3D Inline SPI PCB SMT Inspection Machine Right To Left for 5mm PCB

3D Inline SPI PCB SMT Inspection Machine Right To Left for 5mm PCB

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    3D Inline SMT Inspection Machine


    SPI PCB SMT Inspection Machine


    3D Inline spi machine

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    3D Inline SPI PCB Inspection Machine
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  • PCB Thickness
  • Adaptive Minimum Component
  • PCB Parameter
  • Bad Type Of Detection
    Less Tin, Tapering, Short Circuit, Offset, Collapse
  • Conveyor Directtion
    Left To Right/right To Left
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  • Tin Paste Height Detection Range
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    Standard woodenbox
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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3D Inline SPI PCB SMT Inspection Machine Right To Left for 5mm PCB

3D Inline SPI PCB SMT Inspection Machine Right To Left For 5mm PCB​


3D Inline SPI PCB Inspection Machine -CNSMT-8650M


CNSMT is one of the strongest manufactuer of PCB inspection system machines in China, including SPI,Solder paste inspection system, AOI,Automatic Optical inspection system and other SMT PCB inspection equipment,


We have a professional develpment team in SMT field,provide you the best rate and best quality PCB inspection machines 


If you have any need of these machines, kindly contact us immediately!





1 ITEM model SH8650M SH8650L SH8650XL SH1250L
2 Test content Types of poor detection Less tin, sharpened, short circuit, offset, shape
3 Standard inspection items Area, height, volume, location, short circuit
4 Solder paste height detection range 0500μm
5 Minimum measurement size 50*50μm
6 Maximum pad size 12*12mm
7 Minimum pad pitch 100μm
8 Optical system Detection principle Multi-color vector boundary measurement method & programmable stripe type triangulation height measurement method
9 High accuracy 1μm
10 High resolution 0.35μm
11 Camera brand German IDS
12 Camera pixel 5.3 million / 12 million
13 Number of lenses Dual lens
14 Number of light sources 6 light source
15 FOV size 32*24.5mm/35.5*28mm/44.2*35mm
16 Optical resolution 12μm/14μm/17μm
17 Detection speed 0.38s/FOV
18 Software part Software language Chinese
19 Programming software Off-line programming
20 Programming time 510 minutes
21 Programming mode, data type Gerber Data 274D/274X, PCB scanning picture programming
22 Offline programming software Standard offline programming software
23 SPC data acquisition analysis & process monitoring software Standard SPC
24 Hardware parts Frame structure Integral casting, screw rod, guide rail
25 Drive method servo motor
  Minimum PCB size 55*55mm
26 Orbit mode SINGLE GUIDE
28 Max PCB size
400*350 600*500 700*460 1200*500
29 PCB parameters 0.5~5.0mm 5.0 Kg
30 PCB allowable component height Top: 20mm, bottom: 25mm
31 PCB process edge width 2~3mm
32 Rail width adjustment method Manual/automatic width adjustment
33 PCB positioning and clamping method Upper positioning, cylinder clamping
34   Rail height 900±20mm
35 Track extension Can save the entry port connection table, length: 200mm, can be given for free
36 PCB transmission direction Left to right/right to left (factory setting)
37 Computer part Computer host, display i7 CPU, 16G, 1TB, 22' LCD (1920X1080)
38 operating system Windows 7 64 bit
39 Barcode scanning function Camera scan directly, optional external barcode gun
40 Equipment requirements Equipment size (L*D*H)
630*1620*1470 830*1620*1470 930*1535*1500 1700*1150*1500
41 Power Specifications AC190~230V 50/60 Hz 1KVA
42 working pressure 0.35~0.6mpa
43 Equipment weight (Kg) 1200kg 1300kg 1200kg 1500kg



  • Independent research and development of 3D optical core technology.
  • Has many domestic professional technical patents.
  • Germany IDS 5.3 megapixel industrial camera.
  • Fast programming, Gerber processing directly.
  • The width is 620mm to save space design.
  • The overall casting frame of the patch machine.
  • Programmable fringe light 3D measurement.
  • SPC statistical analysis data.
  • Functional tailoring services.

​Why choose 3D SPI

The solder paste inspection system (SPI) is mainly divided into two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) inspections. 2D solder paste quality inspection generally can only detect "less tin", "more tin", "bridging", and "pollution" among the solder paste quality defects, but cannot detect the three-dimensional thickness, volume, and shape defects of the solder paste.


With the rapid development of electronic technology, electronic products are becoming more and more complex, and SMD components are becoming more refined.


The volume of surface mount devices is getting smaller and smaller, and the pins and traces are getting denser, making the size of components more Small, the detection of the three-dimensional thickness and volume of the solder paste is becoming more and more important.


The 2D SPI solder paste printing quality inspection cannot truly and comprehensively evaluate the quality of the solder paste. The solder paste 3D testing technology is produced and used to solve the problems (the three-dimensional thickness and volume of the solder paste) that cannot be handled by the 2D planar test.


The solder paste 3D SPI measurement technology uses the laser scanning method to obtain the 3D data of each point of the solder paste, so that we can judge the printing quality of the solder paste through hundreds of lines instead of one line


Why Choose US:

The use of 3D SPI solder paste testing equipment for PCB manufacturing plants in China mainly relies on imports, which are very expensive.


Therefore, the 3D solder paste testing equipment with independent intellectual property rights is of great significance to China's PCB manufacturing industry and IC industry.


CNSMT is a high-end brand manufacturer of professional solder paste printing inspection equipment 3D SPI and automatic optical inspection equipment AOI integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.


CNSMT's R&D team is composed of senior overseas engineers from Taiwan and China. The core technology has obtained a number of invention patents and application patents.


The principle and detection method of 3D SPI

SPI (SolderPaste Inspection) refers to the solder paste inspection system. The main function is to detect the quality of solder paste printing, including volume, area, height, XY offset, shape, bridge, etc. How to detect extremely tiny solder paste quickly and accurately,


generally adopts the detection principle of PMP (Chinese translated as phase modulation profile measurement technology) and Laser (Chinese translated as laser triangulation technology).


3D Inline SPI PCB SMT Inspection Machine Right To Left for 5mm PCB 0

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3D Inline SPI PCB SMT Inspection Machine Right To Left for 5mm PCB 13D Inline SPI PCB SMT Inspection Machine Right To Left for 5mm PCB 2





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