CE Yamaha SMT Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm For Pick And Place Machine

CE Yamaha SMT Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm For Pick And Place Machine

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    SMT Yamaha Pick And Place Machine
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CE Yamaha SMT Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm For Pick And Place Machine


YAMAHA FEEDER For SMT YAMAHA pick and place machine


Yamaha feeders range:

Yamaha is offering a wide range of feeders with trusted quality and specifications. The Yamaha feeders we offer are detailed below with types and features.

  • Yamaha ALF feeders.
  • Yamaha ATS tray feeders.
  • Yamaha CL tape feeders.
  • Yamaha SMT multi stick feeders.
  • YAMAHA SS smart feeder
  • YAMAHA ZS electronics feeder


Yamaha ALF feeders:


Yamaha Auto Load Feeders are so efficient and have a loading time of just five seconds. They are handy, and one can replace or move them after mounting and during the ongoing process. Without hindering the working process of the Yamaha SMT pick and place machine, the Yamaha ALF feeder supplies tape components by inserting the tape. It is replaceable even at the centre of the production process, making it more valuable because it reduces the pickup errors due to static electricity.

These Yamaha auto-load feeders are placed in the FES cart. After that, from the ALF feeder, Yamaha picks and place the machine puck up the components with the help of nozzles. These feeders can be mounted on Yamaha YS/YSM/YRM with the help of tape-cutters.


  • There are four different types of variations in ALF feeders to lodge the components ranging from 1005 to 3216; S (1005), M (1608), L (2012), and XL (3216).
  • These feeders have an approximate weight of one and a half kilograms.
  • Yamaha ALF feeders are compatible with the YS and YSM series of mounters.
  • They have a loading time of a total of five seconds.
  • Excluding projections, the dimensions of the Yamaha ALF feeders are length 549x Width 11.5x height 278mm.
  • Their loadable tape length is greater than equal to 400mm.
  • They have a compatible tape of dimensions Width of 8mm, and a maximum thickness of 1mm.
  • They have a 12mm pitch width of installation of 8mm.
  • They also have applicable reel features such as feed pitch setting of 2 mm / 4 mm, reel width less than equals to 14.4 mm, or 382 mm or less.

Yamaha ATS tray feeders:

Yamaha Automatic Tray Suppliers (ATS) feeders are classified into three types. These are ATS 10 with a capacity of 10 trays, ATS 30 with a capacity of 30 trays, and ATS 3ons with a capacity of 30 trays can reload one tray with the help of load function while running the assembly line.

Yamaha ATS feeders are mounted on pallets that are detained in ATS magazine. They are functional on Yamaha YSM20 and YSM20r pick and place machines.


  • Yamaha ATS feeders are also known as Yamaha tray feeders.
  • Their tray has dimensions of L 335x W 230 mm or less.
  • Yamaha ATS 10 has a fixed supply unit having an external dimension of L 480x W870x H 1.150mm and weight of approximately 160 kilograms.
  • ATS 30 also has a fixed supply unit having an external dimension of L 562 x 899x H 1.542mm and a weight of approximately 250 kilograms.
  • ATS 30ns offers continuous replacement of tray while running of the system. It has an external dimension of L 562x W 1.187x H 1.542mm. The weight of it is approximately 290 kilograms.


Yamaha CL tape feeders:

Including a wide range of Yamaha SMT feeders, CNSMT has Yamaha CL and FV tape feeders in stock, which go fit for many high-quality Yamaha pick and place machines. These Yamaha tape feeders are below;

  • Yamaha CL tape 12mm feeder KW1-M2200-301
  • Yamaha CL tape 16mm feeder KW1-M3200-100
  • Yamaha CL tape feeder (8X4) KW1-M1100-030
  • Yamaha CL tape feeder (8X2) KW1-M1300-020
  • Yamaha CL tape feeder (0201) KW1-M1500-110



· Yamaha CL tape feeders apply to the printed circuit board (PCB) length 450mm and width 330mm.

  • It supports the components; BGA, QFN, SOP, 0201-0402-5050, etc.
  • It has a mounting speed of 8000 CPH without vision and 5500 CPH with vision.
  • It is more precise than all the Yamaha feeders having a precision of ± 0.015mm.


Yamaha SMT multi stick feeders:

Yamaha SMT multi stick feeder has multiple bases that contain air supply on its left side. This air supply helps create a vacuum that holds the Yamaha component in place. Yamaha nozzles process the pickup process. This feeder is made up of sticks to hold components efficiently. These feeders contain 12 (8mm) feeders slots on the FES cart.


