APC System Panasonic NPM FEEDER For SMT Pick And Place Machine Integrated Management

APC System Panasonic NPM FEEDER For SMT Pick And Place Machine Integrated Management

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    APC system Panasonic NPM FEEDER


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  • Product Name
    Panasonic NPM FEEDER
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    Panasonic NPM /CM FEEDER
  • Size
  • Application
    NPM-D NPM-W NPM-TT CM602 CM402
  • Component Range
  • FEEDER Size
  • Voltage
    220v、110V,380V 410V
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    CNSMT Panasonic NPM FEEDER
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    CE- Panasonic FEEDER
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    Panasonic FEEDER
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    Standard woodenbox
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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APC System Panasonic NPM FEEDER For SMT Pick And Place Machine Integrated Management


Panasonic NPM Feeder

APC System Panasonic NPM FEEDER For SMT Pick And Place Machine Integrated Management 0


The new NPM Panasonic feeder amplifies the original NPM-W capabilities. This Panasonic NPM feeder has a 10% throughput boost and 25% more accuracy.


Also it integrates new innovations like the Multi Recognition Camera. Moreover, the component range is down to the 03015mm microchip and the preserve capability is up to 120x90mm. Along with that, components are up to 40mm tall with a nearly 6” long (150mm) connectors.


In this Panasonic NPM feeder, the board handling has also been improved. This machine also provides the ability to handle PCBs up to 1,490 x 550mm which is ideal for long LED panels and even the large industrial boards. Also, it’s available in either single lane or dual lane.


There is an improved addition of quick-change feeder carts, auto board support setup, and expanded nozzle capacity, along with 120 feeder inputs in this Panasonic NPM feeder which makes it ideal for “Any Mix Any Volume”.


Panasonic NPM feeder is the next generation of Panasonic’s mounting production. The concept behind manufacturing this Panasonic NPM feeder is “Smart manufacturing”. Because this platform represents higher line throughput and improved quality at a relatively lower cost and this is all because of the integrated automated system.


The APC system and automatic recovery are integrated to provide autonomous line control. Similarly, there is an incorporated floor-management system and remote-operation option improve utilisation combined with lower labour costs.


So, basically it’s an all in one solution. With the Feeder set-up and component supply navigation systems availability it will help to reduce the work variations too.


Because before, this leaded to excessive investments, improper configurations, inadequate capabilities, and even reduced quality. This new and versatile technology is very powerful and the manufacturers can scale NPM production lines to meet production needs while conserving investments.


There are multiple placement and process head options like the plus multiple component supply method which make the NPMP-W2 a perfect addition to any SMT manufacturing line.


The new and revolutionary Multi Recognition Camera has the ability to combines three separate imaging capabilities into a single system. Like the 2D alignment, component thickness inspection, and 3D collinearity measurement and much more. Its field upgradeable system eliminates any kind of configuration challenges that were historically associated with competitive vision systems.

APC System Panasonic NPM FEEDER For SMT Pick And Place Machine Integrated Management 1

