110v 220v SMT Line Equipment Electronic Component Packaging Machine

110v 220v SMT Line Equipment Electronic Component Packaging Machine

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    110v SMT Line Equipment


    110v 220v SMT Line Equipment


    ODM SMT Component Packaging Machine

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    Electronic Component Packing Machine
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    SMT Electronic Component
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    48×58×78 MM
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    CE- component Packing Machine
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    Standard woodenbox
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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110v 220v SMT Line Equipment Electronic Component Packaging Machine

110v 220v SMT Line Equipment Electronic Component Packaging Machine


Electronic Component Packing Machine -CNSMT



Product Description

Taping packing machines can be divided into two categories: semi-automatic and full-automatic. The bulk material components are put into the carrier tape after passing the inspection, reversing, and testing stations.


As electronic products continue to be upgraded, refined and highly integrated, electronic components have also changed from the past plug-in type to patch type to save the installation space of the circuit board and expand the functions of the product. It is a major revolution in the electronics industry.


CNSMT provide you economi and easy operate electronic packing machines in China, we are the manufacturer of this device, even can support customize packing machine depends on your variaty requirements


With the rapid development of the electronics industry in recent years, the role of mechanical and electronic equipment instead of traditional manual operations in the electronics industry is becoming more and more obvious.


Under the condition of higher and higher automation requirements, it is also used as a full/semi-automatic packaging machine for component processing. Continued to be favored by colleagues in the electronics industry.


The automatic packaging machine is mainly suitable for the mass production of a single product, and the machine has a higher price and a high degree of automation; the semi-automatic packaging machine is suitable for the small batch production of various products, and the machine is cheap and has strong applicability.


According to the shape, packaging requirements and output of the packaging products, the packaging machine suitable for the company's development requirements can be flexibly selected



Technical parameters


  1. Applicable bandwidth: 4-104mm bandwidth carrier tape; 
  2. Machine capacity: 2~6K pcs/h; (depending on component shape and manual feeding speed);
  3. Material tray specifications: 7-inch, 13-inch, 22-inch plastic tray or paper tray;
  4. Power supply: AC220V±20%/50HZ, 5A;/110v
  5. Air supply: 0.3~ 0.6Mpa/60L/Min;
  6. Heating temperature: 110°C-180°C (depending on the material of the cover tape and the requirements for the peel strength value)
  7. Machine size: L 1630×W 580× H 660 (unit: mm);
  8. Net weight of the machine: 40KG
  9. Other requirements: Customize track length and install CCD detection function according to customer requirements.
  10. Main configuration PLC: Desen
  11. Motor/controller: Taiwan Rihong
  12. Cylinder/solenoid valve: Japan SMC
  13. Photoelectric switch: Japan Omron
  14. Thermostat: Japan Panasonic
  15. Counter: HENLAN SF4-41NA

  Machine characteristics

Good adaptability

● Suitable for packaging of various SMD components
● The track can be flexibly adjusted within the range of 4mm-104mm;
● Track clamping cavity, stable control and easy adjustment;
● The retractable tape mechanism can easily clamp all the tape trays and paper trays that meet the EIA-481A standard;
Stable sealing

● Accurate adjustment of the cutter head. Fine-tuning the micrometer head of the inner and outer hot pressing tool heads to accurately adjust the position of the sealing lineTo ±0.1mm, the sealing is more beautiful;
● Independently control the sealing pressure of the inner and outer cutter heads to ensure that the sealing tape is balanced;
● Double-head independent PID temperature control, accurate and stable temperature control;
Diversified sealing methods

● Suitable for self-adhesive cold sealing and hot pressing sealing;
● Sealing in continuous walking mode;
● Inch-moving and tape sealing;

Convenient adjustment of cover tape

● The travel tension of the cover tape can be adjusted;
● The position of the cover tape can be fine-tuned;


Transport protection function

● The transport mechanism is safe to protect the integrity of the carrier tape;
● Stable start, stepless speed regulation; foot pedal/manual control;



  Machine operating instructions

  •   Turn the control switch in the control box to the ON position;
  •   Turn the power switch button on the panel to the "on" position;
  •  Make sure that the electric/barometric value meets the rated requirements in the technical parameters;
  • Cut the pressure belt elastic switch to the "loose belt" position;
  •  Adjust the track to the required width;
  • Adjust the retracting (retracting) belt device to an appropriate position;
  •  Adjust the cover tape to a position that is convenient for placing the tape flat;
  • Clamp the empty tape;
  • Properly tighten the cover tape;
  • Adjust the number of counts required by the counter, adjust the gear position and sensitivity;
  •  Turn the switch button of the motor controller on the panel to the ON state;

For self-adhesive packaging, please switch the blade heating switch to the "off" position, (if the blade needs to be lowered)
Please switch the blade lift switch to the "down" position, press the "start" button and it will automatically rise
Down, the "blade lift" switch can control the blade lift when the machine is stopped)

  •  Switch the tension switch to the "tight belt" position;
  •  If you use continuous tape for sealing, please switch to the "continuous" position; if you use inch to move

With sealing, please cut the switch to the "inching" position;

  •  Heat the blade to the set temperature, and the "Run" indicator light is on;
  • Press the start switch or step on the foot switch, the machine starts to run;
  •  Pay attention to the EIA-481A standard packaging, leave the number of leading and trailing spaces, etc.



What Electronic Component Packing Machine we have?

  • Touch screen semi-automatic taping machine
  • Text screen semi-automatic taping machine


110v 220v SMT Line Equipment Electronic Component Packaging Machine 0110v 220v SMT Line Equipment Electronic Component Packaging Machine 1



Working principle edit Voice

The working principle of the taping machine: After the taping packaging machine and air are connected, if it is thermally sealed, let the knife rise to a suitable temperature, and adjust the carrier tape and air pressure.