  • This feeder is a solution to the problem arising from components in a stick.
  • It has a mono position adapter.
  • Vacuum is created for every position.
  • The setup becomes handy because of SMD sticks.
  • SMD sticks are easy to remove without any loss of components.
  • Sixteen different types of adapters are used with this Yamaha feeder, which enhances the feeder's performance and accommodates more components.
  • Feeder adapters are SO8-1, SO8-2, SO8-3, SO14-1, SO14-2, SO16-1, SO18-1, SO263-X / D2PAK, MSOP8-1, TSSOP16-1, TSSOP24-1, SSOP28-1, SSOP48-1, TQFN24, PLCC28, TGAMX.
  • This feeder is also compatible with YS and YSM mounter series.
  • This feeder has approximate L 505 x W 400 x H 220 mm.
  • It has an approximate weight of 4 to 5 kilograms.


Yamaha FES carts:

Yamaha Feeder exchange System (FES) carts are a blessing for feeders. These carts provide a marvelous way to load the feeders and components on pick-and-place machines and modulators. Yamaha FES cart goes best with the YSM20 Pick and places machine. It has a bulletproof setup of software which does an excellent job. This cart offers easy management of the feeders and their mounting on the setup machines. Moreover, at the bottom of the cart, a waste container collects the waste materials, such as cutting tapes from reels during the production process and machine working.


  • Yamaha FES carts work well with YSM20 models of Yamaha pick and place machines.
  • Yamaha FES carts are on the wheel.
  • Every cart holds 32 reels of each 8mm.
  • YSM20 pick and place machine tends to hold two carts on each side. So in total, it has 128 reels of 8mm.
  • Its external dimensions are H 900mm x W550mm.
  • Its weight is approximately 70 kilogram.


Yamaha SMT Feeder Parts:

We sell Yamaha SMT feeder parts, including the feeder bearing, lever set, screw, spring, click, guide, dust pipe, tape guide set, block set, reel cover, ratchet pawl sprocket, wheelset, link, collar, pin, and clamper.

Our Yamaha SMT feeder parts also apply to Panasonic NPM, CM602, CM402, BM123, BM221, BM23, MSF, CM202, CM88, MSR, MV, MV2, MV2F, MV2VB HT, MSH3,


Yamaha feeder calibration machine:

Like Samsung feeder calibration jig, it is necessary to calibrate the Yamaha SMT feeders to monitor the proper functioning of the Yamaha SMT feeders and the pick and place machine. For this purpose, the Yamaha feeder calibration machine was issued.


  • Yamaha feeder calibration machines are user friendly and have a compact user interface.
  • It has a three-axis (X, Y, H) gear transmission, making it more reliable and precise.
  • Magnified LEDs are used, which provide a broad appearance.
  • It is equipped with a standard calibration pattern to modify the focal point.
  • It offers adjustable speed options.
  • Its weight approximately ranges between n40 to 50 kilograms.
  • It works on alternating voltage supply.


Yamaha feeder manual:

Once you buy the Yamaha feeder from us, the next step is to install and operate it. For this purpose, we provide a detailed English manual and the machine for your ease. If you find any difficulty, feel free to contact us. Generally, here are the tips you should keep in mind to enhance the functionality of the feeder and its performance.

  • Troubleshooting guide: Before running the setup, make sure to check the power supply connections. Keep it single cable connection if the monitor shows no display even after turning ON the power supply.
  • Feeder maintenance: Time to time care of feeder is necessary. Keep it neat and clean to save its surface from any deformity. Clean the feeder and calibration machine with a cotton stick after use.
  • Feeder Calibration: The calibration of the Yamaha feeder is very important. Here are the steps to follow for calibration.
  • Set calibration ruler and place the feeder in it.
  • Adjust the focus distance about the H axis by moving the cross cursor to the centre of the feeder section hole.
  • Lock the feeder. Move the X and Y axis to the centre of the feeder section hole for adjustment.
  • Now replace the feeder with the calibration jig or calibration ruler.
  • Once the positioning is done, press the AUTO key and wait unless the cross cursor aligns itself to the centre of the feeder section hole.
  • If it is misaligned, tighten the feeder bolt pin and the wheel gear screw.
  • Your Yamaha feeder is calibrated.