104853200603 Panasonic BM FEEDER Spring,,
104885806803/104885806801 Panasonic BM44MM FEEDER hanging column a lot
10488S0516/104884312AG/Panasonic MPAG3/MSF 12MM feeder cover
108960001002 Panasonic BM electric feeder hook,,
108960001002 Panasonic BM feeder hook
1089602092 Panasonic BM electric feeder 16MM white roller 1089642200AA 1089642200
108960403410 Panasonic BM Electric Feeder Adjustment Block,,
108960405205 ​​Panasonic BM feeder roller
108960505205 ​​Panasonic BM 44MM Feeder Roller
1089605055205 Panasonic BM electric feeder bushing,,
108960605205 ​​Panasonic BM 56MM FEEDER Roller
1089641070AE Panasonic BM feeder module,
1089643050AF Panasonic BM24MM feeder cover, BM 32MM, 44MM, 56MM, 72MM
1089643100AE Panasonic BM electric feeder block,,
10896829502 Panasonic BM electric feeder tail tray parts
108969829105 Panasonic BM electric feeder tail stopper device
108969829105 Panasonic BM electric feeder tail tray parts
108969829502 Panasonic BM electric feeder tail stopper
A set of FEEDER head contacts for Panasonic pick and place machine BM above 12MM Part number: N610066740AA
BM 8MM feeder pulley X01M01164 high volume
KXF0DK1AA00 N210114131AA Panasonic CM FEEDER Spring
KXF0DRSAA00 Panasonic CM Feeder Back Cover Spring
KXF0DYUFA01 KXF0DYUFA00 Panasonic CM402/602 FEEDER Spring
KXFA1KAAA00 Panasonic CM12/16MM feeder screw
KXFA1LHAA00 Panasonic CM24/32MM FEEDER pressure cover screw,
KXFA1LPBA00 Panasonic CM24/32MM Feeder Wheel,
KXFA1PQ5B00 Panasonic CM FEEDER Press Cover Screw,,
KXFA1PTDA01 Panasonic CM/NPM FEEDER Adjustment Block
KXFA1PTEA00 Panasonic CM44/56MM FEEDER insurance buckle,
KXFYGC00014 Panasonic BM12MM Feeder Motor
MAC9006A01 Panasonic BM electric feeder board,
Mounter Panasonic CM202 12*4MM FEEDER
Mounter Panasonic CM202 12*8MM FEEDER
Mounter Panasonic CM202 16*12MM FEEDER
Mounter Panasonic CM202 16*12MM FEEDER
Mounter Panasonic CM202 24*12MM FEEDER
Mounter Panasonic CM202 8*4MM FEEDER
Mounter Panasonic CM202 Dual Card 8*4 Automatic Roll Feeder
Mounter Panasonic CM402 602 NPM series FEEDER KXFW1KS6A00 12 16MM FEEDER
Mounter Panasonic CM402 602 NPM series FEEDER KXFW1KS7A00 24 32MM FEEDER
Mounter Panasonic CM402 602 NPM series FEEDER KXFW1KS8A00 44 56MM FEEDER
Mounter Panasonic CM402 602 NPM series FEEDER KXFW1L10A00 88MM FEEDER
Mounter Panasonic CM402/602 NPM series FEEDER KXFW1KS5A00
Mounter Panasonic CM402/602 NPM series feeder N610117446AE 4MM feeder
Mounter Panasonic CM404 602 NPM series FEEDER KXFW1KSFA00 72MM FEEDER
Mounter Panasonic CM88 8*4MM FEEDER
Mounter Panasonic CM88 8*4mm FEEDER
Mounter Panasonic single card 8MM FEEDER NPM CM402 602 FEEDER N610003478AA
MTNP000175AA N401CJ2D1013 Panasonic BM feeder cylinder
N210038151AA Panasonic CM/NPM 12MM or more FEEDER sensor bracket
N210050456AB KXFA1PU4B00 Panasonic CM/NPM big MM feeder gear,
N210123316AA KXFA1PS7A01 Panasonic FEEDER guide chute,
N510037012AA KXF0E4FZA00 Panasonic 8MM FEEDER coil sensor SENSOR
N610037916AB Panasonic CM FEEDER feed gear above 12MM
N610111705AA N610081452AB Panasonic NPM FEEDER Power Cord
Panasonic 8MM FEEDER control lever left KXFA1MJAA00 N210120308AA
Panasonic BM 12MM FEEDER pressure cover PIN 108960100602 N510022771AA
Panasonic BM 32mm Electric Feeder FAE3200MA300
Panasonic BM 72mm Electric Feeder FAE7200MA300
Panasonic BM Dual Card 8*2 FEEDER FEEDER 10896BF101/001 10896BF061/062
Panasonic BM Dual Card 8*4 FEEDER 10896BF106 10896BF066 002 N610016060AA
Panasonic BM dual card 8MM feeder handle X01M0110901
Panasonic BM electric feeder coil module with small copper sleeve Part number: 1089600139
Panasonic BM electric feeder head Lu block N610066741AA N510066741AB 108960004912
Panasonic BM FEEDER 12MM Coil Wheel 1089601092
Panasonic BM FEEDER 8MM hanging column X01M1510402
Panasonic BM feeder 8MM rewind wheel X01M1505101
Panasonic BM FEEDER handle screw X01M50761 N210146491AA
Panasonic BM FEEDER head sealing ring N5541A94N,
Panasonic BM single card 8*2 feeder 10896BF072
Panasonic BM single card 8*2 FEEDER 10896BF072 primary source
Panasonic BM single card 8*2 feeder block X01M15087
Panasonic BM single card 8*4 feeder 10896BF071
Panasonic BM single card 8*4 FEEDER 10896BF071 primary source
Panasonic BM single card FEEDER cable set N610070544AA N210059243AA X01M1550102
Panasonic BM/MSF/BM dual card feeder handle BMX01M0110901 manufacturer
