GKG G5 Full Auto SMT Stencil Printer 60HZ 3KW Paste Printer Machine

GKG G5 Full Auto SMT Stencil Printer 60HZ 3KW Paste Printer Machine

  • High Light

    3KW SMT Stencil Printer


    60HZ SMT Stencil Printer


    3KW Paste Printer Machine

  • Product Name
    FULL Auto Printer
  • Product Model
    GKG G5
  • Supplier
  • Material
    Stainless Steel,Plastic,glass
  • Application
    For PrintIng SMT PCB Board
  • Max Pcb Size
    400mm X 310mm
  • Diamension
    1161mm X 1451mm X 1491mm
  • Weight
  • PCB Thickness
  • Power
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    CE- g5 Solder paste printer
  • Model Number
    GKG G5
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Standard woodenbox
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability

GKG G5 Full Auto SMT Stencil Printer 60HZ 3KW Paste Printer Machine

GKG G5 Full Auto SMT Stencil Printer 60HZ 3KW Paste Printer Machine​


GKG G5, GKG full auto printer


Product features of GKG G5 automatic solder paste printing machine:

1. GKG dedicated manual adjustment jacking platform

Simple structure, low cost, and convenient manual adjustment, which can quickly adjust the lifting height of PIN needles of PCB boards of different thicknesses


2. Image and light path system


The new optical path system-uniform ring and high-brightness coaxial light, coupled with the brightness function that can be adjusted steplessly, makes all types of Mark points can be well identified (including uneven MARK points), suitable for plating Tin, copper-plated, gold-plated, tinned, FPC and other types of PCBs with different colors


3. Scraper system


Sliding rail type scraper system to improve operation stability and prolong service life


4. Cleaning system


The new type of wiping tape ensures full contact with the steel mesh, and the enlarged vacuum suction force ensures that the residual solder paste in the mesh is eliminated, and the effective automatic cleaning function is truly realized; dry and wet vacuum three cleaning modes, software can be set at will Cleaning mode and length of cleaning paper


5. Stable steel mesh fixed structure


6. Complete 2D inspection system


GKG automatic solder paste printer G5 specifications:


Device model: G5


Screen frame size: 420×520mm~737×737mm


Large PCB size: 400×310mm


Small PCB size: 50×50mm


PCB thickness: 0.4-6mm


PCB warpage: Max.PCB diagonal 1%


Transmission height: 900±40mm


Transmission direction: Left-Right Right-Left Right-Right Left-Left


Transport speed: 1500mm/s(MAX), Program Control


Conveying method: one-stage transport track


PCB positioning and support method: magnetic needle top/automatically adjustable jacking platform Tight clamping method: unique top flattening upper plate, side clamp


Print head: Two independent motors drive the print head


Scraper pressure: 0-10kg (Program Control)


Cleaning method: enhanced vacuum adsorption, three modes of dry, wet and vacuum


Field of view: 10.24×6.4mm

X, Y, θ adjustment: X, Y: ±8mm, θ: ±2° (increment 0.5micro)


Vision system: software processing/up and down simultaneous imaging optical path system/1394 digital camera/geometric matching positioning

Repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.01mm

Printing accuracy: ±0.025mm

Printing cycle: ≤8.5S

Changing time: 3mins for the old program, set up 5mins for the new program.

Main air supply source: 4-6kg/cm2

Main power supply: AC: 220±10%, 50/60HZ 3KW

Control method: PC Control

Operating system: windows XP

Machine dimensions: 1210×1530×1510mm (machine body)

