机系统 Ac servo motor system


Precision positioning



控制系统 Control system 操作系统 Operating system Windows 10


Mainframe computers

I7 CPU,8G GPU显卡,16G 内存,500G固态硬盘,1TB机械硬盘


  显示器 Display 22英寸液晶宽屏显示器 22 inches LCD widescreen display
其它参数 Other parameters 机械外形尺寸Mechanical dimension



  重量 weight



  电源 power supply


AC220V±10%, Single phase 50/60HZ, Power consumption 1000W



High-quality Camera:

A high-quality 5 million pixel imported camera is being used in the s810 AOI machine. This camera captures the faults and problems within the PCB assemblies at high speed. The camera should be of good quality to capture the image and produce high-quality results. The camera is placed near the target PCB and requires a good lighting system


Robust Lens:


High industrial telocentric lenses are being used in s810 automatic optical inspection. This helps to perform the inspection task with great ease and helps to overcome the difficult challenges. These lenses are being designed to have constant magnification regardless of the object’s distance. The depth of this lens that is being used for the s820 AOI inspection machine is about 5mm. special requirements can be selected with a high depth of this lens.


Light sources:


Three light sources are available in the CNSMT automatic optical inspection machine. The colors of these lights are red, green, and blue. These lights are present in form of a ring. In addition, a white coaxial LED source is also provided. The lighting system helps to enhance the images available and in turn, enables defects to be highlighted more easily.


Testing different parts of the product:


AOI machine is used to test and analyze different parts of the PCB. Its high-quality testing mechanism helps to assure the quality. Moreover, it detects the issues like missing parts, tombstones, side stands, and so on. It also detects faults in solder joints and waves soldering inspection. Its image processing speed is about <240millisecond (15um). It performs this function with high accuracy and stability.


Computers PCB transfer system:


The bottom-up is fixed and it allows the bending of the large plate. The thimble function can be used to correct the bending of the large plate. It allows automatic entry and exit of the plate. Consumers can adjust the width of the system automatically as they want. Moreover, there is a button in the machine with which we can switch the position of the plates.


X-Y platform:


X-Y platform is also present in AOI machine that is based on vector calculation. The camera can move in both X and Y directions to perform its function of detecting the faults. The PCB is being fixed for inspection. It moves at a speed of 500mm/s. And its positioning accuracy is about <10um.


Software system:


The software operating system that is being used for the AOI machine is Microsoft Windows 7. This OS is highly reliable and helps to perform the function more quickly and accurately. This system software can be used easily by any user because of its Graphical user interface.

The OS of the machine provides a great platform to the user. A user can easily carry all operations on it by clicking the graphical components. Moreover, this OS is flexible and secure.


Easy to operate:


This automatic inline inspection machine is very easy to operate and use. Almost everyone can understand it easily as its keyboard system is available both in Chinese and English versions. It also provides support to offline programming and debugging.


Multi-machine control:


Another tremendous feature of an automatic optical inspection machine is that it can handle multiple terminals of the same model through terminal control. It also consists of a networking function. It can be networked with NG terminals. Also, it can check and repair the PCB assembly errors at the repair station.



The key factors affecting the cost of automatic optical inspection machines:


In this section, we are going to report on the factors that are the actual reason behind the cost of these machines. Also, we will let you know the things that you should keep in mind before purchasing this machine.


Hardware and software cost:


The software of automatic optical inspection machines consists of operating systems and the software used for the inspection process. The hardware of the AOI system consists of a recognition system, mechanism system, controller system, and so on. The different choices on hardware and software can affect the price of the automated optical inspection machine.


Cost in custom service:


After purchasing the automated optical inspection machine, sometimes the customers can ask for additional services. They can ask for services like expanding the warranty for them to more than 3 years or giving them training on how to use the machine. So, for these extra services, you have to pay some extra charges other than the actual price of the machine.


Profit rate:


Different models of AOI has different profit rate for the manufacturers. Profit is the most important thing for each company. Most commonly new models, advanced models, and custom models earn more profit. Whereas, the older model and standard model earn low profits.


Things to keep in mind while purchasing this machine- A complete user guide:


Automatic optical inspection machine has become very important for the electronic manufacturing industry to ensure product quality. Therefore choosing the best and highly reliable AOI machine from many different brands has become a major issue for electronic manufacturing workers.

In this section, we are going to share some information regarding purchasing this machine. Moreover, we will also let you know the things to keep in mind while purchasing this product. So without wasting time, let’s start!


Composition of AOI:


It is very important to understand the basic structure and composition of an automatic optical inspection machine before buying it. AOI is composed of different kinds of systems that include vision systems, software systems, mechanical systems, and operating systems. All these things are the major components of the automatic inline optical inspection machine. Always check for these components before purchasing this product.



AOI’s vision system selection:

The other thing that you must keep in consideration is the selection of the vision system. The AOI’s vision system is composed of a camera and a light source.

  • The choice of a camera:
    The camera should be of the best quality as it plays a major role in detecting faults. Nowadays, in the marketplace manufacturers are using two types of cameras. These are line scan cameras and area scan cameras. The line scan camera uses the progressive scan method to capture the images. Most manufacturers in the marketplace use this type of camera for clearer images.