Panasonic BM123/221 Dual Card 8MM FEEDER Cylinder 401CJ2D1013 Original
Panasonic BM12mm Electric Feeder FA1200MA300
Panasonic BM16MM Electric Feeder FAE1600MA3
Panasonic BM16mm Electric Feeder FAE1600MA300
Panasonic BM24mm Electric Feeder FAE2400MA300
Panasonic BM44mm Electric Feeder FAE4400MA300
Panasonic BM44MM FEEDER hanging column 104885806803
Panasonic BM56mm Electric Feeder FAE5600MA00
Panasonic BM8mm dual card feeder pressure cover manufacturer part number X01M03100AE N210056318AA
Panasonic BM8MM FEEDER contact head thimble contact plug PIN UNIT probe
Panasonic BM8mm material rack thimble N610070544 FEEDER thimble N210059243AA/X01M1550102
Panasonic BM8mm single card feeder cover N210056315AA manufacturer
Panasonic BM8mm single card feeder sensor N310PMY54
Panasonic CM 12/16MM FEEDER Adjustment Block N610081167AA/AB N610001648AA Manufacturer
Panasonic CM FEEDER 44/56 FEEDER block 21 groove deep block N210001893AA
Panasonic CM FEEDER Button Module 12/16MM KXFW1KXFA01
Panasonic CM FEEDER cover KXFA1MQBA01 KXFA1MQBA00 N210109641AA
Panasonic CM feeder cover KXFA1PQ9A00
Panasonic CM feeder cover KXFAPR0A00
Panasonic CM FEEDER Facial Screw XSS25+6VW
Panasonic CM FEEDER Gear MTKP003390AA N210047118AB
Panasonic CM Feeder Gear N210050452AA
Panasonic CM Feeder Gear N210050454AA
Panasonic CM feeder handle N610002832AB
Panasonic CM FEEDER press cover N210157019AA AB AC
Panasonic CM12/16MM FEEDER insurance buckle KXFA1PT7A00
Panasonic CM12/16MM FEEDER leakage sensor KXFW1KXJA00
Panasonic CM12/16mm KXFA1PT9A01 Feeder Block
Panasonic CM402 602 FEEDER power cord N510028646AB KXFP6ELLA00 N520028646AB
Panasonic CM402 CM602 NPM FEEDER test power supply self-produced and sold
Panasonic CM402/602 feeder storage car / feeder trolley with 30 stations,
Panasonic CM402/602 NPM FEEDER screw N510002400AA
Panasonic CM402/602 NPM feeder storage cart/3 floors/1 floor 30 stations
Panasonic CM402/602 NPM Series Feeder KXFW1KSRA00 Vibration Feeder
Panasonic CM8MM 12MM FEEDER button N610033141AA (card, surface, line)
Panasonic CM8MM FEEDER button skin KXF0DWTKA00 KXF0DYHDA00 N610033140AA direct sales
Panasonic CM8MM FEEDER N610033140AA
Panasonic FEEDER Copper Gasket N61014970AE,,
Panasonic KXFW1KXJA00 CM12/16 FEEDER strip stopper,
Panasonic Mounter BM Electric Feeder Aluminum Head 108960004912
Panasonic Mounter BM123/221 Dual Card 8*4 FEEDER N610016060AA/10896BF106
Panasonic Mounter MSR 12MM FEEDER
Panasonic MSF dual card feeder pressure cover N21003767AA N210037635AA N210056318AA
Panasonic pick and place machine BM 8 MM feeder screw X01M15005 favorably
Panasonic pick and place machine BM FEEDER 12MM hanging column Part number: 104885610803
Panasonic pick and place machine BM FEEDER 8MM coil wheel iron ring
Panasonic pick and place machine BM feeder handle 1089651180AB set
Panasonic pick and place machine BM feeder hook X01M3118402
Panasonic pick and place machine BM FEEDER pressure cover circlip KXF01Z5AA00 domestic
Panasonic pick and place machine BM feeder spring 108960008602
Panasonic pick and place machine BM single card 8MM FEEDER cylinder N510022955AA original brand new
Panasonic pick and place machine BM12MM FEEDER pressure cover 1089641050AH high imitation brand new
Panasonic pick and place machine BM16MM electric feeder pressure cover 108962050AH imitation brand new
Panasonic pick and place machine CM feeder feed gear N610030637AC
Panasonic pick and place machine CM FEEDER spring N210114131AA KXF0DK1AA00
Panasonic pick and place machine CM202 8MM feeder putter
Panasonic pick and place machine CM402 FEEDER side plate KXFA1PQ9A00 favorably
Panasonic pick and place machine CM402/602 FEEDER side cover panel KXFA1PR0A00 manufacturer
Panasonic pick and place machine CM402/602NPM 44/56MM FEEDER board domestic N610032084AA
Panasonic pick and place machine MPAG3/MSF/MPAV2B 12MM pneumatic feeder
Panasonic pick and place machine MSR single card 8*2 overseas feeder
Panasonic pick and place machine MV2F K type large T high-speed 8*4 feeder
Panasonic pick and place machine MV2F K type large T12MM pneumatic feeder
Panasonic pick and place machine MV2F k type small T12MM feeder
Panasonic pick and place machine MV2F Q type 12MM feeder
Panasonic pick and place machine MV2F small T low speed 8*4 feeder
Panasonic pick and place machine NPM-W N610119365AD FEEDER power cord
XSS25+6VW Panasonic CM FEEDER panel screws,


