Robustness SMT Feeder Smooth Delicate Connection For Pins Connectors Resistors

Robustness SMT Feeder Smooth Delicate Connection For Pins Connectors Resistors

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    SMT Pick And Place Machine
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    220v、110V,380V 410V
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    CNSMT -SMT FEEDER manufactuer
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Robustness SMT Feeder Smooth Delicate Connection For Pins Connectors Resistors


SMT FEEDER For SMT pick and place machine

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SMT feeder, also known as Part feeder, Component feeder, or SMT feeding gun, is the essential accessory and tool in the surface-mounting technology process. It is an electrically mounted device to operate SMT components and perform various essential tasks in the placement technology by increasing the impact of capacity and production efficiency of SMT components.


It is used to peel off the film cover on the top surface of the components, lock the tape and reel SMD components, and feed the components by sprocket transmission covering on the same pickup position.


It is also used in SMT assembly and greatly influences printed circuit boards' assembly capabilities. Feeder technology improves the tape formatting method of presenting different parts on the SMT machine.


Tape reels are mounted on the feeder, mounted to the machine. Most components have abounded on plastic tapes and paper in tape reels. Integrated circuits are provided in tapes. Some advanced SMT placement machines use feeder signs to equip the SMT machine automatically. There are numerous feeders for pick and place machines with various designs and qualities.


SMT feeders are essential for mounting SMT machines on printed circuit board PCB. Make sure to buy good quality SMT feeders with lesser drop components; otherwise, electrically drop components can affect the mounting process and create problems.

Types of SMT feeders:


As the SMT machine picks the components themselves in the feeders, proper command regarding each specified position is required. Different components require different packaging, and so does the different feeder techniques. Regarding this, SMT feeders are divided into different types.

  • Bulk feeders: They adopt a unique rotary positioning mechanism to place and adjust the SMT components. They specifically handle the components that are styled in huge numbers. This feeder distributes components stored in bulk cases and feed them to the desired location with the help of stainless steel belts. Bulk feeders are inexpensive, and no tape packaging is required. The performance of these feeders is limited as the construction during the feeding process is challenging.
  • Direct die feeder: This is a problem solver feeder. This is usually used for chip-on and flip-chip circuit boards. It helps to remove the unwanted production lines, bare dies, and flip-chip for SMT. It assembles multiple steps and combines them into one. It has flexibility, high speed, and low cost, which aids in solving problems. It eliminates the costly steps of dying transfers into waffle packs, surf tape, and pocketed tape.
  • Tape Feeder: It is the most commonly used feeder in SMT machines. This traditional feeder has advanced into the electric type of high precisions. Its advantages include high transmission accuracy, fast feeding speed, compact structure, stable performance, improved production efficiency, and low cost. The structure of the tape feeder includes claw type, electric type, wheel type, and pneumatic type.
  • Tray Feeder: It is a multi-layered feeder. Sometimes, it may consist of a single-layered structure. Multi-layered tray feeder has automatic transmission trays with a large surface area and compact structure. The single-layered tray feeder is mounted on the placement machine's feeder rack and takes several bits to be operated. Tray feeder is advantageous for various integrated circuit components such as SSOPs, TSOP, PQFP, TQFP, and BGA.
  • Tube Feeder: This feeder commonly uses additional vibration feeders. They guarantee the positioning of the components in a tube to move in the chip head and absorb the position. The most commonly used vibration feeders are PLCC and SOIC, as they offer a protective effect on pins, higher stability, and enhanced production efficiency.


Features of SMT feeder:

Globally approved and well known SMT feeders have standards. They boost productivity and enhance performance. The quality and compatibility of the SMT feature should be taken as a priority. Some of the general features of SMT feeders which should be present in your SMT feeders are;

  • Robustness and reliability: SMT feeder must have a built-in high-speed base of more than 250 functional feeders. Adaptability: SMT feeder must feed a wide range of components such as pins, relays, connectors, resistors, capacitors, inductors, etc. Moreover, the feeder should offer customized winding, forming, and cutting functions.
  • Connectivity: SMT feeder should provide a smooth and delicate connection to the pick and place machine to offer compatibility among all the electronic and electric components of PCB.

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How to choose the best SMT Feeder?

Choosing the best SMT feeder is crucial because the whole mounting mechanism is based on it. There are many types of SMT feeders available in the market. You can choose according to your needs. For your guidance, here are some specifications regarding the type and models of the feeder.

