SPI Inline 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine Reduce Errors For Checking

SPI Inline 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine Reduce Errors For Checking

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    inline 3D solder paste inspection machine


    SPI 3D solder paste inspection machine


    reduce errors solder paste inspection machine

  • Product Name
    3D SPI
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    3D SPI SH8650
  • PCB Thickness Range
  • PCB Process Side Width
  • PCB Size Range Max
  • PCB Parameters
  • Guide Rail Height
  • Equipment Size
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  • Place of Origin
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    CE- inline solder paste inspection machine
  • Model Number
    3D SPI SH8650
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    Standard woodenbox
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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SPI Inline 3D Solder Paste Inspection Machine Reduce Errors For Checking


3D SPI inline solder paste inspection machine


3D solder paste inspection machine which is also abbreviated as SPI is used for testing printed circuit boards are printed correctly or not.


This is a widely used technique for PCBs that is still in use by many consumers. In the past few years by using this machine many companies have led to long-term success. Because by using this machine manufactures has produced high quality printed circuit boards.


Checking all the relevant points in the production process is essential, that’s why solder paste inspection is of great importance for manufacturing complex assemblies.


In this article we are going to share further information about 3D solder paste inspection including its features, how does it works, and furthermore. So if you want to know further about it then stay in tune with us!

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  • How does a solder paste inspection works?

As we all know that solder inspection has become of great importance these days for printed circuit boards. But how does it work? In this section, we going to share the true information about how it does works?


So without wasting time let's start!

A 3D solder paste inspection is a method of visually monitoring printed circuit boards for defects in the solder paste. As this method is used to detect defects in the PCBs so it will know automatically if there will be something off.


There are specific measurements that will accompany any printed circuit board that is made correctly. It is also capable of measuring area, volume, height, shape, shift, bridge, and overflow.


This method is very accurate in detecting defects. Detecting defects is important because it can lead to serious problems such as the working of the board can be affected.


The solder paste inspection machine adds a laser device for the measurement of solder paste thickness. Then SPI has to take a good sample of PCB and take picture of it. Judgment is based on the picture and the data of the PCB. Of course, misjudgments will occur and its rate will be high.


The solder paste inspection machine can only perform image inspection on the surface if there is an area covered by the object. The solder paste inspection machine can also measure the height of SPI, the flatness of SPI, etc. it is also used to detect whether the solder paste printing is shifted, bridged, damaged, etc.

  • Why is solder paste inspection important?

Before diving into 3d solder paste inspection machine features we are going to share why it is important? Why do we need to do this inspection and what are the benefits that we get after doing the inspection. so without wasting time let's dive into it and see why this inspection is important. A solder paste inspection machine is used to detect errors in PCBs. It is observed that most of the errors that occur in PCBs are due to improper solder paste printing. Solder paste inspection machines are of great importance. Following are some benefits that we get after doing the inspection:


  • Improves PCB’s quality and performance:

Solder paste inspection uses high-quality equipment of high precision that helps to improve the PCB's performance and quality. High-quality cameras are used to make 3d pictures, which are very helpful in measuring the alignment and volume of a solder paste. This helps to improve the yield and printing quality for the PCBs.

  • Advanced equipment for better control and monitoring:

As we discussed earlier solder paste inspection machines are composed of high-quality picture cameras. These cameras produce high-quality 3d images. Unlike traditional cameras, these cameras are capable of capturing the height of SPI. In this way, the volume of the solder paste is measured precisely. Thus with the help of SPI, the manufacturers can easily monitor the solder pasting process.


  • Helps to reduce solder errors:

The giant feature of solder pasting machines is that they can help to reduce errors that occur in printed circuit boards. Important information about the printing process can be obtained by solder paste inspection. This gives you a clear idea about the defects that occur during the process. In this way, you can take necessary action to reduce the errors.




  • Features of CNSMT 3D inline solder paste inspection machine:

Online 3D SPI Parameter
Equipment detection capability
Item parameter
Device Model 8060A
PCB thickness range 0.6-5.0mm
PCB process side width 3mm
PCB size range Max: 400*350mm Adapt to the smallest component 01005
PCB parameters 0.6mm-5.0mm≤5.0kg
Standard inspection items Area, height, volume, position, short circuit
Poor detection type Less tin, tip, short circuit, offset, collapse
Solder paste height detection range 0-500um optical system
Repeatability <1%@3sigma
GR&R <10%@6sigma Resolution Accuracy 0.25um Bending Plate Compensation ≤5mm Camera Brand, Pixel Germany IDS 5.3M pixel
Optical resolution 12um/15um/18um light source multi-angle light source
3D light source programmable electronic grating
Detection speed 0.4s/FOV
Software part
Software language
Programming mode, data output type Gerber Data 274D/274X, PCB scan picture programming
Programming software, online programming
SPC data acquisition and analysis Standard standard SPC
Bad Mark data and patch sharing
Barcode scanning
MES database networking
Offline programming software
Programming time 5-20 minutes
Hardware parts
Drive mode Servo motor
Track mode monorail
PCB allowable component height: 10mm/lower: 20mm frame structure integral casting, screw, guide
Rail width adjustment mode
PCB positioning and clamping method Upper positioning, cylinder clamping
Guide rail height 900mm±20mm
PCB transmission direction Standard: left to right
Signal format SMEMA interface
Computer part
Computer host, monitor Professional computer, LCD: 1920*1080
Computer configuration, system 16G memory / i7 eight-core GPU / 1TB hard drive / discrete graphics / Windows7 64-bit
Equipment demand condition
Equipment size (W*D*H) 620*1620*1500mm Power and power AC220V/1000VA
Working pressure 0.35-0.55mpa
PCB positioning
Equipment weight (kg) 1100kg
Equipment service
Software upgrade service Lifetime free upgrade
Customized service features tailored
Note: Parameters are subject to change without notice. The company reserves the right of final interpretation


  • High speed and can achieve maximum output:

CNSMT 3d inline solder paste inspection machine works at very high speed and produces more output. The all-digital 3d cameras operate with the industrial telocentric lens, high resolution, ultra-width depth of field, ultra-low distortion, unique parallel design, etc. because of this high speed the solder paste inspection machine detects the error more efficiently without any problem. The thickness of PCB should be od the range of 0.6-5.0mm.