Following are some specifications of the Panasonic NPM feeder:

  • This NPM Feeder is equipped with Single-lane mode with a batch mounting of L 50 × W 50 ~ L 750 × W 610.
  • The PCB dimensions (mm) of dual lane mode is equipped with a single transfer and a dual transfer batch.
  • Single transfer (Batch) of L 50 × W 50 ~ L 750 × W 590 and Single transfer (2-position) of L50 × W 50 ~ L 350 × W 590.
  • Similarly, Dual transfer (Batch) of L 50 × W 50 ~ L 750 × W 300 and Dual transfer (2-position) of L50 × W 50 ~ L 350 × W 300
  • The required electric source for NPM feeder is 3-phase AC 200, 220, 380, 400, 420, 480 V 3.0 kVA
  • The pneumatic source *1 is Min.0.5 MPa
  • The Dimensions of NPM feeder is W 1 410 *2× D 2 570*3× H 1 444 *4(mm).
    The total mass of main body is 2740 kg. But it can differ based on the configuration.
  • The placement head is present on each side making a total of two, one on front and one on the rear side.
  • The component supply tapping is 4 ~ 56 / 72 / 88 / 104 mm.
  • The component supply for the stick is it can have a Max. Of 32 product types (single stick feeder).
  • The tray specification for component supply is Max.24 which is for one side of tray.
  • The placement head for NPM feeder is 16 nozzle V2 per head.
  • The maximum speed is 43 000 cph (0.084 s / chip).
  • The placement accuracy for the Panasonic NPM feeder is ±25 μm/ chip.
  • The component dimensions are 0201 chip *6*7/ 03015 chip *6 0402 chip*6~ L 6 × W 6 × T 3.
  • It is 2010 mm in width if extension conveyors (300 mm) are placed on both sides and it is calculated for main body.
  • The stick feeders cannot be used on the rear feeder cart of NPM-WXS.
  • The Panasonic NPM-W2 feeder has the ability to incorporate the existing feeders, carts, and nozzles to minimize investment and inventory expenses.