Use manual or automatic feeding equipment to put the SMD component into the carrier tape, and the motor rotates to pull the cover tape forming carrier tape to the packaging position, where the cover tape is up, the carrier tape is down, and the two heated blades press on On the cover tape and the carrier tape, make the cover tape seal the SMD component opening on the carrier tape, so as to achieve the purpose of SMD component packaging.


Then the take-up reel rolls up the packaged carrier tape.

The taping machine can provide a unified direction, test product polarity, visual inspection, laser marking and other functions according to customer production needs.

Some taping machines are not heat sealed, but cold sealed. The cold sealing of the stomach means that the cover tape and the carrier tape can be glued together without heating.


The cover tape used at this time must be sticky. Before packaging, the carrier tape generally passes through two sensors, one for counting and the other for material control.


Material control is to detect whether there are any missing components in the carrier tape. If a leak is detected, the motor of the taping machine will stop immediately, and the cutter head will also be brought to the upper position.


Counting SENSOR generally uses optical fiber, but also requires fast response speed, so as not to miss counting. Counting SENSOR can count the side holes of the carrier tape, and can also count the forming grooves. If you count the side holes, you have to convert it back to get the correct SMD number.

Performance editing Voice

The taping speed of the taping machine is fast. With test function, equipped with corresponding tester, the taping function can quickly test the capacity value and resistance value of the chip, and sort its good and bad products; the taping machine uses PLC as the core control; the display design is unique ,


Liquid crystal display ordering, analog display of the status of each control point, can easily set and modify various parameter values, monitor various working status and its taping speed, the taping machine is stable and reliable.

Feature editing Voice

● Wide range of applicable products, easy specification change.
● The drive system of cam and splitter is stable and reliable.
● The fault detection design is perfect, and the alarm is clear at a glance.
● The frequency converter has stepless speed change and automatically increases or decreases the speed by tracking the feeding condition.
● PLC electronic control system, accurate and stable, with low failure rate.
● The height of the braid is adjustable, which is flexible and convenient.
● Optional receiving method, vertical and horizontal receiving.
● Precise empty material detection and parts counting
● Optional equipment is complete, providing a complete solution.

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About us:


Quality policy: Customer satisfaction is our eternal service tenet. Providing customers with "zero defect" moisture-proof cabinet products and satisfactory after-sales service is the unswerving goal of every employee of the company.


Innovation, integrity, quality, service, and win-win It is the business philosophy of Huayu Hyundai. Focusing on customers, quality first and first-class service are Huayu Hyundai's service direction. Meeting customer needs, exceeding customer expectations, and becoming the most reliable enterprise for customers is the pursuit goal of Huayu Hyundai.


Quality Commitment: The company adheres to the quality control concept of quality first and full participation, and has a complete quality management system. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and obtained CE certification for its main products.

Corporate vision: employees can keep a history, and the company can benefit the society

Enterprise mission: focus on employees, create the best platform, maximize the potential of employees, enjoy the work process, and selflessly work


Management philosophy: only rewards, no punishments; advance things first, pay attention to details, simulation; self-analysis, mutual supervision


Business philosophy: develop energy-saving and environmentally friendly products to solve storage troubles for the world


Entrepreneurial spirit: people-oriented, seeking management and nothing; talent concept: morality first, capable people make good use


Working principle: Focus on customer needs, provide cost-effective products and services, and maximize customer value


Work style: See the truth in the details! Today's matter, today's end



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Packing & Delivery



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Company Information

CNSMT is the leading manufacturer and supplieir for SMT machines and Solution with over 10 years' experience in China. And we can also do OEM&ODM for SMT traders, we have vast of sources in SMT field,even you need used or new SMT equipments or other parts, we can help you get the best quality and competitive cost machines.

What we can do for you:

※ We have our own factory make SMT equipments and devices
※ We have a professional technich engineer team for produce machines

※ We can customize variety of SMT machines for you according your requirements

We buy and sell used and new SMT equipments all over the world

※ We provide you SMT full line machines and export to worldwide
※ Becoming the most reliable Chinese partner for you.



1. Are you factory?

Yes, we are factory supplier focus on humidity control for 14 years.


2. Can you email the catalog?

Yes, we can send you by email with whole catalog.


3. How to order online?

Confirm product (quantity, price, payment, shipping etc)---waiting for email ---confirm order---make initial payment---production finish---make balance payment---shipping
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4. What about the payment way?
30% deposit, balance paid before delivery -- amount > USD5,000
100% deposit -- amount < USD5,000


5. What's the shipping way and timing?
We suggest to ship by sea to get cheapest rate, voyage date to America around 30~40 days, to Europe 25~30 days, to Asia and Austrilia 7~15 days. Click here to get exact timing.

6. What's the warranty item?
Warranty time normally is 12 months, if you want to extend the warranty time to 24 months, the value will be 10% more of your order.

7. Can I visit your factory?

Yes sure, welcome to visit our factory to get more profit.

8. How to contact with your factory?
Send inquiry in below form or send mail or call to select your way. Click here


9. Can you customize the product?
Yes, we can customize any products according to customer's requirements.

10. Which payment terms are you doing?
PayPal, West Union, T/T, (100% payment in advance.)

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By sea, by air ,by express or as your requirement.

12. Which country you have been exported?
We have been exported to many countries, all most all around the world, like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, United States, France, Spain, Mexico, Dubai, Japan, Korea, Germany, Porland Etc.



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