  • Plate bending compensation solution:

It allows plate bending compensation to produce clear images of printed circuit boards and online data in real-time. Bending to plate is done with high accuracy and efficiency. Firstly the bending plates are analyzed and then the bending test is completed. After being analyzed it helps the machine to work efficiently by bending the plates.



  • 3d raster projection head:

Rasterization is a process of taking an image described in different shapes and converting it into raster images that can be a series of pixels, dots, lines, etc. with rasterizations objects on the screen are created with a mesh of triangles or polygons that create a 3d image of objects. Realize shadow-less 3d detection without worrying about inaccurate measurements caused by shadows.

  • Easy to operate:

CNSMT 3d solder paste inspection machine is a human-friendly machine. It is very easy to operate. The keyboard system in it is available in both Chinese and English language. It supports Gerber, CAD import. It also supports offline and manual programming. The method of its application is so simple and the consumer can perform the function with great ease.


  • Perfect software:

For accurate programming and detecting errors quickly, the software should be of high precision and accuracy. It should be highly intuitive so it can carry out the whole programming with great ease. CNSMT 3d solder paste inspection machine consists of highly intuitive software. Through this software, it produces 3d images for the users with great efficiency. It can detect the errors more effectively with such software but it shows poor detection for components like less tin, tip, short circuit, etc.


  • High precision:

With AC servo motor system, coupled with precision ball screws and linear guide pairs, ensures high-speed and accurate detection capabilities, fast and stable movement, and positioning accuracy of less than 10μm.

The solder paste inspection machine can only perform image inspection on the surface if there is an area covered by the object. The solder paste inspection machine can also measure the height of SPI, the flatness of SPI, etc. it is also used to detect whether the solder paste printing is shifted, bridged, damaged, etc.

  • Considerations that you must keep in mind while performing the solder paste inspection process:

Performing solder paste 3d inspection machine can become easier to perform if we keep the following considerations in mind :

  • Squeegee speed:

Squeegee travel speed determines how much time is available for the solder paste for rolling on the apertures of the stencil and the PCB's surface. Typically a setting of 25mm per second is used but it depends on the size of the apertures within the stencil and the solder paste used.

  • Squeegee pressure:

It becomes important to apply sufficient pressure across the length of the squeegee blade to ensure a clean wipe of the stencil. Don't apply too much pressure as it can cause scooping of the paste from the larger apertures that result in excess wear on the stencil.

It can also lead to bleeding of the paste between the stencil and PCB. Applying too little pressure can cause smearing of the paste on the stencil. Which results in poor deposition and incomplete transfer to the PCB.

  • Squeegee angle:

The angle of the squeegee is typically set to 60 degrees by the holders they are fixed to. It results in scooping of the solder paste from the stencil if the angle is increased, and so less solder paste is deposited. After the squeegee has completed a print it can leave behind a residue of the solder paste if the angle is reduced.

  • Stencil separation speed:

A speed of setting about 3mm is being used for the stencils and is governed by the size of the apertures within the stencils. This is the speed at which the PCB separates from the stencils.

If the speed is too fast then it will cause the solder paste not to fully release from the aperture.


  • Stencil cleaning :

The stencil must be cleaned regularly. The cleaning can be done by both automatic and manual methods. The automatic cleaning has set the system in which it allows the cleaning of the stencil after a fixed number of prints. The system performs two functions first it cleans the underside of the stencil to avoid smudging. And the second is to clean the apertures using a vacuum to stop blockages.


  • Stencil and squeegee condition:

Both squeegees and stencils must be maintained carefully to protect them from any mechanical damage. Both should be checked thoroughly before and after use. If any damage is noticed to squeegees and stencils they should be replaced to ensure a reliable and repeatable process.

  • PCB support:

Another important factor that you must consider while performing this process is that the PCB should be held flat against the stencil. If the PCB is not fully supported it can lead to printing defects such as poor paste deposit.

  • Print stroke:

Print stroke is the distance that the squeegee travels across the stencils. The distance that it covers is about 20mm. the distance that it covers must allow enough space for the paste to roll on the return stroke as it is the rolling of the solder paste bead that generates the downward force that drives the paste into the apertures.


  • Inspection:

To verify the process automatic inspection can be used to check the solder paste deposits. There are two types of solder paste inspection available which are 2d and 3d inspection. 2d inspection checks the area of the paste deposit and 3d inspection checks the volume of the paste deposit.





3d solder paste inspection machine has become the need of almost every industry for their PCBs. It is used to detect the errors and test whether the PCBs are printed correctly or not. Because it's been observed that the reason why errors occur in PCBs is improper printing.


3d solder paste inspection machine comes up with multiple features that we already discussed in the article. These features include high speed that allows it to produce more output quickly. It works with high precision and accuracy.


It has high-quality software that allows it to perform the process more efficiently. It is very easy to operate as the keyboard system is available both in Chinese and English versions.


This inspection machine is of great importance as it improves the performance of the PCBs, provides high-quality equipment, and helps to reduce errors. Before starting the process always keep some considerations in your mind so that you can perform more efficiently. These include squeegee speed, squeegee pressure, inspection, and so on.



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