Following are some features and benefits that can be availed after using the Panasonic NPM feeder:

  • This NPM Panasonic feeder comes with a board handling up to 1,490 x 550mm (58.1 x 21.6").
  • There are quick-change feeder carts and nozzle banks added benefit in this
  • It is also compatible with CM & NPM series intelligent feeders & nozzles.
  • Directly connectable to NPM-W2 and support for single-/dual-lane transport is available.
  • There is a choice of Selection of the mounting head according to production form i.e. Selectable from Lightweight16-/12-/Lightweight8-/3-nozzle head V2
  • It has a mutual compatibility with NPM series which mean there can be shared use of the placement head/nozzle, tape feeder and feeder cart.
  • The adoption of 3-nozzle head V2 make the product capable of a max placement load of 100N.
  • There is availability of board warp detection with Advanced Process Control (APC), and Auto Board Support Pin.
  • It is the industry's first 3D Multi Recognition Camera which is as lightweight as 16-nozzle head (for 77,000 CPH)
  • It has an increased placement accuracy to 25um (cpk ≥ 1.0)
  • With the addition of multiple options, it is the perfect solution for automated SMT production for all kinds of product.
  • Also, this machine is fully compatible with other NPM-systems and can therefore also be fully integrated into existing production lines.
  • The connection and control via Panasonics is perfected to iLNB which provide a full control of production and required management data which is also available as a single-beam solution.
  • NPM-WXS single beam allows various operations ranging, from NPM-series backup to multiple connection configuration.
  • Options Panasonic NPM feeder provides:
  • The Panasonic NPM feeder is ready for line automatization
  • There is an available APC system and an automatic recovery options too.
  • There is a remote operation option and an advanced feeder setup and component supply navigation.
  • There is low cost of ownership and integrated floor management.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):


What are the Component Verification option?


There are two types of support stations available i.e. power supply station and component supply station. They prevents setup errors during changeover Provides an increase of production efficiency through easy operation. Similarly, it also deters component misplacement and any kind of misplacement by verifying production data with the barcode information on changeover components.


There is an Automatic setup data synching function. Also, the machine itself does the verification, eliminating the need to select separate setup data. With the feature of Interlock function, any problems or lapses in verification will stop the machine so the machine works smoothly.


There is a navigation function which makes the verification process more readily understandable. Lastly, with the support stations, offline feeder cart setup is possible even outside of the manufacturing floor.


Does NPM feeder possess the automatic changeover option?


Yes, there is a supporting changeover which includes production data and rail width adjustment. It will ultimately minimize time loss. There is also a PCB ID read-in function. It is selectable from among 3 types of external scanner, head camera or planning form.


To increase your knowledge about the options you can avail, there is also a feature of offline camera unit. The Component data can be created offline even while the machine is in operation.


Here you can use the line camera to create component data. All the Lighting conditions and recognition speed can be confirmed in advance, so it contributes to the improvement of productivity and quality.


What is the data creation system of Panasonic NPM feeder?


Basically, this data creation system is a software package that provides integrated management of component library and PCB data, as well as production data that maximizes mounting lines with high-performance and optimization algorithms. For data creation, you need to buy a computer separately.


Can you please explain about the Feeder setup navigator option?


Basically, it is a support tool to navigate efficient setup procedure. The tool factors in the amount of time it takes to perform and complete setup operations when estimating the time required for production and providing the operator with setup instructions. This will ultimately visualize and streamline setup operations during setup for a production line.