  • Type of feeder: Mainly, feeders are classified into tape feeders and paper belts. The paper belt feeder has a needle, while the tape feeder does not. You can choose according to your need.
  • Model of feeder: Models of feeders are divided regarding their sizes, such as 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, etc. One can choose according to the size of the SMT component.
  • Mount machine type: Mount machine type influences the SMT mechanism's speed. It can be a high-speed, electric, or universal mount machine.


Brands of SMT feeders:

Many SMT feeder brands offer the best feeders for commercial and industrial purposes. Top brands feeders are;

  • Yamaha feeder.
  • Samsung feeder.
  • Sony feeder.
  • Philips feeder.
  • Panasonic feeder.
  • Juki feeder.
  • Fuji nxt feeder.
  • Fujixp feeder.
  • Assembleon feeder.
  • ASM (Siplace Siemens) feeder.
  • Mydata feeder.
  • Hover-Davis feeder.

What is SMT?

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SMT has become the leading technology for assembling printed circuit boards (PCB) in electronics manufacturing due to its limitless advantages and innovative components like SMT resistors, SMT inductors, and SMT capacitors in numerous types.


SMT is a short form of Surface-mount technology (SMT). It is a specialized method of assembling the tiny electrical components on the printed circuit boards. The mounted electrical device on printed circuit board in a specialized way is known as a surface-mount device (SMD).


SMT is a tremendous technologic advancement in the electronic field as it has replaced the through-hole method in technology in which more significant parts are constructed on the PCB.


In industry, surface-mount technology and through-hole technology both can be used where the smaller components like inductors, capacitors, resistors, and the bulk components like power semiconductors larger transformers, are needed to be fitted on the surface of circuit boards.


SMT technology has preference over the through-hole technology because of smaller leads, and sometimes no leads are required. Moreover, SMT components can be fitted on the smaller surface of the substrate and advance the quality of circuit boards. SMT has tiny pins, flat contacts, terminations, and solder balls (BGAs) matrix, which have made it desirable and cost-effective.


SMT has a wide range of parts, equipment, and consumable materials. SMT parts include SMT laser, SMT feeder, SMT nozzle, SMT motor, Solenoid valve, SMT mounters, SMT feeder parts, SMT card, and SMT servo driver.


A wide range of SMT equipment includes SMT peripheral equipment, BGA rework station, PCB separator, Screen printer, SMT feeder collaboration jigs, SMT feeder storage carts, solder paste mixer, PCB place and pick machine, and all auxiliary parts.


Consumable materials of SMT are SMT Splice tools, SMT solder wire, or it can be a solder paste, SMT grease and lubricants, and SMT filters.

Advantages of SMT technique:


· It has tiny components.

· The density of its components is much higher due to which more connections per component can be made.

· Through SMT, components can be fitted on every side of the circuit board.

· The cost of all SMT parts is less and effective.

· Placement machines of SMT give a fast response and more straightforward assembly. They tend to place more than 136,000 components per hour.

· Due to less mass of components and less cantilevering, SMT has a much better performance even in conditions of shakings and shockwaves.

· Drilling printed circuit boards are costly and time taking. Due to SMT, fewer holes must be drilled on the circuit boards.

· With the help of automated machines, less time is required for settings.

· Initial cost of SMT parts consumable pieces of equipment is less.

· EMC performance of SMT is much better because of less lead inductance, smaller package, and small loop area for radiations.

· Resistance of resistors and inductors used is low at connections with fewer RF signals and more high-frequency.

· If SMT components are mounted on the one side of PCB, because of no blockage caused by the holes. They do not block routing spaces of inner, outer, and backside layers of the PCB and provide a high density of connections.

· Small errors that occurred during mounting are automatically corrected because of surface tension of soldered components on solder pads.

Why choose us?


The CNSMT has been known as the number one SMT machine supplier in the SMT industry for ten years. CNSMT is situated in Shenzhen, near the beautiful Shenzhen International Airport and Hong Kong.


We have earned overwhelming responses from our buyers who trust us. We have hundreds of SMT machines, parts, equipment types, feeders, and thousands of spare parts of top brands in stock. We sell both new and used SMT parts with trusted quality. We provide one-stop services of SMT pieces of equipment and outlying equipment for industrial purposes.


CNSMT sells thousands of old and new SMT equipment and machines annually with the trusted quality of overseas brands. We also sell China manufactured automatic printing machines such as SPI, AOI, and soldering machines.