But the image reproducibility of the line scan camera is poor and it is difficult to adjust the angle. Therefore the best choice of camera is an area scan camera. The area scan cameras are being divided into two categories (1) analog cameras (2) digital cameras.

Analog cameras are being widely used in the manufacturing industry. Digital cameras are of great importance, and they have the advantage of good image reproducibility, which is convenient for software to analyze and process images. Regardless of its advantages, it is very expensive.


  • The choice of light source:
    The eyes of AOI are the light source. The quality of the light source is the most important thing that helps to strengthen the AOI detection capability. The light sources used for the AOI machine can be of two types (1) ordinary fluorescent lamps and (2) coaxial. Ordinary fluorescent lamps use line scan cameras. We have already discussed that these cameras are not the best choice.

    The coaxial light source is divided into two types- color coaxial light sources and monochromatic light sources. The color coaxial is the right choice because the image obtained by it is more realistic.


The choice of motor:

The motors that are being used by AOI machines are linear, servo motors, and stepping motors. The most commonly used motors by the manufacturers are servo and stepping motors. The accuracy of linear motors is very high.

After linear motors, servo motors have high accuracy. But, if we talk about the stepping motors, they have very high accuracy as compared to the other two motors. The selection of motors should be based on the cost-effective method. Therefore if you don’t want to compromise on the accuracy, but also you have a tight budget, then go for the servo motors.


The software:

The software environment is very important for AOI’s program to control. Before buying the machine, it is important to know in which programming language the software is developed. According to actual work experience, the software developed in the C++ language is highly stable and reliable. C++ is very close to the machine, and it is processed quickly. So, going for the Windows operating system would be a good choice because it is developed in C/C++.



CNSMT automatic optical inspection machine detects the faults and problems in PCB very quickly. It has replaced the use of the manual method and now all the manufacturers are using the automatic method for complex components.


There is no doubt that the manual method is good, but due to increasing complexity in the PCB assemblies, a manual method is no more a better option. The CNSMT AOI machine comes up with several different features that include the highly imported camera, x-y platform, and so on.


It has a light source that consists of three different color lights present in the form of a ring. It is very easy to operate as the keyboard system is available in two different languages. So, if you want to bring innovation to your business, then going for this product will be a great choice for you.



What is an Automatic optical inspection machine?


An automatic optical inspection machine, which is also abbreviated as AOI is used to detect errors and faults from the PCB with great efficiency and accuracy. It is the replacement of manual inspection where you have to sit at a place and have to inspect each part of the board one by one. With the invention of the automatic optical inspection machine, the work has become easier for the manufacturers.


Why we should use an AOI machine?


The marketplace is producing products that are highly complex to handle and difficult to get inspected. The manual method is not now viable for these types of complex products. That’s why we have to use the AOI method that detects the error more quickly.


How can we make an order from your company?


It’s very easy and quite simple to make an order from our company. You just have to follow the following steps:

  • Send the name of the product that you want to order either by email or call.
  • Confirm all the machine details and some other important requirements.
  • Make a Performa invoice to confirm your order.
  • Make the payment according to the invoice.
  • Receive your product in a few business days.



Packing & Delivery


Online Automated Optical Inspection Machine Digital Constant Current SMT AOI Machine 1





Online Automated Optical Inspection Machine Digital Constant Current SMT AOI Machine 2

Company Information

CNSMT is the leading manufacturer and supplieir for SMT machines and Solution with over 10 years' experience in China. And we can also do OEM&ODM for SMT traders, we have vast of sources in SMT field,even you need used or new SMT equipments or other parts, we can help you get the best quality and competitive cost machines.

What we can do for you:

※ We have our own factory make SMT equipments and devices
※ We have a professional technich engineer team for produce machines

※ We can customize variety of SMT machines for you according your requirements

We buy and sell used and new SMT equipments all over the world

※ We provide you SMT full line machines and export to worldwide
※ Becoming the most reliable Chinese partner for you.



1. Are you factory?

Yes, we are factory supplier focus on humidity control for 14 years.


2. Can you email the catalog?

Yes, we can send you by email with whole catalog.


3. How to order online?

Confirm product (quantity, price, payment, shipping etc)---waiting for email ---confirm order---make initial payment---production finish---make balance payment---shipping
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4. What about the payment way?
30% deposit, balance paid before delivery -- amount > USD5,000
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5. What's the shipping way and timing?
We suggest to ship by sea to get cheapest rate, voyage date to America around 30~40 days, to Europe 25~30 days, to Asia and Austrilia 7~15 days. Click here to get exact timing.

6. What's the warranty item?
Warranty time normally is 12 months, if you want to extend the warranty time to 24 months, the value will be 10% more of your order.

7. Can I visit your factory?

Yes sure, welcome to visit our factory to get more profit.

8. How to contact with your factory?
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9. Can you customize the product?
Yes, we can customize any products according to customer's requirements.

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PayPal, West Union, T/T, (100% payment in advance.)

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