I like the features of this product, how can I buy this machine from your company?


First of all, you can contact us at our website. Here you can talk to our customer support that you want to buy the following product. Similarly, you can contact us at our number or use our email and then after negotiation of price and confirmation that you want to buy our product.


We will then tell you about the final price, the shipping charges and also discus all the payment methods. We will send you the invoice and after confirming the full payment and quality check before sending the product will be done. The product will be send to you by air or by ports based upon the place order is placed.


What are the new improvement in quality of NPM feeder?


This is software designed to support a grasp of changing points and analysis of defect factors through the display of quality-related information (e.g., feeder positions used, recognition offset values and parts data) per PCB or placement point.


In case of our inspection head introduced, the defect locations can be displayed in association with quality-related information identifies a feeder used for mounting of defect circuit boards.


The Panasonic NPM-W2 feeder has the ability to incorporate the existing feeders, carts, and nozzles to minimize investment and inventory expenses. Based on PCB warpage condition data and thickness data of each of the components to be placed, the control of placement height is optimized to improve mounting quality.


There is also an operating rate improvement. So the added benefit that you can avail is within same table, feeders can be set anywhere. The alternate allocation as well as setting of new feeders for next production can be done while the machine is in operation.

Why Choose Us:

  • We are honest and we ensure that in the products we provide. Also, with our unbeatable service quality, we provide our customers the satisfaction they want, as we supply our products worldwide.
  • At CNSMT, our goal is to provide high-quality NPM feeder and we specializes in many other products too. All of that in a competitive but reasonably affordable price for our customers.
  • We are committed to our work as we work hard, show perseverance, and have strong integrity. Because our main aim is, we believe that customer always comes first, that is why we are continuously growing our team of experts to uphold our company’s long-term perspective for our existing and target customers.
  • We take your orders personally and treat them like our own and give you the result that you require. Additionally, with the use of new and advanced technology, we provide improved products and prove to be above standards.
  • With our huge experience in this industry, CNSMT has been serving in the SMT industry for over 10 years of experience.
  • We mainly operate with new high-end overseas brand equipment such as YAMAHA, JUKI, SAMSUNG, Panasonic, Fuji, and Siemens.
  • We continue to invest a variety of smt equipment developing, so our customers can get the machines in low cost and that will ultimately reduce your purchase cost.
  • We have the best alliances with many of China’s smt suppliers. So in case, if some of the goods not available in our factory, we can even help you search from our partner’s company at a competitive rate
  • You can contact us at Our contact number is +8613537875415. We will provide you with the best customer support and will be happy to help you out about any of your inquiry.




Packing & Delivery


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Company Information

CNSMT is the leading manufacturer and supplieir for SMT machines and Solution with over 10 years' experience in China. And we can also do OEM&ODM for SMT traders, we have vast of sources in SMT field,even you need used or new SMT equipments or other parts, we can help you get the best quality and competitive cost machines.

What we can do for you:

※ We have our own factory make SMT equipments and devices
※ We have a professional technich engineer team for produce machines

※ We can customize variety of SMT machines for you according your requirements

We buy and sell used and new SMT equipments all over the world

※ We provide you SMT full line machines and export to worldwide
※ Becoming the most reliable Chinese partner for you.



1. Are you factory?

Yes, we are factory supplier focus on humidity control for 14 years.


2. Can you email the catalog?

Yes, we can send you by email with whole catalog.


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30% deposit, balance paid before delivery -- amount > USD5,000
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We suggest to ship by sea to get cheapest rate, voyage date to America around 30~40 days, to Europe 25~30 days, to Asia and Austrilia 7~15 days. Click here to get exact timing.

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Warranty time normally is 12 months, if you want to extend the warranty time to 24 months, the value will be 10% more of your order.

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Yes sure, welcome to visit our factory to get more profit.

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Yes, we can customize any products according to customer's requirements.

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