CNSMT has been ruling the SMT supplier industry in China for more than a decade. We have professional engineers skilled in designing SMT machines, feeders, and spare parts. We have almost every SMT product, new or old, and any brand. Purchasing of our product will never disappoint you by any means. Many trusted our services, and we get overwhelming responses from companies and enterprises regarding our products worldwide.

Here are some of our services that would help you make the right choice.

  • Chain Management System: We only offer the products of selected and trusted brands such as Yamaha, Samsung, Panasonic, Phillips, Juki, and Fuji. Moreover, we evaluate the suppliers and brands annually to check their ratings and services worldwide and the quality of their products.
  • Quality Control System: We have a strict quality control system. Our technical team has more than 250 skilled engineers with much knowledge and experience. They ensure the quality of the product and remove bugs, if any. Products are out for shipment once engineers properly inspect them.
  • Premium Packaging System: CNSMT promises the safest and premium quality packaging of feeders, machines, and spare parts. If the shipment has to be made by sea, we ensure the proper vacuum packaging to prevent corrosion and deformity. Moreover, high-quality wooden boxes are used for land shipments to save the product unless it reaches the buyer. Carton packaging and extra combinations are also used if necessary during product transportation.
  • Powerful inventory support system: We have thousands of SMT parts, including pick and place machines, SMT feeders, SMT spare parts, and calibration jigs, which ensure the efficient production rate of the customers. Moreover, if you need any product, not in our stock, we can arrange it for you in association with other suppliers in China at low prices.
  • After-sales Service System: We provide a complete English manual and the product to help you with its installation and operation. Even if you face any difficulty, we are just a call away. You can freely contact us through email, phone calls, and our official website. Our inquiry team would love to help you.
  • Calibration of a machine before shipment: Calibration of the machine with calibration jigs and machines is really important. Such as calibration of feeders, nozzles, heads, head shafts, and feeder base. It ensures the machine's proper functioning and increases the production rate for you. We make sure to calibrate the machine before shipment.
  • Pre-test and warm-ups of machines: CNSMT arranges professional tests and warm-ups of the machines before shipment to check the proper working of the machine. We ensure 100% functionality of the machine. Tests and warm-ups help the machine to work smooth.
  • Cleaning of the machine: CNSMT ensures proper cleaning of the products. We clean the inner and outer parts of the machine to save it from scratches and any deformity.


Yamaha SMT feeders:

Yamaha feeders at CNSMT has mind-blowing speed having numerous speed ranges. We have Yamaha feeders of speed up to ten million CPH and sometimes even more than that. The complete speed options are here;

  • 1-5000CPH
  • 5000-10000CPH
  • 10000-20000CPH
  • 20000-30000CPH
  • 30000-40000CPH
  • 40000-50000CPH
  • 50000-60000CPH
  • 60000-70000CPH
  • 70000-80000CPH
  • 80000-90000CPH
  • 90000-100000CPH
  • >100000 CPH


List of our Yamaha SMT feeders :

CNSMT offers a wide range of Yamaha feeders, which perfectly goes with your Yamaha pick and place machine. We never disappoint you regarding the quality and warranty of our products. Here are the Yamaha SMT feeder products that are available at our site.

  • YV88 feeder
  • YV88X feeder
  • YV180XGP feeder
  • YV100XTG feeder
  • YV100XGT feeder
  • YV100X feeder
  • YTF feeder
  • YVL88 feeder
  • YV88XG feeder
  • YV180XG feeder
  • YV180X feeder
  • YS12 feeder
  • YV100II feeder
  • YG12 feeder
  • YV112 feeder
  • YV112III feeder
  • YV100XG feeder
  • YG100 feeder
  • YG100R feeder
  • YG200 feeder
  • YS12F feeder
  • YS24 feeder
  • YS88 feeder
  • YG12F feeder
  • YSM10 feeder
  • YSM20 feeder
  • YS100 feeder
  • YSM20 feeder
  • YSM40R feeder
  • YT16 feeder
  • YG300 feeder
  • YSM40 feeder


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CNSMT is the leading manufacturer and supplieir for SMT machines and Solution with over 10 years' experience in China. And we can also do OEM&ODM for SMT traders, we have vast of sources in SMT field,even you need used or new SMT equipments or other parts, we can help you get the best quality and competitive cost machines.

What we can do for you:

※ We have our own factory make SMT equipments and devices
※ We have a professional technich engineer team for produce machines

※ We can customize variety of SMT machines for you according your requirements

We buy and sell used and new SMT equipments all over the world

※ We provide you SMT full line machines and export to worldwide
※ Becoming the most reliable Chinese partner for you.



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