Because of the tremendous response of buyers and sellers, we have launched our brand comprising printers, SMT feeders' carts, conveyors, solder paste mixers, SMT loaders, SMT unloaders, AI machines, chip counters, and nozzles.


We have good terms with the china SMT suppliers. It helps us to restock our products in much less time. We can also help you by buying SMT product at lower price which is not in our store by ordering them from China suppliers.


Moreover, CNSMT never disappoints you if you search for SMT feeders. We have customized feeders which help in the perfect SMT mechanism. Our professional and experienced engineers are always ready to build an SMT feeder per your requirements.


SMT feeder sizes available at us are 12mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm, 72mm, 88mm. Adjustable feeders' sizes include 8*2mm, 8*4mm. You can adjust all these feeders accordingly.


Along with the best SMT feeders, we provide guides to help you use and repair SMT feeders. We offer guidance documents, tips, videos, and preventive measure charts to help you.


SMT feeders of CNSMT promises quality and performance. Our products work well for picking and placing machines and enhancing their production efficiency. If you want to make the best choice and flourish your business,


we will be glad to help and serve you by all means. Our products will never disappoint you. It is made up only for the best cause of customers. It will significantly improve your SMT pick and place machine working efficiency and production capacity.


In CNSMT, you can choose any mechanical and electrical SMT feeder according to your SMT machine with the best handling services and quality. The best SMT feeder products available at our place are;

  • MV2F, MV2B, MSH, MSR, MSH3, MC88C, CM201, CM402, CM602, CM202, CM301, NPM-D2, NPM-D3, NPM-TT, CN212, and NPM-D of Panasonic brand.
  • XP141, XP143, XP142, XP242, XPF, NXTII, NXTIII, CP8, CP732, and CP743 from Fuji brand.
  • HS60, and HS50 of Seimens.
  • M10, and M20 of I Plus.
  • E1000, F130, E1100, and F209, of Sony.
  • MX200, MX200L, MX200LP, MX400L, MX400LP, and MX400 of Mirae.

The services we provide are;

  • Fast response: We are available online to answer your queries and help you so that we can serve people all over the world. We are available 24/7 for your aid. Ask from us, and we will entertain you with a quick and reliable response.
  • Technical support: We promise free technical support according to your need.
  • Delivery services: We deliver SMT products all over the world. The delivery is always on time. We take precautionary measures to save the product from any damage and deliver it to you safely.



Packing & Delivery


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Company Information

CNSMT is the leading manufacturer and supplieir for SMT machines and Solution with over 10 years' experience in China. And we can also do OEM&ODM for SMT traders, we have vast of sources in SMT field,even you need used or new SMT equipments or other parts, we can help you get the best quality and competitive cost machines.

What we can do for you:

※ We have our own factory make SMT equipments and devices
※ We have a professional technich engineer team for produce machines

※ We can customize variety of SMT machines for you according your requirements

We buy and sell used and new SMT equipments all over the world

※ We provide you SMT full line machines and export to worldwide
※ Becoming the most reliable Chinese partner for you.



1. Are you factory?

Yes, we are factory supplier focus on humidity control for 14 years.


2. Can you email the catalog?

Yes, we can send you by email with whole catalog.


3. How to order online?

Confirm product (quantity, price, payment, shipping etc)---waiting for email ---confirm order---make initial payment---production finish---make balance payment---shipping
* click to learn about trade assurance

4. What about the payment way?
30% deposit, balance paid before delivery -- amount > USD5,000
100% deposit -- amount < USD5,000


5. What's the shipping way and timing?
We suggest to ship by sea to get cheapest rate, voyage date to America around 30~40 days, to Europe 25~30 days, to Asia and Austrilia 7~15 days. Click here to get exact timing.

6. What's the warranty item?
Warranty time normally is 12 months, if you want to extend the warranty time to 24 months, the value will be 10% more of your order.

7. Can I visit your factory?

Yes sure, welcome to visit our factory to get more profit.

8. How to contact with your factory?
Send inquiry in below form or send mail or call to select your way. Click here


9. Can you customize the product?
Yes, we can customize any products according to customer's requirements.

10. Which payment terms are you doing?
PayPal, West Union, T/T, (100% payment in advance.)

11. Which shipment is available?
By sea, by air ,by express or as your requirement.

12. Which country you have been exported?
We have been exported to many countries, all most all around the world, like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, United States, France, Spain, Mexico, Dubai, Japan, Korea, Germany, Porland Etc.


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