Total machine capacity: 1000kg

GKG G5 Full Auto SMT Stencil Printer 60HZ 3KW Paste Printer Machine 0


1. Purpose._
Properly operate the fully automatic E printing machine to ensure the normal operation of the machine, thereby ensuring the product.
2 Applicable scope
Manufacturing department production workshop SMT
3 noun explanation
Solder paste printer: Modern solder paste printers are generally composed of boards, adding solder paste, embossing, and transferring circuit boards. Its working principle is: first fix the circuit board to be printed on the printing positioning table, and then the solder paste or red glue is printed on the corresponding pad through the stencil by the front and rear scrapers of the printer, and the printed PCB is transmitted through Input to the placement machine for automatic placement.
4 responsibilities
4.1-The equipment engineer is responsible for the maintenance and periodic maintenance of the printing press.
4.2 The equipment technician is responsible for the production and modification of the printing press program.
4.3 The operator is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the printing press.
4.4 The production supervisor is responsible for supervising the execution.
5 Management Regulations
5.1 Check before starting
5.1.1 Confirm that the appearance of the machine is clean, and confirm whether there is any debris inside the equipment, especially within the operating range of the motion track.
5.1.2 Confirm that the working environment temperature is between 23±5℃: Humidity <80%
5.1.3 Make sure that the working air pressure of the equipment is between 0.4 and 0.6 Ma.
5.1.4 Confirm that the equipment power supply and related connecting wires are normal.
5.2 Boot
5.2.1 Turn on the power of the device. Figure 1. Device power
5.2.2 After the device is turned on, enter the reset interface, [Start reset]; wait for the reset to complete. Figure 2. Device reset interface Figure 3. Device reset completion interface
5.3 Calling the production program
5.3.1 Select the program authority according to the system prompts, the operator does not need to enter a password, and the rest need to enter the corresponding password to obtain the authority. Return when finished.
Figure 4. Permission selection interface
5.3.2 In the main interface [Open Project] option, select the corresponding production program
5.3.3 After the selection is completed, it will automatically return to the main interface, and the program has been opened at this time. [Data Entry]; Confirm the printing parameters of the product to be produced.
5.4 Install steel mesh
5.4.1 After confirming the step data, the next step is to enter the page, and the printer prompts to adjust the track width. Before adjusting the width, confirm whether there is a top plate/thimble on the platform, take it out if there is, and reinstall it after the width adjustment is completed. The top plate should be installed as close to the track as possible, between 1-2LCM from the track but not in contact with the track, to prevent the track from being worn and deformed. If you need to install the thimble, you should avoid the bottom components to prevent collisions. [Automatic positioning] option, at this time the printer will move the ccD lens and set the entry baffle.
5.4.2 Feed the FCB from the exit of the printing machine. The printing press will complete automatic positioning. At this time, the PCB should be about 0.5mm higher than the track.
5.4.3 According to the type of machine to be produced, select the steel mesh with the corresponding number "such as ECLG4A-V05). Then select [Z-axis up], put the stencil into the frame support plate and clamp it. Adjust the position of the B pad and the stencil opening. The Y direction can be fine-tuned by the device. The X direction is fine-tuned manually. After the adjustment is completed [Fixed Valve of Screen Frame] and confirm that the steel mesh has been clamped. [OK], complete the steel mesh installation.
Figure 12. Steel mesh installation
5.5 Specially installed scraper, adding solder paste
5.5.1 Place the two scrapers on the scraper seat and lock them tightly. Shake the scraper gently with your hand to confirm the installation effect.
5.5.2 The [Print from Back] button at the top of the main interface moves the squeegee backwards, and adds the thawed solder paste to the stencil. The width of the solder paste should be slightly larger than the width of the opening of the stencil and smaller than the width of the squeegee. Missing printing occurs. [Print from front] button at the top of the main interface, move the scraper to the front of the tin sound.
5.6 Printing effect inspection
5.6.1 [Start] button on the right side of the main interface, follow the prompts to transfer the PCB on the track and re-inject the new FCB, the device will automatically align the stencil according to the previous set value, and prompt for device fine-tuning before printing. 5.6.2 The device fine-tuning method is that the Z-axis platform drives FCE to perform four-way fine-tuning. Move FCB in the left and up direction [+], right and down direction is [-.
5.6.3 [Confirm] after debugging, the equipment will print automatically. Manually check the printing effect after the printing is completed. If it is qualified, the interface will be fine-tuned before the next printing, and it will enter the automatic printing mode. If it is unqualified, the fine-tune will be repeated until it is qualified.



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GKG G5 Full Auto SMT Stencil Printer 60HZ 3KW Paste Printer Machine 1

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